Monday, February 25, 2008

Some items of note

Busy day here at El Rancho Lordo, possums. The Lord and Master is home with a bad sinus infection, an unfortunate casualty of his many overseas flights with bad air and our recent brush with Mardi Gras madness. Needless to say I have strapped on my old nursing helmet and I remain at his beck and call, not riding high in the blogging saddle.

In addition, I have been on some kind of weird security trip around here lately.

Perhaps it's reading things like this post about Australia over at mk's views or this article about the UK. (Just looking ahead, possums.) So today I had a security system installed in the house and tomorrow I hope to fire up the Lordmobile and do a drive by of this place. Scope the place out and see what's what, you know. Next step will be to inquire about the course "Introductory Course on Purchasing a Firearm, and Accessories,( includes shooting various Firearms). If that goes well, we'll move onto the "Introductory course on Safety and Introduction to Defensive Shooting". Someone please stop me if you hear me talking about uparmoring the Escalade, okay?

With all this security action going on I haven't been able to do much blogging, but I have been able to do some reading and have stumbled across some items of note. Allow me to point you in their direction:

Melanie Phillips talks about Kosovo, asking "Is this crazy, or is this crazy?" My reply: Melanie, it's crazier than a shithouse rat!

Next up, Victor Davis Hanson takes a look at Europe's "fascinating but unstable mix" and lays out the gravity of their situation and the real potential for WW3. He also reminds them they won't have George Bush to kick around anymore, raising the nightmare spectre of "a President Obama calling Sarkozy or Merkel and announcing, “I think we should co-chair a worldwide Islamic conference to hear out Iran’s grievances.” We could be looking at a world of hurt here, people.

Speaking of crazier than a shithouse rat AND a fascinating and unstable mix AND a world of hurt...Spengler at Asia Times Online takes a look at the Great White and Black Hope (well, that is what he is!) as he examines the women behind the man, Ann Dunham and Michelle Obama.

He sure doesn't mince words when he makes statements like these: "The probable next president of the United States is a product of his mother's revenge against the America she despised."

Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark!