Friday, October 21, 2005

Meanwhile back at the Egyptian, He-man, Woman Haters Club

This just makes my head hurt. (Tip of the aching head to LGF)
Woman candidate for Egypt parliament holds men superior

Makarem al-Deiri is standing for election to the Egyptian parliament next month after a long academic career but she makes no bones about her view that a woman's place is in the home. The only woman candidate backed by Egypt's influential Muslim Brotherhood, the 55-year-old mother of seven insists there is no point arguing for sexual equality as such a demand "goes against nature."

Let's start with the Muslim Brotherhood. Here's what the CIA factbook had to say about them:
Despite a constitutional ban against religious-based parties, the technically illegal Muslim Brotherhood constitutes MUBARAK's potentially most significant political opposition; MUBARAK tolerated limited political activity by the Brotherhood for his first two terms, but moved more aggressively since then to block its influence.

Back to our candidate. She's riding the coattails of her dead convict husband. Ick. Her opponent, Mustafa al-Sallab sounds like he should be a Republican. Interesting. Even more interesting, she's a wolf in sheep's clothing as well. She is running as an Independent and says things like this:
We want to govern according to our Islamic sharia" law.

I always like to look at the literacy rates in the countries with He-Man-Women-Haters Clubs. Here's Egypt's courtesy of the CIA factbook:
total population: 57.7%
male: 68.3%
female: 46.9% (2003 est.)

In case you're wondering. Here's the latest US stats:
definition: age 15 and over can read and write
total population: 97%
male: 97%
female: 97% (1999 est.)

Our candidate is one of the lucky few that can read. She has a PhD on "Islamic references in the poetry of Hazef Ibrahim and Ahmed Shawki." She is also a throwback.

...she is adamant that the drive for gender equality is behind many of the social problems of the West. "Violence against women and children in Western societies stems from going against the idea that men are superior to women," she says. "Almighty God entrusted man with being the family's breadwinner and granted him the right to repudiate his wife. "Women are impulsive, they ask for divorce and then they regret their decision." She denies that her views prevent her being an effective advocate of women's rights and vows to campaign against "men's abuse of their superiority," if elected to parliament. "The problem in our society is that Islam is misunderstood," she says.

Damn that Eve in the Garden of Eden! It's always the girl's fault... but what does Muslim News have to say about our girl and the Brotherhood's chances for electoral success?
The officially banned Muslim Brothers groups in Egypt nominated 150 members for the next parliamentary elections in the country, doubling thereby number of its candidates in which it took part in the elections of year 2000, in what it considered as an increase in freedom and political awareness.

Among the groups's 150 candidates is only one woman taking part in the elections. She is a professor at the literary criticism at al-Azhar university Makarem al-Deiri. Al-Deiri, 55 year old) and a mother of six, would be the first parliamentarian in the Egyptian people's assembly to fight discrimination against veiled women in the work place, and would defend the rights of the oppressed women and would work to correct misconceptions such as that Islam repress the woman.

Muslim woo-woo in our schools

Christian Families Sue Over School's Islam Role-Playing

SAN FRANCISCO - A federal appeals court here heard arguments yesterday that a public school's effort to acquaint students with Islam went too far by having the students don Islamic dress, recite phrases from the Koran, and mimic the fasting associated with the Muslim observance of Ramadan.

Two Christian families from Contra Costa County, Calif., east of Oakland, charged in a 2002 lawsuit that a role-playing curriculum used to teach seventh-graders about Islamic history and culture violated the Constitution's prohibition against the establishment of religion. The students also engaged in a "race to Mecca."

Unfortunately, the case is being heard AGAIN in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals - the looniest (and no doubt, dhimmiest) court in the US.

A federal judge in San Francisco threw out the case in 2003, but the families appealed. An attorney for the families, Edward White III, told a three judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday that during the eight-week unit on Islam, religious teachings were described as "facts" and students were instructed to wear name tags that included the religion's star-and-crescent imagery.

It's not looking good, kuffars.
The arguments against the curriculum got a skeptical reception from the appeals court judges. Judge Dorothy Nelson said that many aspects of the instruction were cultural and historical. "Doesn't this seem more like a secular experience than a religious experience?" she asked.

So-o-o THIS makes it all right?
Judge Johnnie Rawlinson took issue with Mr. White's suggestion that the courts have discouraged role-playing in teaching about religion. She pointed to a 1994 case in which the 9th Circuit ruled that public schools could use readings about sorcery and witchcraft without running afoul of the Constitution.

The lawyer said none of the teachers or administrators involved in the case is Muslim, so they would have little reason to try to convert children to Islam. "It would just be bizarre for the school to have a secret agenda to indoctrinate students in a religion to which they did not subscribe," she said.

Uh-huh. Well, check out the peeps who developed the curriculum and you tell me - do THEY have a secret agenda to indoctrinate students into their religion?

The curriculum materials in dispute, titled, "Islam: A Simulation of Islamic History and Culture," were developed by a private publisher in conjunction with two Muslim groups, the Islamic Education and Information Center and the Council of Islamic Education.

Read what Daniel Pipes had to say about the original 2002 case here. I found this section particularly enlightening:
Militant Islamic lobbying groups want Islam taught as the true religion, not as an academic subject. They take advantage of this indulgence, exerting pressure on school systems and on textbook writers. Not surprisingly, Interaction Publishers thanks two militant Islamic organizations by name (the Islamic Education and Information Center and the Council on Islamic Education) for their "many suggestions."

The Textbook League gives the curriculum a thorough fisking here.
From beginning to end, ISLAM: A Simulation requires teachers to indoctrinate their students by feeding them servings of "information" in which historical facts are insidiously intermixed with Muslim myths and Muslim woo-woo.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

And in other Bangladeshi He-man, Woman hater news...

Housewife receives acid burn


Oct 19: A housewife received acid burn injuries in an acid thowing by her husband at Maruadha village under Sundarganj Upazila on October 15. The victim was indetified as Afia Akhter Beauty (19), wife of Moklesur Rahman of the village.

Police and local sources said the acid throwing was the sequel to the filing of a case against Moklesur Rahman by Afia Akter for demanding dowry.

The sources said, Moklesur Rahman after his marriage with Afia Akhter, daughter of Nurul Huq two months ago started pressing her to bring dowry from her father.

Physical torture on her became a common feature as Afia expressed her inability to comply with the demand.

At one stage she was driven out of the house. Afia filed a case with Women and Children Repression Prevention Court against her husband drawing his wrath upon herself. Moklesur Rahman, in retaliation aided by his associates first tried to abduct Afia and failing in the attempt threw acid on Afia on October 15. The acid burnt different parts of the body.

What kind of stinking psychopath could do this sort of thing? And he has associates? And did you see anything about his being detained, arrested or charged?

A place in Jenna...

and I don't think they mean Jameson.

British Muslim group declares new jihad
Ynetnews has monitors several Religion of Peaceful Explosions chat rooms on the Paltalk network ripping the veil off the public face of Islam in Europe.
A tip of the hat to LGF and here's a few more tidbits:

A declaration of war on Britain and the West is continuing to be issued by British Muslims in the United Kingdom, as the pro-jihad message of Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, recently banned from Britain, is echoed by his followers who have remained behind. Using internet sermons, recordings, videos and documents, followers of Bakri, who say they are in touch with the Lebanon-based preacher, call on British Muslims to join al-Qaeda and to carry out acts of terrorism.

“We should, all of us, glorify the terrorism. And we should incite religious hatred. Don’t worry… it’s not illegal for us to say that mujahadin (jihad fighters) on 9/11, were the magnificent 19, and it’s not illegal for us to say that Mohammad Sidique Khan (the suicide bomber who blew himself up in London) and the four on 7/7 (London attacks), that they were the fantastic four – now we can say so without any worry.”

“We will always glorify killing the kuffar in the name of Allah. To raid the kuffar in the name of Allah. Even if some women and children are caught in the raid by accident. They are part of them, it is not your fault,” said Mizaan. “The kuffar wants to force their own homosexuality on the Muslims. The mujahadin have every right to hit back. So don’t be surprised if the mujahadin do another 7/7, and another 9/11,” he said.

A user in the room, “veiled flower,” eerily asked what a fiancĂ© of a “mujahadin” should do if he was preparing to martyr himself. She was told by the speaker to encourage him as much as possible in order to assure herself “a place in jenna (heaven).”

Read it all. This is what we are up against, kuffar.

Bomb factory discovered in Bangladeshi mosque

Did I hear someone say 'Religion of Peaceful Explosions'?
Bomb factory discovered in Bangladeshi mosque

Police in Bangladesh uncovered on Wednesday a workshop for manufacturing small bombs on the top floor of a mosque in the northeastern Sylhet city, a television news channel said.

Police raided the mosque belonging to the violent terror group Jamiat ul Mujahideen and seized a large quantity of explosive material, batteries, wires and other materials used in making crude explosive devices, the privately-run ATN channel reported.

Local residents said the factory had been supplying explosives to Jamiat ul Mujahideen militants for carrying out bomb attacks across the country. The nationwide bombings were instantly blamed on Israel and India by the pro-Islamic govt.

The police detained a suspected terrorists from the mosque after forcing entry to the building and also seized publicity materials belonging to the terrorist group

Happy Ramadan y'all.

Update: Here's a little more local color: Bomb-making factory unearthed in Sylhet

Monday, October 17, 2005

Application of Divine Judgement on a Contractor Working for the Crusaders

Iraq Al-Qaeda shows execution despite 'Zawahiri letter'
Evidently, these serial killers just can't help themselves.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq released a video purporting to show the execution of an Iraqi who worked for US forces, days after Washington said the group had been told such killings cost the movement support. The video was released by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's group after US authorities said they had seized a letter from Al-Qaeda's overall number two, Ayman al-Zawahiri, telling him his campaign of executions and attacks on Muslims was damaging popular, mainly Sunni Arab, support for the insurgency.

The letter was swiftly denounced as untrue by Al-Qaeda in Iraq, with an Internet statement calling on "Muslims to ignore such cheap propaganda", adding that the killing of "infidel" Muslims was allowed. (ed. note - this makes a whole lot of sense. Ignore it because we're allowed.)

The undated film, whose authenticity could not be verified, was titled "Application of Divine Judgement on a Contractor Working for the Crusaders," in reference to US-led forces in Iraq.

It showed identity papers belonging to Mahmud Alwan Hussein, including a membership card for an association of Iraqi contractors and a provisional licence to carry a weapon.

May God rest his poor soul.

Round 'em up!

Have got a houseful of company this week so things are going to be skimpy on the the blog front. Here's a miscellaneous round up of things that caught my eye today:

Things are still rotten in Denmark where honor killings flourish and Immigrant Taxi Drivers act as accessories to murder. Sickening.

The Danish nation-wide organisation of Women's Crisis Centres, LOKK, claims that a number of taxi drivers with immigrant backgrounds are spying on female immigrants who are hiding from their families. According to the organisation, the problem is especially rife in larger Danish cities.

Taxi drivers using mobile phones are photographing females, who are seeking asylum in crisis centres, and their whereabouts are being sent onto their families, the president of LOKK told reporters.

According to the daily B.T. it was a group of Taxi drivers who informed a Pakistani man recently, who was looking for his sister, where she could be found. The man murdered his sister three weeks ago outside Slagelse train station because she had married a man from Afghanistan against her families orders.

In Somalia, Islamic 'Militants' raid a movie studio
Dozens of gunmen loyal to Islamic courts (ed. note: that's Sharia, people) stormed a video studio in Somalia's capital on Monday, destroying equipment and confiscating hundreds of tapes that were being translated into the Somali language. The courts consider watching movies, listening to music, dancing and many other forms of entertainment un-Islamic.

"We are very proud that we closed down the biggest movie translating firm," said Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, chairman of the Union of the Islamic Courts. "What's considered as harmful to the public will be destroyed."

Of course, the only thing you'll hear from the Hollywood crowd about this is - crickets.

Speaking of un-Islamic entertainment, how about this from those deranged hell-raisers over at Hamas? Hamas would ban men and women dancing.($ to read whole article - here's the snip - you'll get the gist)
If Hamas were to win control of the Palestinian Authority in coming elections, it would ban men and women from dancing together and deny specific rights to gay people, according to Mahmoud Zahar, the faction's leader in Gaza.

Dr Zahar is quoted on the Arabic language Ilaf website as suggesting that a Hamas-run Palestinian state would gradually outlaw co-operation with Israel.

Meanwhile, in China: Ghosts are calling for Saddam's Blood. Aw Heck. I say take all of him...

There's some good news from Afghanistan and there's some bad news from Afghanistan. The good news? Female Foe of Warlords Faces Them in Afghan Assembly
A young woman activist who is an outspoken critic of warlords has become one of the first candidates elected to Afghanistan’s new parliament, according to provisional results released yesterday.

Malalai Joya shot to fame when she stood up during deliberations to approve a new constitution in 2003 and denounced factional commanders as criminals who should be put on trial.

And then there's the bad news: Karzai aides slams women for showing some skin.
Kabul - An aide to Afghan President Hamid Karzai has denounced two women who appeared "half naked" last week at a beauty contest and fashion show, saying their actions were illegal under Islamic law.

Sutara Bahramia wore a bikini at the Miss Earth beauty pageant in Manila while Vida Samadzai appeared in a bra and loose skirt at a fashion show in India.

"I heard that they have come out half naked in public. Curse be to those who appear this way in front of the public," said Mohaiuddin Baloch, a religious adviser to Karzai. "This is totally illegitimate from the view point of sharia (Islamic law). This is a crime and illegal." Afghanistan is a deeply Islamic country and many still remain conservative four years after the fall of the Taliban who had barred women from outdoor work, education and forced them to wear a coverall burqa when outdoors. Both Bahramia and Samadzai have lived abroad for many years.
(Of course, that explains their sluttishness)

A sea of black

Iranian women take to the street to protest the recent bombing of a shopping mall in Yawaz.

The Iranian president says the Brits did it.

The Brits say they didn't.

Who do you believe?

I wonder, what do they sell at this shopping mall - it looks like everybody dresses the same there.

This is rich...

Silly me. I saw this headline from the UK Times and at first I thought someone at the UK times had read last week's article, Media utters nonsense, won't call enemy out by Mark Steyn (He-Who-Must-Be-Worshipped).
How about this cracking headline from the UK Times:
US airstrikes kill 70 'terrorists' in western Iraq

Instead of 'insurgents' or 'gunmen' or 'militia' or 'rebels' we now have 'terrorists'. Man, that mainstream media sure doesn't hesitate to call a killer a killer do they?

The airstrikes occurred in the city of Ramadi, at the heart of the troubled western province of Anbar on Sunday. Five US Marines were killed by a roadside bomb in the city on Saturday, the day Iraqis voted on the country's new constitution.

In one attack, a US jet dropped a precision-guided bomb on a group of 20 people that the US military said was planting roadside explosives. In another attack, US helicopters and jets responded to small arms fire and killed an estimated 50 militants in a supposed terrorist safe-house.

The US statement said there were no reports of any American or civilian casualties in the operation, but local doctors and witnesses said that as many as half of the victims were local residents rather than militants.

Please note that it didn't take long for them to go back to calling them militants and asserting that civilians were killed by the attack.

You've heard that old saying, 'Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas'. Well, Dinah has updated it to:
Lay down bombs with militants, get up dead.

Abu Dijana, the Voice of Al Qaeda gets snagged

This from the Khaleej Times:

BAGHDAD — US-led forces have captured an Al Qaeda progaganda specialist during a raid in western Kerbala, the US military said yesterday. Yasir Khudr Muhammad Jasim Al Karbali, also known as Abu Dijana, was nabbed on September 25 and was the “propaganda cell leader for Karabilah, Al Qaim and Husaybah,” the military said in a statement.

“Abu Dijanas cell consisted of photographers who used video and still photograph images to document insurgent attacks against Iraqi citizens and Iraqi and coalition security forces,” it said.

US Nabs Al Qaeda Web Whiz
An NBC news analysis by its Baghdad bureau translator Ashraf al-Taie, who monitors insurgent Web sites, said the U.S. military believed Dijana had been responsible for much of what appeared on a members-only Web site run by the insurgent group -- the multi-national band of jihadists under the leadership of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Al-Taie wrote that the site posted martyrdom videos of suicide bombers -- which included videos of the operations in which they had killed themselves, edited and mixed together with their last recorded words -- as soon as three hours after the attacks.

The statement from the U.S.-led Multi-National Force, Iraq said Dijana led a team of photographers "who used video and still photograph images to document insurgent attacks..."

Dijana would get advance notification from local cell leaders "of impending attacks in the area," it said, and would send the video and stills "to other senior al-Qaida in Iraq propaganda officials for their use."

As a result of his capture, wrote al-Taie, the Web site "was strangely quiet during the referendum on the new Iraqi constitution" Saturday. "There were no threats against voters, no boasts of disrupting the vote." has more detail on the scumbag here.
Here is how the al-Qaida Web site works: On any given day in Baghdad, Baquba, or any of a dozen cities, a suicide car bomb explodes. The target is an American convoy, local Iraqi police or perhaps civilians exiting a mosque. Within minutes, a report is sent out by news services like The Associated Press and But, the news also circulates on a fascinating and, some would say, disturbing Web site operated by al-Qaida. The "al-Qaida in Iraq" Web site immediately takes "credit" for the bombing. In one typical case, just three hours after an attack, the site showed video of a man identified as the suicide bomber Abu Musab al-Iraqi, who says, "I have dreamed about this moment. I am sure if my family is watching this they will be more proud of me." Musab's words are followed by a video of a car he is said to be driving, blowing up in the midst of an American convoy. The incident is replayed again and again with more of Musab's speech superimposed over the ball of flames and smoke rising above the U.S. convoy. "Thank God this day I went to kill many crusaders." His declaration ends, "Today I will be in heaven."

And just in case you were wondering why Yasir Khudr Muhammad Jasim Al Karbali chose to be known as Abu Dijana, there's this from
Another example of great men is Abu Dijana who made himself a shield for the Messenger sallallahu `alaihi wa sallam on the Day of Uhud to protect him against the enemy's arrows.

Not any more Abu...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Close Shave for Barber of Al Qaeda

Too close. He got caught...

The man, named as Walid Muhammad Farhan Juwar al-Zubaydi -- "aka 'The Barber,"' the U.S. military statement said -- was arrested in Baghdad on September 24, the day before U.S. troops caught up with and killed a militant they described as the most senior al Qaeda leader in the capital, Abu Azzam.

"'The Barber's' duties included altering senior al Qaeda in Iraq members' appearances by dying hair color, altering hairstyles and changing facial hair in their efforts to evade capture," the military said in the statement.

Dhimmis put their finger in the it too late?

Iron Rita tells it like it is to the Dutch homeys but they are afraid of repercussions. For pity's sake. Is it me or does it seem that the only people with balls in Europe these days are women? You know that old saying, "Balls, said the Queen. If I had them I'd be King."
Holland fears killings over ban on burqa

HOLLAND’S Muslims have responded with outrage to government proposals to ban the burqa, and there are fears that Rita Verdonk, the minister behind the move, will be added to a list of “enemies of Islam” targeted for assassination.

Verdonk declared in parliament last week that the “time of cosy tea-drinking” with Muslim groups had passed and argued that a ban on burqas might be needed in some circumstances on grounds of public safety. Police are concerned that a terrorist could use a burqa to conceal weapons or a bomb.

And in other burka banning news:
The Netherlands would become the first European country to ban the wearing of the burka in public situations, although there are already some local bans. Last year several Belgian towns, including Antwerp and Ghent, banned the wearing of the burka in public, and recently started issuing £100 spot fines for breaking the municipal ordinance. Several towns in Italy, including Como, have invoked legislation introduced by Mussolini that bans hiding one’s face in public to impose fines on burka-wearers. France and several regions of Germany have followed Turkey and Tunisia in banning the wearing of the hijab, which leaves the face visible, in public buildings, most controversially in schools.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Freedom is on the March II - in pictures

Another election photo I love - but not because of the woman in the foreground. No, I love this pic because of the little girl holding the flag in the background. She is so adorable - look at that little outfit she has on - white belt and all, and check out her shoes! The girl is stylin'. Carrying the flag while her older sister/mama/aunt/grandma/friend votes. It's just awesome to me. You go girl. May your life be free!

A story of another Jr. Iraqi patriot in training:

HILLAH, Iraq -- There was a party-like atmosphere in some neighborhoods of this largely Shiite Muslim city, about 60 miles south of Baghdad, where residents turned car and home radios up to blare out songs praising Iraq and Shiite religious leaders.

At Hamurabi elementary school, polling station number 2, voters had to pass through barricades and were searched by police before moving inside to vote. Iraqi soldiers were stationed on the school roof - a strategic high ground against possible attacks.

Zhayah Ajrish, accompanied by her 5-year-old daughter, Zahraa, said she voted "yes." Her daughter insisted on going along to see the ballots.

As Ajrish dropped her vote in the box, her daughter began to cry because she had no ballot paper to deposit. Election officials did dip her finger in the jar of ink, however, a sign that the child had voted - if only in theory

This is a great picture too:

Freedom is on the March

Man, I love this.
From Bill Roggio: The Constitution Referendum, and the Not-So-Great Ramadan Offensive

Austin Bay covers the waterfront: UPDATED: Iraq’s Constitution Day– The Iraqi Reports On What It Means

The Expat Yank from across the pond: Another Fake Election?

Roger L Simon tells it like it is: October 15, 2005: Iraqi Freedom - How Short It Has Been - A Revolutionary Comparison

And from the ever fabulous Wretchard at the Belmont Club: The End of the Beginning

Meanwhile, Atlas Shrugs has another display of the purple finger. Heh.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Happy Ramadan Y'all.

Image courtesy of MosNews.

Russia’s Most-Wanted Terrorist Shamil Basayev Killed

Real handsome guy, ain't he?
Kinda takes after OBL in that islamofascist psychopathic way, don't ya think? Well, he's upstairs meeting his maker and cozying up to his 72 raisins right about now, because he bought the farm today trying to hijack a military plane in Russia.
And why does he make me think of Laverne and Shirley? Sing along with me: "Shamil-shamazel-hazenfeffer incorporated"

Russia’s most-wanted Chechen terrorist Shamil Basayev was killed by Russian forces in Thursday’s firefight in the Kabardino-Balkarian capital Nalchik, a source in the local branch of the FSB (the Federal Security Service) told the Chechen Society newspaper. Officials are remaining silent until a full identification procedure has been completed.

God, if they are having to rely on this guy's dental records for his i.d., they are going to be in trouble.

The scumbag held kids hostage. The scumbag took 24 Law Enforcement Officials and 12 Civilians with him. The city is trying to get back to normal today. God bless them all. (scumbag not included)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yom Kippur Reflections

"YOM KIPPUR: a mosaic by Jonathan Mandell.

Wishing all of my Jewish friends a peaceful and reflective day.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Indonesian police get serious about catching Bali Bombing suspects.
10,000 photos of suspected Bali bombing masterminds dropped over city

Police took to the air Saturday to press the search for the suspected masterminds of the Bali terror bombings, using a helicopter to scatter pictures of the fugitives on another island where at least one of the pair was thought to be hiding.

Surfers add their two cents:

On Bali, about 100 surfers gathered for a memorial Saturday at a beach close to two of the seaside cafes that were bombed. They paddled out to sea, formed a circle, locked arms and threw necklaces of white flowers into the water.

"I hope the terrorists will think, feel and recognize what they did. I'm really upset," said Made Adiputra, 25, an Indonesian professional surfer. "I'm really sad. It's really awful to kill innocent people like that."

Rad, dude.

UPDATE: Did the photo drop help?
Indonesia Arrests First Bali Bombing Suspect
Deputy National Police spokesman Sunarko Ardanto said the man was arrested in Jember town in East Java province on Oct. 10, and was brought to Bali Island for further investigation. He was a construction worker who had been living with the three bombers

Iraqis reach compromise???

Iraqi Negotiators Say Deal Reached on Compromise

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Iraqi negotiators reached a breakthrough deal on the constitution Tuesday and at least one Sunni Arab party said it would now urge its followers to approve the charter in this weekend's referendum.

Under the deal, the two sides agreed that a commission would be set up to consider amendments to the charter that would then be put to a vote in parliament and then submitted to a new referendum next year.

The agreement would allow the Sunnis to try to amend the constitution to reduce the autonomous powers that Shiites and Kurds would have under the federal system created by the charter, negotiators said.

Ali al-Dabagh, a Shiite negotiator, said the sides agreed on four additions to the constitution that will be voted on Saturday that will allow for future amendments.

The central addition allows the next parliament, which will be formed in Dec. 15 elections, to form the commission that will have four months to consider changes to the constitution. The changes would be approved by the entire parliament, then a referendum would be held two months later.

Sunni Arabs are hoping to have a stronger representation in the next parliament and want to make major amendments to the constitution, particularly to water down the provisions for federalism, which Shiites and Kurds strongly support.

The other additions include a statement stressing Iraqi unity and another states that the Arabic language should be used in the Kurdistan region, along with Kurdish — issues important to the Sunni Arabs. The fourth underlines that former members of Saddam Hussein's ousted, Sunni-led Baath Party will only be prosecuted if they committed crimes.

Stay tuned, Derelicts. The Mullahs aren't done singing their wah-wah chorus yet.


UK agrees to pay Basra raid damages

Britain is to pay compensation for injuries and damage caused during the storming by the Army of a police station in Basra in an operation to release two SAS soldiers held by local Iraqi militias.

This is made doubly annoying given this:
British troop numbers in Iraq cut by 500 as Basra bases close
And then there's this:
Basra voters say it is time for soldiers to go
"I felt proud that the Iraqi police had arrested the British soldiers, it is our country and our laws should be obeyed", said Zainab. Her colleague Fatima added: "I do not like seeing foreign soldiers on our streets, they should go." What is surprising about these views in Basra is that they came from two educated, middle class women speaking fluent English who have frequent contact with the British and have little sympathy for the Shia militia who have infiltrated the Iraqi police.

Their sentiments, echoed by others, do reflect, however, the new, public mood of defiance and nationalism among the Shia of Iraq as they prepare for power for the first time in 100 years.

But the freedom from fear stretches only up to a point. The vast majority of those who spoke wanted only their first names mentioned because of fear of retribution from the militias who are fighting each other, and British forces, for the control of Basra and the riches it will bring when political and economic power shifts from Baghdad to Basra.

Huh. In anticipation of the referendum:
All Basra international ports closed as of Wednesday

Sunni Side Up

Sunni leadership pulls back from boycott of Iraq poll although in true Sunni fashion they are telling their fellow Sunnis to JUST SAY NO to the constitution. No surprise there. Maybe when experts talk about Iraqis not being able to handle democracy they are talking about the Sunnis. Remember how they blew it last election by boycotting the referendum?

Well, they are spending their time in the run-up to this election having meetings, blowing up their fellow Iraqis and complaining because the constitution doesn't reflect their wishes.

Hey Mary Sunni-shine that's what happens when you snooze. You lose, doll.
In a nutshell - here are their three big gripes: Federalism, De-Baathification and Oil Revenue sharing. All stuff that you think could be worked out by way of legislative sessions. Really.

But not for those wacky Sunnis. Oh no. The article goes on to say:

For their part, Sunni-led insurgents have vowed to wreck the referendum, launching a fresh wave of attacks that have killed more than 305 people in the past two weeks.

Why, oh why does the MSM continue to refer to these murderers as insurgents? It's disgusting.

Almost as disgusting as those Arab League chumps sitting on the sidelines, rubbing their hands with glee and cheering them on.

The meeting came as the head of the Arab League, Amr Moussa, sent a delegation to Iraq, warning that the situation was now so tense that 'civil war could erupt at any moment'.

Funny thing though. Those fellers over at the Arab League seem to be viewed with some suspicion in Iraq these days. Arab League Team in Baghdad Attacked

Could this less than cordial welcome have something to do with another instance of the Arab League sitting on the Iraqi sidelines but this time they were sitting on their hands not rubbing them with glee? Like when Saddam was in power and the Kurds and Shiite were getting killed and tortured? Could be.

But the league may not be entirely welcome in a new Iraq where a Shiite-Kurdish majority is embittered by the predominantly Sunni pan-Arab group's silence over Saddam Hussein's crimes against the two communities and its indifference to groups that opposed his regime from exile.

Democracy! Whisky! Sexy!

Monday, October 10, 2005

This just in. Saudi Foreign Minister NOT a Bedouin on a camel.

Iraqi Interior Minister Bayan Baqer Sulagh hailed the "wise" policies of Saudi Arabia, a week after calling the oil-rich kingdom's foreign minister "a Bedouin on a camel".

Who said the Iraqis couldn't handle democracy? Heck, their politicians can flip-flop as good as ours any old day.
And about being snarky enough? A Bedouin on a camel?
That tips the old Snarkmeter with a rating as good as any member of the U.S. Senate hands down.

This also just in:
Saddam gets the vote.
Do you think he'll vote for himself?
Do camels defecate in the desert?
This is the best part:

By coincidence, the referendum on the constitution is being held three years to the day since Saddam was re-elected unopposed as President, in a referendum in which he gathered an impressive 100 per cent of the vote. Less than a year later he was deposed by the US-led invasion.

Bwa-ha-ha. Democracy! Whisky! Sexy!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Congratulations on my 100th post...

Dinah, isn't much for tooting her own horn but she just happened to notice that this is the Fetish's 100th post. So to celebrate she'd like to salute a few of her favorite bloggers with riffs from their posts today.

Cheers readers, and get ready for some great blog-on-blog action!

This about the RACE TO ARMAGEDDON from the Master of All Things Lizard, Charles Johnson over at LITTLE GREEN FOOTBALLS.

Yesterday the International Atomic Energy Agency and their hapless leader Mohamed ElBaradei received a Nobel Peace Prize, for their supposed work in nuclear non-proliferation.

Check out the entire snappy LGF post and comments here.

Those Bad Boys over at IRAQ THE MODEL thoroughly fisk Zarqawi's latest communique.

Zarqawi in defiance of his master’s warning…
Abu Musaab Al-Zarqawi, the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq said in an audio tape dated October 7 that the militants under the principles of Islam have what justifies killing civilian infidels.

The audio tape appeared one day after the pentagon released an intercepted letter that is believed was sent from Ayman Al-Zawahiri to Zarqawi warning him from undesirable consequences that might result from continuing some wrongful policies of “jihad” in Iraq like attacking mosques and civilians..

It's good stuff read it all here.

Go on over and squeeze the Charmaine at Reasoned Audacity because she's celebrating, too. Her 100,000th visitor! That's big stuff, Charmaine. Well done.

One more post, one that really inspired me to stay in my pajamas and join the fight against terror, one keystroke at a time Snooze Button, from that handsome Patrick Al-Kafir over at Clarity and Resolve.

Thanks for stopping by!

Curses! Foiled Again!


The White House has released a fact sheet giving some details of the ten foiled terror plots mentioned in yesterday's important presidential address. In addition, there is a list of 5 casings and infiltrations discovered. Here is the release:

Overall, the United States and our partners have disrupted at least ten serious al-Qaida terrorist plots since September 11--including three al-Qaida plots to attack inside the United States. We have stopped at least five more al-Qaida efforts to case targets in the United States or infiltrate operatives into our country.

10 Plots

1. The West Coast Airliner Plot: In mid-2002 the U.S. disrupted a plot to attack targets on the West Coast of the United States using hijacked airplanes. The plotters included at least one major operational planner involved in planning the events of 9/11.

2. The East Coast Airliner Plot: In mid-2003 the U.S. and a partner disrupted a plot to attack targets on the East Coast of the United States using hijacked commercial airplanes.

3. The Jose Padilla Plot: In May 2002 the U.S. disrupted a plot that involved blowing up apartment buildings in the United States. One of the plotters, Jose Padilla, also discussed the possibility of using a "dirty bomb" in the U.S.

4. The 2004 UK Urban Targets Plot: In mid-2004 the U.S. and partners disrupted a plot that involved urban targets in the United Kingdom. These plots involved using explosives against a variety of sites.

5. The 2003 Karachi Plot: In the Spring of 2003 the U.S. and a partner disrupted a plot to attack Westerners at several targets in Karachi, Pakistan.

6. The Heathrow Airport Plot: In 2003 the U.S. and several partners disrupted a plot to attack Heathrow Airport using hijacked commercial airliners. The planning for this attack was undertaken by a major 9/11 operational figure.

7. The 2004 UK Plot: In the Spring of 2004 the U.S. and partners, using a combination of law enforcement and intelligence resources, disrupted a plot to conduct large-scale bombings in the UK.

8. The 2002 Arabian Gulf Shipping Plot: In late 2002 and 2003 the U.S. and a partner nation disrupted a plot by al-Qa'ida operatives to attack ships in the Arabian Gulf.

9. The 2002 Straits of Hormuz Plot: In 2002 the U.S. and partners disrupted a plot to attack ships transiting the Straits of Hormuz.

10. The 2003 Tourist Site Plot: In 2003 the U.S. and a partner nation disrupted a plot to attack a tourist site outside the United States.

5 Casings and Infiltrations

1. The U.S. Government & Tourist Sites Tasking: In 2003 and 2004, an individual was tasked by al-Qa'ida to case important U.S. Government and tourist targets within the United States.

2. The Gas Station Tasking: In approximately 2003, an individual was tasked to collect targeting information on U.S. gas stations and their support mechanisms on behalf of a senior al-Qa'ida planner.

3. Iyman Faris & the Brooklyn Bridge: In 2003, and in conjunction with a partner nation, the U.S. government arrested and prosecuted Iyman Faris, who was exploring the destruction of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Faris ultimately pleaded guilty to providing material support to al-Qa'ida and is now in a federal correctional institution.

4. 2001 Tasking: In 2001, al-Qa'ida sent an individual to facilitate post-September 11 attacks in the U.S. U.S. law enforcement authorities arrested the individual.

5. 2003 Tasking: In 2003, an individual was tasked by an al-Qa'ida leader to conduct reconnaissance on populated areas in the U.S.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Twilight Water by Charles Kolnick
It's been a long terror filled week kafir, so how about some soothing art to commemorate the long Twilight Struggle and this from an old post by Wretchard at the Belmont Club.

Policy is consequently being made in fits and starts in the tug-o'-war between the sides, essentially awaiting events before taking a categorical direction. Whether that direction will be a genuine "peace for our time" or a new Pearl Harbor is unknown. Until history resolves the dilemma the twilight struggle will continue all over the world, from the Tri-Border area to the Iranian frontier.

Okay. Feel better now? Well, then take a deep breath and read this from MEMRI:
Host: "The U.S. naively asks: 'Why do they hate us in the Middle East ?'"

Muhammad Khalaf: "There is nothing naive about it. This is the kind of thing they say as a pretext. The truth is that they understand, we understand, the American people understands, and the whole world understands that there is a comprehensive plan, and that 9/11 is just one of many small details of this plan, which is no longer concealed from anybody. It began with Bush Senior, who talked about a new world order. Plans were made and became public. The National Defense University developed a plan in January 1999, according to which, with the fall of the U.S.S.R., no other superpower should be allowed to exist - not the U.S.S.R. again, and not even the countries included in the U.S.S.R., not China, or any other country. They began thinking about filling the vacuum formed in Asia with the countries that had left the U.S.S.R., and the plan for Afghanistan had been published a year before.
"There was another secret plan that became public - I'm not inventing this, it's taken from their own sources. I'm not inventing anything. All this appears on the Internet. It all appears on websites which discuss some serious matters regarding 9/11.

Man. You really have to think that these people are just plain nuts.
God bless our friends at MEMRI.

Hey Kids - It's time for a roundup

Dateline Bangladesh and the Religion of Peaceful Explosions strikes again:

Three More Bomb Suspects Arrested

You tell me. Are they ROPE'ers?

The three detained in Chandpur following confessional statements of two earlier arrested suspects, were Zakir Hossain Mullik, 29, Md. Kawser, 29 and Khondoker Mahfuz, 22.
Ya think?
Police recovered a number of Islamic books, CDs, leaflets, pictures and iron rods from the house...
Iron rods????

This also just out of Bangladesh:
At least fifty people were injured in a clash between two groups of villagers and with police over establishing supremacy and having marijuana openly in broad daylight. Police and witnesses said marijuana and gambling have been a regular affair at the Chachuri Bazar. On Wednesday, some youths from Fuldaha village went to have marijuana beside the shop of local fish trader who objected their acts. At this the youths got furious and beat him up indiscriminately triggering a tension among three villages - Chachuri, Fuldaha and Purulia.
Also from Bangladesh. These little economic tidbits make me smile:

No move to arrest prices of essentials
The holy of month of Ramadan begins Wednesday or Thursday of this week subject to the appearance of moon. The Muslims all over the world welcome this month from the core of their hearts in the hope that they will be able to go nigh to the Mercy of God, by observing restraint in the matter of worldly pleasures and keeping fast till the Shaowal moon is sighted. In this month, the merchants, both the retailers and the wholesalers, reduce the price of the essential commodities that the poor can buy at ease and without afflictions. But in our country, the case is just opposite.

Prices go up uncontrolled as the merchants consider the month of Ramadan to make quick money. It means they are away from ethics and morality. Hazrat Muhammad (SM) cautioned against hoarding of the foodstuffs and creating artificial crisis. In this regard, the government and the Islam oriented political parties have something to do. They must circulate the sayings of the Prophet (SM) and should try to motivate the merchants accordingly. There is no need to fix the price of particular items like beef, mutton and buffalo meat. If the traders learn the real object of Islam, price will automatically come down without the interference of the government.
Learn the real object of Islam, butchers!!!! Kill the Kafir!

Another update on Bangladeshi Ramadan Gouging here.

They've been busy little beavers in Bangladesh:
August 17 bomb blasts: Investigating officials preparing charge-sheets

More Economic News to make me smile. This time from Iran and it's stock market. Scrolling required so I've given you the full text here:
TEHRAN, Oct. 7--An outspoken lawmaker here on Friday blamed political slogans for the tumbling indices at the stock market, stressing that speculations such as severance of ties and going to war with some countries could only give rise to a possible stock market collapse. Iraj Nadimi, rapporteur of Majlis Economic Commission, told ISNA that certain political commentaries will only aggravate the flight of capital.

“Certain slogans, including calls for cutting off ties with some countries as well as those advocating the country’s involvement in a new war along with prevailing mismanagements could accelerate the process of capital flight from the country,“ he said, adding that tumbling indices are caused by growing political and economic instabilities.

He criticized those who are trying to introduce the new government as a ’new revolution’ for causing further instabilities, stressing that the Ahmadinejad administration will, indeed, continue reform procedures at managerial levels.
As the stock market situation worsens day after day, Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) secretary general insisted earlier that the indices will begin to go up within the next few weeks, blaming psychological shocks for tumbling indices.

Hossein Abdeh-Tabrizi said the UN nuclear watchdog’s resolution against Iran was also responsible for indices hitting record lows but fell short of explaining why the situation has become so fragile in the past few months.

There are more than two million shareholders in Iran, where some 80 percent of the capital market is controlled by quasi-state companies.

Most shareholders rushed to sell their shares soon after the market nose-dived on June 25, when the result of the ninth presidential election was announced.

Not only has the market failed to recover from unprecedented panic-selling, it has worsened day in, day out since election day.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won the key June 24 vote on a platform of economic and social justice, promising the people that they will ’see the actual outcome of the rise in oil revenues on their tables’. (ed note: see the Love Fund here.)

However experts remain ever more concerned about the prospect of the national economy plunging into a fresh crisis following the drastic fall in stock market indices.
Ramadan kareem, y'all!

Have you seen this man?

Here's a ver-r-r-ry interesting post by a gentleman from Mindanao (by way of Michelle Malkin - which I'm sure you've read by now.) His name is Bob and he's an expat.

Weren't we just talking about the connection between the Philippines and the Bali Splodeydopes?

Dude, 'Philippines and the Bali Splodeydopes' that sounds like a really rad band
/valley girl speak off.

Death to America, Death to Israel, Death to Britain

During the Ramadan period, every Muslim are refrain from bickerings, quarrels, doing nuisance, evil thoughts against his brethren, or commit even petty crime. What every Muslim should do is to pray to ALLAH, think of the good things ALLAH has given us, think of the good things for his fellowmen and avoid doing evil things against our brethren,"

So where exactly does protesting fit into the busy prayer and fasting regime of Ramadan, I wonder. Because today in Tehran, thousands of Iranians took time from their "thinking of good things for his fellowman" to march(and chant).

Here's some of their Islamic brotherhood and peace for you!

"Nuclear science is our right, and the world has accepted that," and "Death to America, death to Israel and death to Great Britain," some shouted.

"The U.S. is our enemy" and "suspending again our nuclear activity is an impossibility, because it is a sign of our independence," others proclaimed.

As if you needed any more reasons why the Iranians shouldn't have nukes. Read it all here.

And while the men are taking care of business in Omani, the women are marching to a different tune. Omani women walk to fight "Ramadan Spread"
MUSCAT: Draped in black robes, Omani women go for walks each evening during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan to avoid putting on too much weight during the night-time feasts that follow each dawn-to-dusk fast. The trend comes amid findings that up to as much as 70 percent of women in Gulf Arab states are overweight.

Deal with it Dhimmi!

While surfing in Borneo earlier I found this site and this interesting piece: How does Ramadhan affect expatriates?

Given that we are devoting ourselves this month to the Religion Of Peaceful Explosions and their Ramadan Offensive, -er celebration, I thought it might be instructive to post.

The overall pace of life overall slows down. Things take longer to get accomplished both at home and at the office.

Your live-in household staff will arise very early in the morning to prepare their pre-dawn meal and many try to complete their heavy chores early in the morning just after they've eaten . If their pre-sunrise noise is bothering your family, talk with your staff to see how they can reduce their noise levels while your family is still asleep.

Your household staff may need a nap mid-morning or in the afternoon to keep pace with their altered sleeping and eating schedules.

Muslims that may not normally be diligent in observing the obligatory five prayers a day, may begin to pray regularly during this time, necessitating their absence from work for about 10-15 minutes.
It would be best to schedule difficult tasks before or after Ramadhan to achieve your workers best efforts.

Your cook will not be able to taste the foods she is cooking for you.
Your driver will appreciate it if you can let him break the fast in the car with a drink of water and a sweet snack, if he is driving you home at sunset.

Food vendors and some restaurants close during the day and some restaurants stop serving alcohol. The government closes night entertainment centers during the beginning and end of Ramadhan and shortens their hours throughout the month. You won't have any trouble finding seating at restaurants throughout Jakarta for lunch, but dinner may be more difficult. Buffets catering to those breaking their fast at sunset offer a delicious array of Indonesian specialties.

You may be awoken early in the morning by the enthusiastic young people parading through the neighborhood (DON'T tell them to be quiet! This would be extremely offensive, just quietly endure.)

Food prices rise dramatically as Lebaran nears.

Your household staff will want to take one to two weeks off to visit their family in the village and you'll be left to cope without a cook, driver, watchman and helpers. Consequently, restaurants do a brisk trade during this period as families eat out more often than usual.

A one-month bonus is commonly paid to all household staff and salaried employees in offices and factories near the end of the fasting month. This is referred to as THR (tay-ha-err) Tunjangan Hari Raya, or bulan ketigabelas - the 13th month.

An increased level of patience and tolerance is required when dealing with workers who are fasting.

Do not speak harshly with those fasting as if they get angry or have negative feelings towards others it invalidates their fasting for that day.

Traffic jams from the afternoon rush hour start earlier as many office workers leave earlier than usual to break the fast with family and friends.

It's difficult to schedule travel in Indonesia near the end of Ramadhan due to the annual exodus of millions of city dwellers to their hometowns.

You may feel uncomfortable eating or drinking before your fasting staff/friends. It would be considerate to refrain from eating or drinking in front of others that are fasting.

Your neighborhood association may organize a charitable drive for the poor in your neighborhood. Give to this drive as a gesture of good faith and your membership in the local community.

You'll notice a big increase in beggars at traffic lights as the poor flock into the city from the villages at this traditional time of heightened charity giving.

Hey Kafir, ain't we got fun???

Damn! I thought you said BORNEO!

From the Sydney Morning Herald:


Indonesian police received intelligence of stepped up terror activity three months ago but misread it and mistakenly concluded that an attack was being planned for a city on the island of Borneo, not Bali.
Someone, somewhere, somehow got the idea that JI's next terror target would be Balikpapan.

A city rich in coal and expatriates, Balikpapan serves as a base of operations for an Indonesian sub of the Australian miner, Thiess.

It is also headquarters for the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.

Borneo authorities were so certain that they were on to something they spent the weeks prior to the Bali bombing trailing four 4WD's across Java. They lost them somewhere in the town of Bangil, near the port of Surabaya, home to a JI friendly ferry service. That ferry goes to Bali.

Since the bombing, gory pictures of the bombers heads have widely been circulated on the internet in hopes of id'ing them.
They come from a new group," Pastika said of the three October 1 bombers. "A new generation means that (they) are not known by the old group."

Meanwhile back in the Philippines:
Pastika declined to comment on media reports that the dead trio might have been trained by Muslim groups in the Philippines. The Philippines has denied any such training took place in its territory, saying that its military had long forced Muslim separatists to abandon the training camps.

Here's what's really annoying about this whole deal:

Police are scouring the border between Central and East Java for three men they suspect of also being involved in the blasts. Two of those men - identified only as AR and YD - were convicted of involvement in the 2002 attack. They served short prison terms and were released.

And you wonder why that guy spying in the White House is potentially a big deal.

Don't it just make you want to holler?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Remember Rania?

She's the Saudi jouno that was beat to within an inch of her life by her no-good husband that we talked about here. Her return to her television newscast was big news in the kingdom, a.) because she required massive plastic surgery to her face and b.) because she appeared on the news without a veil.

Evidently, the kingdom doesn't want that news to spread because recently Rania was forced to do a moonlight flit to Paris in the back of a truck in order to leave the country!

Rania al-Baz, 29, the Saudi TV presenter who was comatose in a hospital for days last year after being brutally beaten by her husband, was prevented by Saudi authorities from flying to Paris, where she planned to participate in a conference on women's rights and to promote her book, Defiguree.

Baz is concerned about her family in Saudi Arabia, said Ferro. "She doesn't speak to me about being worried about going back there," said Ferro. "Maybe she doesn't want to say such things. Her family is there, her three children, her mother, her grandmother." Baz divorced her husband after she was released from the hospital. He was sentenced to 300 lashes and six months in prison. Baz requested his release from prison after he agreed to give her custody of their children.

She has no plans to return to the Magic Kingdom.

Read it all here.

Ramadan Roundup

Ramadan Kareem, y'all!

Heck, it just wouldn't be Ramadan without "credible threats, specific details, increased chatter, and an increase in security in the NYC subways" now, would it?

NYC Ups Subway Security After Bomb Threats

A NYPD source told FOX News that the threat involved 19 suitcase bombs to be placed in the subway system.

Authorities learned of the threat after several individuals were arrested overseas and made claims that the city's subway system was target of a bomb plot, Department of Homeland Security Spokesman Russ Knocke (search) told FOX News.

Kelly said the city "may be the target of a terrorist attack in the coming days," and asked the public to report suspicious people or activities. Police planned to start looking through bags, brief cases, baby strollers and luggage as they launched a large-scale search of New York's mass transit system.

Fast Facts: What to Do in a Bombing Read it people. Be Prepared.

Centcom shares some cheery chatter posted on Islamic website, the Islamic Renewal Organization.
Here's the translation:
"Designation of tasks and geographic division for the al-Qa'ida Organizations . . . Orders to destroy a nuclear reactor

I transmit to you what went on between me and brother Abu-Jandal, who is close to the al-Qa'ida leadership. The middleman said that the leadership agreed to the following geographic division:
1. al-Qa'ida Organization in the Middle East, Qa'idat al-Jihad led by Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi 2. al-Qa'ida Organization in Europe, Abu-Hafs al-Masri Brigades Organization led by Abu-Hamam 3. al-Qa'ida Organization in America led by Abu-Azzam al-Amriki [the American]

The tasks are designated as agreed upon, add to that, the fact that al-Qa'ida is adamant on attacking a nuclear reactor in America during the coming days. The task will be designated by the leader Abu-Azzam al-Amriki. Note that the FBI has published several photos of a wanted man under a variety of names. They said that he wanted to blow up a nuclear reactor. The last name published with that picture was Ja'far al-Tayyar. This was two years ago. After that, it was unknown whether that photo was delusive, or whether he was arrested, or killed, since we no longer heard from him or saw pictures of him. According to the information made available, the mission was assigned to the leader Abu-Azzam al-Amriki, may God grant him success. This is the information that we received. We present it to you just as we received it. We bear, with God's help, all [the consequences] that result from this."

The Islamic Renewal Organization is the website of the Saudi dissident group, formerly known as CDLR, based in the United Kingdom and headed by Muhammad al-Mas'ari.”

I say Aloha Snackbar to them and while we're at it they can look at this recent message from President George W Bush. Here's a preview:
Recently our country observed the fourth anniversary of a great evil, and looked back on a great turning point in our history. We still remember a proud city covered in smoke and ashes, a fire across the Potomac, and passengers who spent their final moments on Earth fighting the enemy. We still remember the men who rejoiced in every death, and Americans in uniform rising to duty. And we remember the calling that came to us on that day, and continues to this hour: We will confront this mortal danger to all humanity. We will not tire, or rest, until the war on terror is won.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Have a blast during Ramadan!

Lo! Ramadan is upon us and the Religion of Peaceful Explosions is gearing up for a festive holiday season. In that spirit I'd like to share some readings expressing the joys and best wishes of the season.


Ramadan 101 courtesy of Beliefnet.

Al Qaeda in Iraq kicks off their holiday celebration by calling for more attacks and for a boycott of the October 15 Constitution vote.

"While we are in this Ramadan, we say O Islam, muster your strength, and we incite the believers to fight the worshippers of the cross who have violated the (religious) limits and honors, demolished mosques and houses, burnt copies of the Quran and sowed corruption in the land,"
Hey, they forgot the part about the panties on their head! What about that?

Speaking of Abu Ghraib. 1,000 Abu Ghraib prisoners to be released for Ramadan
"The Iraqi government and (multi-national forces) decided to release the detainees to allow them to be with families and loved ones to celebrate the holy month and to help in the process of building a new Iraq," the statement said. "These detainees were selected for release following a careful and thorough review of their files by a special Iraqi-led review board which determined they had not committed serious crimes," it added. It is a tradition among Islamic countries to release prisoners ahead of Ramadan."
It has also become a happy tradition of Ramadan for worshippers to blow themselves to smithereens. Ramadan begins throughout the Muslim world
Militants have not issued specific Ramadan-related threats. But the spike in violence in recent years - especially suicide attacks in Iraq the last two years during Ramadan - has been noticeable. One possible reason is the belief by some Islamic extremists that those who die in combat for a holy cause during Ramadan are especially blessed.
But here in the US confusion reigns about the actual start of Ramadan. Majority of US Muslims to celebrate Ramadan today?

Man all this talk of fasting makes me hungry. I think I just might go have a pork chop or something.

Celebrity Imam to the Bali Bombers speaks!

The First Post offers this snappy commentary from Bad-boy Bashir, Celebrity Imam to the Bali Bombers:
Bashir bashes the infidel from his prison cell.

This just about sums it up as far as the Indonesian government goes:

Indonesian authorities have been woolly in their response to terrorism for fear of alienating a largely anti-American population. Nothing illustrates this better than the appeal court's judgment on Bashir's early release - they took the decision even though he was implicated in a JI plot to overthrow Indonesia's previous government, and despite independent testimony from senior JI operatives in custody that he had approved the 2002 bombings.

It's good to be Imam.

Bashir is a lanky, bespectacled Hadrami, who, like Osama Bin Laden, traces his family back to the Hadramawt region of Yemen. Surrounded by acolytes - including known JI bombers - serving him dates...

Remember this is a jail house interview but he has acolytes serving him dates. I'd call that the celebrity treatment, wouldn't you?

Here's a random sampling of the q&a:
Q. What are the conditions for Islam to be strong?
A. The infidel country must be visited and spied upon. If we don't come to them, they will persecute Islam. They will prevent non-Muslims converting.

Q. What can the West, especially the US, do to make the world more peaceful?
A. They have to stop fighting Islam. That's impossible because it is sunnatullah [destiny, a law of nature], as Allah has said in the Koran. If they want to have peace, they have to accept to be governed by Islam.

Q. What if they persist?
A. We'll keep fighting them and they'll lose. The batil [falsehood] will lose sooner or later. I sent a letter to Bush. I said that you'll lose and there is no point for you [to fight us]. This [concept] is found in the Koran.

Q. So this fight will never end?
A. Never. This fight is compulsory. Muslims who don't hate America sin. What I mean by America is George Bush's regime. There is no iman [belief] if one doesn't hate America.

There's more from this guy but you get the general drift.

It's gonna go down, it's just a question of when. You might want to print out a copy of this. Remember scouts - be prepared.

This guide is for families preparing for imminent terrorist or strategic nuclear attacks with expected severe destruction followed by widespread radioactive fallout downwind.

All we are saying... is give Nukes a chance

Iranian women’s NGOs protest at British Embassy

At the end of their demonstration in front of the British Embassy in Tehran on Monday, 24 women’s non-governmental organizations issued a statement saying that the IAEA Board of Governors have forgotten that neither the Iranian nation nor the Iranian government are colonies of the United States or Britain to submit to their decisions.

The statement said, “How is it possible for a nation with a great cultural, religious, and political background to submit to the illogical, medieval, and colonial demands of such notorious countries like the United Kingdom, whose background is stained with numerous crimes.

“The greed, plots, and crimes of these countries are daily being proven to the world. One actually wonders why the Zionist regime, whose crimes against the Palestinians are quite evident, is not only allowed to possess nuclear technology but is also never considered a threat to the international community, despite the fact that it possesses over 200 nuclear warheads.

As always it's all about the Joooooos!

The Islamic Revolution Women’s Society, the Muslim Women Researchers Society, the Iranian Women’s Center, the Women’s Islamic Association, the Center for Women Artists, the Association of Muslim Women Writers
These were some of the attendees.

All these groups sound like they're full of burka wearing blue state babes to me.

Funny to think about it but if they were here in the US they'd no doubt be screaming no nukes, no nukes.

Again, I recommend you read this: What to do if a nuclear disaster is imminent.
Be prepared.

More Iranian Wedding news

Man Marries His Cousins


According to this conservative website, a man residing in Narmashir Village in the vicinity of Bam has married his two cousins in two separate weddings ceremonies. He married both women to spite his late wife’s relatives.

Man, too bad he didn't hold out for the Iranian Love Fund.

Monday, October 03, 2005

I have a little bit of a doll fetish...

You may have noticed.

And then I ran into Little Farah here.

Dhimmi mommies! Celebrate Christmas while you can and also prepare for your upcoming dhimmitude by buying little Sarah a Little Farah!

Little Farah recites eleven Islamic phrases in English that are most commonly used in our daily lives. She will have your child learn these in no time. Little Farah is a cute, 12"doll that will make an ideal gift!

Little Farah recites one of the following eleven beautiful phrases each time she is pressed:

"My name is Farah and I will share with you some wonderful Islamic phrases."
"Welcome. Assalamu' Alaikum. Peace be on you."
"Let's begin Bismillah In the name of Allah" ....
"Aachhuu! (sneeze) Alhamdulillah. Praise be to Allah."
"I'm sorry. Astaghfirullah. I ask Allah's forgiveness."
"I promise. InshaAllah, If Allah wills."
"Thank you. JazakAllah. May Allah reward you."
"Good Bye. Fee Amanillah. I leave you in Allah's care."
"Let's say a loud Takbir. Allahu Akbar. Allah is Great."
"We should help the needy. Fee Sabeel Lillah. For the sake of Allah."
"Good Job! SubhanAllah. Glory be to Allah."

And in keeping with our earlier Iranian Pedophilia Love Fund theme, here is the hadith that references Aisha, the Prophet Mohammed's child bride. Ick, ick and ick.

In hadith:
Sahih Muslim
Book 031, Number 5981:

'A'isha reported that she used to play with dolls in the presence of Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) and when her playmates came to her they left (the house) because they felt shy of Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him), whereas Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) sent them to her.

Here's a better Farrah idea:

But this is the real Farah deal.

This is who you dhimmis should be listening to.

I'd be remiss if I didn't wish all my Jewish friends...

L'Shana Tova!

Back in the day when Dinah worked at one of the finest and fiercest firms on Wall Street, Salomon Brothers, her Jewish co-workers used to call Rosh Hashanah


And when Dinah started hanging out with them she was still a big midwestern hick. There was no getting around it. She was farm fresh and pretty damn white bread. She had an awful lot of questions about the Jewish faith too, but being a big, old WASP she didn't want to pry. You know how WASP's can be.

But when Rosh Hashanah rolled around and Dinah heard them talking about, "blowing the chauffeur" she just had to overcome her reticence and ask just how that worked.

Imagine her chagrin at discovering there wasn't a long line of limousines winding their way around the synagogue and that they were talking about the shofar(pictured above).

Mazel Tov. I love you guys! Long Live Israel!

Update: The totally Fabulous Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has a great Yiddish tale here to celebrate the spirit of the season.

I never thought that Dr. Phil would look so good...

Introducing Dr. Kareem Jabbar, the Dr. Phil of Al Jazeera.

In his column he addresses such questions as:

Photos depicting rape and sexual abuse of hundreds of Iraqi women have been completely omitted from the Western news reports...

Who allowed the U.S. to have nukes?

Wife-beating is a problem that runs rampant throughout Europe and the United States...

Read it if you can. It's kind of depressing - to think this is the type of nonsense we're up against.

This is my kind of Kareem:

For some reason I've got an Iranian bee in my burka tonight!

No, no, no! First we flog you, THEN we hang you.

An Iranian man was publicly flogged and then executed by public hanging on Sunday afternoon in the city Kashan, Iran. The hanging brings the total number of reported hangings this year in Iran to 61. The man hung, 26 year old Esmail Hashemi had been convicted of raping several women. Scores of people reportedly viewed the hanging, according to IRNA.

No word on whether a CRANE was used.

Listen up Dhimmis! This is going to be the list of things that can get you flogged and hung after you roll over and submit to the Caliphate:
In addition to rape, capital offences in Iran which are punishable by hanging include adultery, prostitution, apostasy, blasphemy, repeated sodomy, treason and espionage and murder.

Just sayin'.

Love Iranian Style

I may be dating myself here but does anyone remember LOVE AMERICAN STYLE? It was on tv back in the late 60's (eek!)and as a young girl I used to love it (that and RAT PATROL. Go Figure.)

But that was then and this is now so how about taking a look at young girls today and some LOVE IRANIAN STYLE?

Iran's vice-president Farhad Rahbar recently announced that his country will invest $1.3 billion to establish a "love fund" to encourage poor young people to marry.

The "Reza Love Fund", named after one of Shiite Islam's imams, was established in response to continued complaints on the part of Iran's youth, who say that they cannot afford to get married. Statistics show that young Iranian adults are living with their parents longer than ever before, while jobs, marriage and housing are seen as the top frustrations of young Iranians. Financial hardships of Iran's youth are contrasted with the fact that Iran is the fourth largest crude oil producer in the world. The new fund would redistribute oil revenue for the "Love Fund".

"The love fund is a realization of the new government's slogan -- taking oil money to the tables of the people," said Rahbar.

Gee, I wonder what happened to working for it? Oh that's right. The latest CIA World FactBook pegs their unemployment rate at 11.2% and states that:
Iran's economy is marked by a bloated, inefficient state sector, over reliance on the oil sector, and statist policies that create major distortions throughout. Most economic activity is controlled by the state. Private sector activity is typically small-scale - workshops, farming, and services. Relatively high oil prices in recent years have enabled Iran to amass some $30 billion in foreign exchange reserves, but have not eased economic hardships such as high unemployment and inflation. The proportion of the economy devoted to the development of weapons of mass destruction remains a contentious issue with leading Western nations.

And if you listen to NPR (I don't)
Fifteen percent of Iranians are unemployed, and some say the actual number is far higher. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may face resistance from the government and the country's conservative clerics in his efforts to address the problem.

Well, heck then why not shovel 1.3 billion clams to the mullahs for their little LOVE FUND? Yeah, that's the ticket.

And I'd like all the dhimmis in the crowd out there to make note of this:

Iran's Islamic law sets the minimum marriage age for girls at 9 and 15 for boys.

So in future, dear dhimmis, when you are swanning around and insisting on having your kum-ba-yah moment with the Iranian regime, think of the LOVE FUND and remember all the nine year old girls that are being "married" in order for their parents to cash in.

And while we're at it - here's another little Iranian factoid for you to mull over as you slouch to dhimmitude:

According to the U.N. World Drug Report for 2005, Iran has the highest proportion of opiate addicts in the world -- 2.8 percent of the population over age 15. Only two other countries -- Mauritius and Kyrgyzstan -- pass the 2 percent mark. With a population of about 70 million and some government agencies putting the number of regular users close to 4 million, Iran has no real competition as world leader in per capita addiction to opiates, including heroin.

May God deliver us from these people.