Saturday, September 03, 2005

I am well and truly done. I am in overwhelm. I have had to turn off the news because I can't listen to it anymore. I can't search the internet anymore for news. Instead, I will turn on my tunes, I will light the candles, I will pray for the world and I am going to try very hard to stay in the moment.

The Big Man and I will be heading over to the Yankee Doodle Tavern later this afternoon for a cocktail. Don't know where dinner will be yet. I have had a hankering for paella and Mediterra, a restaurant located just behind the Nassau Inn, makes one there I believe. Maybe, I will get lucky. Maybe, I will also be able to recharge the blog batteries. In the meantime here are some of interesting things spilling out of my overflowing, virtual in-box. I hope you enjoy.

First, there's Dr Sanity and her post on SHAME, THE ARAB PSYCHE AND ISLAM.

And while you're psychodabbling, you might also like to check out UK Times correspondent Cherry Potter(and that is her real name)and her take on SEX AND THE SINGLE MINDED MUSLIM.

Just in case you were wondering, the Boston Globe claims to have found THE REAL MUSLIM MODERATES.

Talk about Fashion Victims, according to this press release, IKEA LAUNCHES OWN-BRAND HIJAB FOR MUSLIM STAFF.

And in a tribute to the American workers that keep this country strong. Read about the HISTORY OF LABOR DAY. (Hat tip to the US Department of Labor.)