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Mardi Gras Update: Pour La Joie de Vivre

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez

Long time Dinah Lord readers know that Dinah has gotten herself invited onto a Mardi Gras float. She will be joining the Krewe of Iris in NOLA this Mardi Gras season in supporting the city and letting the good times roll.

Today, I finalized my travel/hotel arrangements and ordered my throws - which was just under the wire. (as usual) The deadline for ordering is October 8.

My Line Commander, Helen, advised that amateurs like my friend Lady G and I aren't able to throw as well as the regulars therefore we only needed 15 gross of throws to toss on the parade route. (You don't want to have any left over at the end of the route!)

Here's my order:
2 dz IRIS theme beads - metallic

6 dz long white pearls 48"

180 dz Assorted Color Beads 48"

2 dz IRIS Broadway beads

2 dz Special - Iris Long Purple & White Ceramic Beads

20 dz long beads - 12 mm green, purple, gold

2 dz feather leis - purple, green, gold.

10dz IRIS footballs

We also need to purchase a safety belt to strap ourselves on to the float.

More on the rules and regulations and THE BALL, later.

To be continued...

It's fromYemen and involves a volcano...

You know my thing with volcanos. How could I resist?

Eight military troops missing after volcano erupts.

Yo! It's all about economics...

Read it and weep.

(h/t Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch MGBHS)

Jim Crow goes to Jeddah

Separate water fountains in Saudi.

Saudi Arabia: I know it's a desert, but there's a black market in H2O for crying out loud?

Forget your book bag - bring your barf bag...

Iran gifts 100 books to Columbia University.

The books which contain hundreds of caricatures on the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan have been gifted by the director of the Foundation for Safeguarding and Promotion of the Values of the Sacred Defense (i.e. Iraqi imposed war on Iran 1980-1988).

"To honor the self-restraint and patience of the Columbia University students during the address of Dr. Ahmadinejad and to appreciate their freedom and justice-seeking spirit, one hundred books on occupation (of Iraq and Afghanistan) along with the English translation of the book

'There was God and nothing else' by the honorable martyr and scientist the late Dr. Mostafa Chamran will be gifted to this university," the Foundation's director Mir Feysal Bagherzadeh said on Sunday.

The Book 'Caricatures on Occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan' is a collection of the masterpieces of the world's famous caricaturists and has been released by the said foundation.

Brown's Halal Budget...This sukuks!

For all that is holy and sacred - someone stop this madness!

I have been kind of keeping a wary eye on the acquisition activity around the Western capital exchanges and the inroads made by ME countries to buy a seat at the table. I really have been trying to keep a Cool Hand Dinah approach to the activity - that is until I read this.

This sucks(sukuks)! C&Ping it in it's entirety because people need to see.

And they need to see it all and and they need to start asking hard questions about the direction of their country.

London could become the world's next centre for Islamic financing, experts predict.

Changes to the UK tax regime in chancellor Gordon Brown's budget, announced yesterday, will make the City even more attractive for Islamic financiers.

While the Chancellor's budget received a lukewarm reception from most of the capital's businesses - Ipsos Mori reported this morning that 46% of small and medium companies were unimpressed - the square mile's shariah marketplace was more optimistic.

The budget promised changes which would allow Islamic financial derivatives to be issued, held and traded within the UK on the same basis as conventional securities.

Draft legislation promised sukuk issuers the ability to offset coupon payments on securities against company profits for corporation tax purposes.

HM Revenue & Customs published a review yesterday on how it would treat Islamic financial products such as diminishing musharaka in regard to capital gains and capital allowance taxes.

Rules have also been altered to allow for the development of Islamic insurance products, or takaful.

"London has the capacity to become a hub for shariah complaint financial flows," said Anouar Hassoune at Standard & Poor's. "We estimate that up to 300,000 retail customers in the UK would be ready customers for shariah-compliant banking services.

"Although Dubai has been the most active trading centre for sukuk notes so far, this amendment to the tax law in the UK will make London more attractive for issuing and trading sukuk."

London has already seen some huge Islamic bonds. Only last month, UAE property giant Aldar issued a huge $2.53 billion sukuk on the LSE.

The global sukuk market was valued at $70 billion in 2006, and even the most conservative estimates are predicting a 40% increase in market size over the next five years.

The city of London already has more banks supplying services under Islamic principles than any other Western financial centre. It is also home to the world's first, and only, secondary market for Islamic bonds.

Islamic financial instruments still remain largely unused outside of the Islamic world; they are banned in the US.

Another reason I will always love John McCain...

He's a great American and he not only spanks Code Pink with aplomb, he goes around saying things like this and gets CAIR to cry like babies with diaperhead rash.

McCain: No Muslim President, US better off with Christian one.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The march to Dhimmitude continues apace...and it's wearing a beard

When Dinah thinks beard, she thinks ZZ Top.

Judge rules for bearded DC firefighters...and it's not because they're Amish beatniks or anything like that.
A federal judge on Friday struck down a requirement that firefighters in the District of Columbia be clean-shaven.

A group of firefighters who wear beards for religious reasons first sued in 2001 to challenge the fire department's "grooming policy." That policy was replaced with a safety policy in 2005 that held that beards are not compatible with breathing units because they make it impossible to form a tight seal around the face...
Many fire departments bar or restrict facial hair among firefighters. In 2005, a judge in Philadelphia ruled that a firefighter could not wear a beard on the job, even though his Muslim faith calls for it.

Funny that. The Iranians suffered high casualties when exposed to mustard gas during the Iran - Iraq War because their beards interfered with their gas masks.
Iranian soldiers often had gas masks, but their beards made it more difficult to 'get a good seal between the mask and face', says Roberts. They also lacked protective clothing, leaving them vulnerable to mustard gas.

Just in case you wondered: Taliban beard rules
Taliban's religious police carry around with it a Lantern glass to ensure minimum size of citizens' beard under Shariat enforced in their controlled areas, a refugees who recently arrived from Kabul said. Anybody's beard which is too short to crop out of the standard Lantern glass is punished just as anyone who either shave of or trims his beard, the refugee added.

And then there's this The Beard in Islam.
From one brother to another, I say: "Grow a beard, then, since it also promotes Brotherhood in the real world. Stand with your Brothers, be one. We know you think you are handsome without it (a beard), but who cares? What matters is how Allah (S.W.T.) sees you. And when you do grow a beard, don't mock the Sunnah, please grow it correctly, i.e. FIST LENGTH. That is the prescribed length and no shorter (see Hadeeth section)..." Peace.

And don't forget The Beard in Iran where there are no gays...
In gay slang, a beard is a companion of the opposite sex used to hide a homosexual's sexuality by appearing in public as if the two were a heterosexual couple.

Gee Iran, hope your system works out better than Syria's just did...

Hoopoe aka moonbat

The system called 'Hod Hod' (Hoopoe) has been designed by IRGC experts and provides the Iranian troops with the possibility to monitor even the subtlest moves on the surface or in the air.

According to IRGC, Hod Hod which is equipped with the most advanced cameras and electronic boxes dispatches the recorded footages and photographs to different military centers round the clock 24 hours a day.

Hod Hod which is capable of taking high resolution and high quality pictures and images even at nights, will provide the opportunity to the IRGC troops - who are currently using different radar and electronic systems - to gain a better online control over the entire region.

Hizb ut Tahrir: Destroy the new crusaders.

"Over my dead body, you freaks."

"Your forefathers destroyed the first crusader campaigns. Should you not proceed like them and destroy the new crusaders?"
Well, that's what H-u-T is saying over there in the UK. I'm saying, people what's it going to take to get serious about these Islamolunatics?
Islamists 'urge young Muslims to use violence.

A program to be broadcast in the UK tomorrow night threatens to blow the lid off cover of these UK Islamothugs. And will also reveal the govt's lack of action as well...
Leave it to Labour.

Tony Blair promised to ban the organisation after the July 7 London bombings but Labour has since claimed there is not enough evidence to demonstrate Hizb ut Tahrir is violent.

Let's review: The first UK Homicide Bomber sploded himself in a bar in Tel Aviv lending new meaning to the phrase 'getting bombed'. His name Omar Shariff, not to be confused with Dr. Zhivago. Next up, not to be confused with the Rubaiyat, Omar Khayam. He dressed up as a suicide bomber during Motoons. What a joker! But there's no evidence of radical islam here.

Who leads this band of future marauders? None other than Ata Abu-Rishta, who has called for the "destruction of Hindus in Kashmir, Russians in Chechnya and Jews in Israel. He recently brought down the house in Indonesia and "whipped the 100,000 strong crowd into a frenzy by calling for a war on Jews. And I quote:

"The Caliphate (global Islamic government) will liberate the countries and the people from the influence of the Kafer (non-believer) and its allies and the tyranny of its men and followers,"

There's more at the link, Infidel.

Run right over to...

Counting Coup by Charles Russell - 1852
the Jawa Report and count coup with Howie.

It's ta-ta for al-Qaqaa

The crows and the owls - Syria 14th c.
Radical Syrian cleric shot dead.

A Syrian cleric suspected of recruiting foreign militants to fight in Iraq has been shot dead in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, his aides have said.

Sheikh Mahmoud Abu al-Qaqaa was shot several times by a gunman as he left the Imam Mosque after Friday prayers. The gunman tried to flee the scene of the shooting, but was chased by a crowd and later arrested, the aides said.

Correspondents say Abu al-Qaqaa was a charismatic Sunni cleric with thousands of radical Islamist followers in Syria. His anti-American sermons attracted a wide audience after the US-led invasion in Iraq in 2003, and his reputation rapidly spread.

The BBC's Kim Ghattas, who has interviewed the sheikh, notes that assassinations are highly unusual in Syria.

She says there are a number of stories concerning why he was killed, some of them contradictory, but adds that he does appear to have been instrumental in channelling jihadis into Iraq.

After the shooting, one aide to the cleric told the Associated Press that "terrorists" had killed the sheikh, whose real name was Mahmoud Qul Aghassi, for his "nationalist positions". The one who carried out the assassination was a prisoner of the American forces in Iraq and had been released some time ago.

Another aide, Sheikh Samir Abu Khashbeh, said the gunman had told him that he had killed the cleric "because he was an agent of the Americans". "The one who carried out the assassination was a prisoner of the American forces in Iraq and had been released some time ago," Abu Khashbeh said. "He is known to us."

In June 2006, a group of militants killed while attempting to carry out an attack in the capital, Damascus, were found to be carrying CDs of sermons by Abu al-Qaqaa in which he called for US forces in the Middle East to be slaughtered "like cattle".

Afterwards, the sheikh denied he had called on Syrians to go to war in Iraq.

Others have claimed that Abu al-Qaqaa was an agent of the Syrian government, who was used to appease rising anti-American discontent amongst the country's Muslims and to keep the authorities informed of the activities of his fellow jihadists.

Abu al-Qaqaa is said to have kept a low profile in the last year since he was appointed head of a religious school by the Syrian government and he did not openly criticise the authorities.

The Syrian government has yet to make an official statement about the incident.

Here's my official statement.

Buy stock in the Muslim Hymen Repair Kit!

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Busy morning here at Rancho el Lordo...

so here's a little help from my friends....

Always on Watch has a post up that talks about the Colossal and Premeditated Abuse of American Women by Muslims. (P.S. You can also listen to her radio show THE GATHERING STORM today 3pm EST)

Eye on The World is talking about the all the strong arming and glad handing Mahmoud is doing on his southern hemisphere swing tour, the Palestinian Gay Liberation Army and lots of good stuff.

And Lady V of Spanish Pundit is keeping close tabs on the grim situation in Burma. She has lots of pics from yesterday's protest in NY, too.

Well, it's Friday that means it's time for Tanka. (or is it Senryu?) Anyways hop over to Hard to Swallow as he (or is it she?) makes sense of the tragic absurdity of events on the ground in Burma.

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More photos from Iran's Sacred Defense week...

That's right - the RETARD Missile.

(Although it looks more like the West Covina Junior High Rocket Club to me.)
This snap is from Kamangir and there's more where that came from at his photoblog.

A Fatwa on your Bluetooth!

Saudis say Bluetooth is haraam. Issue Fatwa.

Saudi Arabia's top Muslim body has issued a fatwa or religious edict banning the use of wireless Bluetooth technology for sending photographs, video and audio on cellular telephones. Cellphones equipped with Bluetooth are "haram" or prohibited according to the laws of Islam, the Council of the Ulema has declared.

Saudi authorities have in the past cracked down on people carrying in shopping malls cellular phones equipped with cameras. It was alleged that such phones were used by men to photograph women illegally.

Happy Hookahs in Vancouver.

This just tears it.

Hookah lounges exempt from Smoking Ban.

That's right. Because they're "an important cultural space for the city's Muslims" they have been granted a temporary exemption. And get this - one Mus-loon went so far as to say that "hookah lounges are essential for immigrants from hookah-smoking cultures, because it helps them deal with the depression common for newcomers and gives them places like they have at home."

Can you believe it?

In other words, the Muslims are extra special and deserve extra special treatment.

You don't.

When Mahmie met Evo..

Sweet nothings

Marie Antoinette's pearls up for sale...

LONDON (Reuters) - A set of pearls once belonging to Marie Antoinette and taken to Britain by a friend for safekeeping will go on sale in December, and are expected to fetch up to $800,000 (395,000 pounds).

Now part of a diamond, ruby and pearl necklace, France's last queen gave a bag of pearls and diamonds to Lady Sutherland, the British ambassador's wife, before she fled revolutionary France in 1792, a year before Marie Antoinette's death.

"Lady Sutherland was wife of the ambassador and friends with the queen, and they had children of the same age," said Raymond Sancroft-Baker, senior director of Christie's jewellery in London. "When you are in a dire situation, there are not many people you can trust and the key was to give the jewels to someone with diplomatic immunity," he told Reuters.

Marie Antoinette, legendary for her extravagance, did not know her fate at the time, he said, and would have hoped to be reunited with her treasures one day. "Hope springs eternal," added Sancroft-Baker. According to Christie's, Sutherland arranged for clothes and linen to be sent to the queen while she was in prison. "This was reportedly the last gesture of kindness shown to the doomed queen," the auctioneer said in a statement.

Marie Antoinette was executed by guillotine in October 1793.

The diamonds were made into a necklace, while the pearls were mounted later for the occasion of the marriage of Sutherland's grandson in 1849.
Christie's did not specify which of Sutherland's descendants was selling the necklace.
"The owner said it just sits in the bank the whole time, and there comes a time for everything," Sancroft-Baker said. He hoped the pearls, which have never been offered at auction before and remained in the same family for over 200 years, would be made available for the public to see..."

Let's see. I know several public figures that would be happy to oblige. I wonder, will we be seeing them on Hillary or Nancy next? Oprah. ? Geez. Pick one. They would each be fitting in their own special way...

US Clerics: Like lambs to the slaughter...

Baa-baa-baa! This one got buried in all the Mahmoudmania - that and they held the meeting on the down-low.

Ahmadinejad meets clerics, and decibels drop a notch.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran held a friendly, even warm, exchange yesterday with Christian leaders from the United States and Canada convinced that dialogue is the only way to prevent war. (I guess the Canadians didn't get the memo the Iranians distributed at the UN taking them to task on their 'human rights abuses'.)

If what happened next isn't da‘wa I'll eat your hat! (da'wa: literally summons, mission or invitation to Islam. Amongst Shia Muslims it is the invitation to adopt the cause of the Imamat. The Imamat refers to the institution of hereditary spiritual leadership in Shia Islam.)
The session, held under tight security at a chapel across the street from the United Nations, was a reminder that Mr. Ahmadinejad is a religious president of a religious nation who relishes speaking on a religious plane. He spent his 20 allotted minutes at the start of the two-hour meeting recounting the chain of prophets central to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and the commonality of their messages.

And the meeting was held on the down low - lily livered chicken shits.
Given the furor over Mr. Ahmadinejad’s earlier appearances, there was no advance publicity. The gathering, which included an audience of about 140 other religious leaders, was organized by the Mennonites and Quakers, churches known for their commitment to pacifism.

Gee, Mr. Jewish leader. You don't want to have lunch with a holocause denier who thinks your a pig and wants to wipe you off the face of the earth? Why not? (do I really have to add the sarc tag here?)
The organizers said that they had pressed hard to find a Jewish leader to join the panel of questioners, but that those invited declined because they could not win support from Jewish organizations.

Dialogue, schmialogue. Dialogue is just so much simpering and whimpering in the eyes of Arab World - while they nod and bow and lie through their teeth.
“My heart was broken that there was so little support from other religions to be here,” said Mary Ellen McNish, general secretary of the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker group that helped sponsor the event. “If we don’t walk down this path of dialogue, we’re going to end up in conflagration.”

Just like good little dhimmis...
At the clerics’ meeting, Albert Lobe, executive director of the Mennonite Central Committee, said pointedly, “We mean to extend to you the hospitality which a head of state deserves.” The session was part of a concerted push by these religious leaders to increase political support in the United States for talks with Iran. Some of these religious leaders also met with Mr. Ahmadinejad last year in New York and in February on a trip to Iran.

At last, a voice of sanity.
One critic said that these religious leaders were well intentioned, but naïve. Malcolm I. Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, said in a telephone interview: “They’re not going to convince him. Their very presence there gives him respectability.”

A classic case of the down is up, up is down thinking so prevalent among the far left.
Ms. McNish, of the American Friends Service Committee, said the reverse was true: “The more we isolate him, the more support he gets at home.”

Man, it's looking like the Bahais are history. Listen to this - the Bahais wanted to attend but the Iranians refused to do so if the Bahais showed up. Does that take brass balls or what?
But even the Bahais, a minority religious group that has suffered persecution in Iran, said they supported these efforts at dialogue with the Iranian government. They had been invited to the prior meetings, but the Iranian side refused to come if Bahais were there, said Kit Bigelow, director of external affairs, National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahais of the United States.

The panelists on Wednesday included the Rev. Drew Christiansen, a Roman Catholic who is editor in chief of America, a Jesuit weekly; Karen A. Hamilton, a Canadian Anglican who is general secretary of the Canadian Council of Churches; the Rev. Chris Ferguson, also a Canadian, who represents the World Council of Churches at the United Nations; and Glen Stassen, a professor of Christian ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary, an evangelical institution.

Mr. Stassen evidently wants to 'dialogue' with Iran like in North Korea so they will ship all their nuclear material to Syria. I've got a better idea, Glen. Stick with the global warming, will ya?
Mr. Stassen, who has helped to prod American evangelicals to take on issues including global warming and torture, said he and other evangelicals would soon circulate a document intended to broaden support for dialogue with Iran, based on the model of dialogue with North Korea.

Naive isn't the word to describe these lambs of God. I guess they haven't heard of taquiyah.
Mr. Stassen asked President Ahmadinejad, if the United States could guarantee no aggression against Iran, “could there be an Iranian guarantee of no violence against Israel?”

Caused the pipsqueak to blink - he had to ask for a taquiyah break! P.S. You will note the pledge of agreement was not forthcoming from the Iranian one.
Mr. Ahmadinejad responded by asking for a three-minute break “for the interpreter.” After the break, he said that it was the United States and “the Zionist regime” that had nuclear weapons, while Iran was seeking to enrich uranium only for “fuel purposes.”

The impetus for these talks came not from the Americans, but from the Iranians, said Ed Martin, Iran consultant for the Mennonite Central Committee, a group that has done aid work in Iran. Of course it came from the Iranians, you dolt. They'll be using this propaganda up til the Pipsqueak runs for President again. Or he gets nukes and lets one rip. Anywho - Let's take a little trip down memory lane and revisit Christians and Tyrants of the olden days, shall we? Boundless webzine's article Hitler Vs. The Church gives us this handy summation:

From the start of the Nazi movement, “the destruction of Christianity was explicitly recognized as a purpose of the National Socialist movement,” said Baldur von Scvhirach, leader of the group that would come to be known as Hitler youth. But “explicitly” only within party ranks: as the OSS stated, “considerations of expedience made it impossible” for the movement to make this public until it consolidated power.

So the Nazis lied to the churches, posing as a group with modest and agreeable goals like the restoration of social discipline in a country that was growing permissive. But as they gained power, they took advantage of the fact that many of the Protestant churches in the largest body (the German Evangelical Church) were government-financed and administered. This, the OSS reported, advanced the Nazi plan “to capture and use church organization for their own purposes” and “to secure the elimination of Christian influences in the German church by legal or quasi legal means

And what about the RC's?
The Roman Catholic Church was another story; its administration came from Rome, not within German borders, and its relationship with the Nazis in the 1920s had been bitter. So Hitler lied again, offering a treaty pledging total freedom for the Catholic church, asking only that the church pledge loyalty to the civil government and emphasize citizens’ patriotic duties — principles which sounded a lot like what the church already promoted. Rome signed the treaty in 1933.

Only later, when Hitler assumed dictatorial powers, did his true policy toward both Catholics and Protestants become apparent. By 1937, Pope Pius XI denounced the Nazis for waging “a war of extermination” against the church, and dissidents like the Lutheran clergyman Martin Niemoller openly denounced state control of Protestant churches. The fiction of peaceful coexistence was rapidly fading: In the words of The New York Times (summarizing OSS conclusions), “Nazi street mobs, often in the company of the Gestapo, routinely stormed offices in Protestant and Catholic churches where clergymen were seen as lax in their support of the regime

Wow. Deja vu all over again.

Careless Whispers by the Goose Creek Firecracker Packers..

Just two young Muslim Firecracker Packers out for a picnic!

From The - the latest lowdown on the Goose Creek bombers. Some choice bits:

In a 12-minute video posted on YouTube, an Egyptian man wearing a white shirt, khaki pants and rubber gloves explains in Arabic how to turn a toy boat into a bomb.

His name is Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, and last month he was arrested in Goose Creek after authorities found four PVC pipes containing a mixture of potassium nitrate, kitty litter and sugar in his car’s trunk.

Mohamed told FBI agents he made the video to teach “those persons in Arabic countries to defend themselves against the infidels invading their countries,” according to federal court documents released late Tuesday.

My question... will the traffic stop hold up in court?
What started as a traffic stop for speeding in South Carolina has led to a two-count federal indictment on terrorism-related charges and a multistate mystery investigators still are working to unravel.

I love this part. A tape recording of their backseat sweet nothings looks awfully suspicious.
In the back of the patrol car on the way to jail on charges of possession of an explosive device, the two whispered in their native Arabic while a hidden recorder taped their conversation, according to court documents:

“Did you tell them there is something in them?” Mohamed asked, an apparent reference to the PVC pipes.

“Water,” Megahed said.

“Water! Right? The black water is in the Pepsi.”

A few seconds pass in silence. Mohamed speaks again.

“Did you tell them about the benzene (gasoline)?”

“I have nothing to do with it. I do the fireworks and so... so... so... that is it.”

But the pipes weren’t fireworks.

There's more:
After examining Mohamed’s laptop computer, which was in the 2000 Toyota Camry that was stopped in Goose Creek, agents found an electronic folder titled “Bomb Shock.” The folder contained several computer files about explosives, including TNT and C-4, a military-grade plastic explosive.

They also found the 12-minute video on the laptop. Someone had uploaded the video onto YouTube, a video-sharing Web site. It could be found on YouTube by entering a complicated 14-word search term, which included the words “martyrdooms” and “suiciders.”

I'm sure he just likes to tinker with things...
Two days after the traffic stop, FBI agents found a remote-controlled toy boat, still in its box, and a partially dismantled digital watch in Megahed’s Tampa, Fla., home, where he lived with his parents. Authorities said in court documents they believe the two items were the beginnings of a homemade bomb.

There's more at the link detailing the current status of the Goose Creek Firecracker Packers.
Bonus: Listen to Megahed's attorney squeal about the tape recording...
"I think it would be inappropriate for the government or the defense to understand this conversation by taking selective quotes spoken in a different language and translated and placed in a one-paragraph part of a search warrant affidavit," federal public defender Adam Allen said. "Even in that light, it doesn't appear from these quotes that he had any knowledge of the explosive materials in the vehicle."

Iran calls out Canada on their "Human Rights Situation"

At yesterday's necktie party in Iran where three rapists were hanged.

(and evidently said with a straight face)
In a bid to discredit Canada at the United Nations, Iran is equipping world diplomats with a 70-page booklet on Canada's alleged human rights violations.

Written by Iran "in the name of God," the document asserts that the Canadian government denies its people food, clean water and the right to work. (Oh the horror!)

"Routine unlawful strip and beatings by Canadian police has been a matter of concern for international community," notes the booklet, entitled Report on Human Rights Situation in Canada, adding that "the practice of police is alarming simply because it is functioning as if there is no need to have judges."

The publication, which claims its allegations are drawn from "objective and factual information released by authentic and credible international sources", alleges that a range of human rights violations occur in Canada, especially toward aboriginal peoples and immigrants.

"To the great dismay of the international community, it is a great concern that the rights of women are violated, and no serious attention has been paid in promotion and protection of women's rights in Canada."

Moreover, the document concludes, "Canada's position as a self-declared standard-bearer on human rights has been demoted to a blind-folded-and-bullied follower of the new school of unilateralism and the axis of derailment of international human rights law."

You know you're on the right track when you get mullah cimoc's panties in a wad...

" If mullah c was here I'd put those panties on his head."

From the comments section this morning...
mullah cimoc say dinah not the real woman, maybe just him transvestite.

true woman never to speak such filth word. even to thinking this filth thoughts so sick.

Our reply:

Mullah hanid consult Dinah. She say this famous quote to mullah cimoc:

"Balls," said the Queen, "if I had them I'd be King."

she say truth hurt cimoc.

she say cimoc dish it out, but no can take it. like most moslim man.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Algeria might not get it...but it looks like the Saudis might.

(Key word: might)

Saudi Arabia: Official permission required to collect alms.

Saudi Arabia's Islamic affairs minister Abdelaziz al-Seideri has issued new guidelines on who may gather 'Zakat' - alms for the poor - from the Muslim faithful during the holy month of Ramadan, Arabic satellite TV network al-Arabiya reports.

The Saudi authorities fear Ramadan could become a window of opportunity for al-Qaeda to father funds and 'proselytise'.... In the past, private associations and mosques in Saudi Arabia gathered these funds independently, redistributing them as they chose.

To prevent the covert financing of al-Qaeda, only people with authorisation are allowed gather 'Zakat' in shops and mosques and asking for alms in the street is not permitted. Al-Seideri, in a message carried by the official Saudi news agency, has appealed to all Muslim worshippers and to imams to ensure that 'Zakat' gathered during Ramadan is only given to charitable bodies authorised by the government.

About Algeria: Click here to read how they blew us off.

Click here for my "I told you so".

Iran: Flogging is good for you..

And our prison system is among the best in the world. Honest.

Iran's chief prosecutor, Hojatolislam Dori Najafabadi, has defended the country's practice of public flogging, saying that it "is the best deterrent".

Speaking at a conference organised by the Association for the Defence of Detainees, Najafabadi said that "some consider corporal punishment instead of jail term, a violation of human rights."

"These people are wrong," he said. "Because public flogging doesn't just allow us to cut down on the the number of people in jail, but it's also the best means of prevention."

The chief prosecutor said that the prison system in Iran "despite its problems and defects, it is among the best in the world."

It's the Saudi Segregation hour...

I found this provocative opinion piece over at Arab News to be quite interesting. I had heard about the situation in Jeddah but not the other two. I've cherry picked some choice snippets but do please go read the whole thing to get the full flavor of the absurdity of the He-Man Woman Haters Club that is modern day Saudi Arabia. Citizens not question marks.

ARE WOMEN intruders in this country? This is a question that never stops buzzing in my head. Two stories in this week’s local press made me wonder repeatedly about the respect that women as citizens should be treated with.

But we have to remember that we always say that Islam treats women fairly and that they are equal to men and we hold the Hadith “the best of men are those who are the best with their families” as a slogan.

However, despite all our religious discourse, it seems and it feels that the discourse is there just for public consumption only, to be repeated in books and on television programs, but not applied in real life. And, unfortunately, we are never short of examples of our rhetoric not matching our actions.

The authorities at the Holy Mosque in Makkah have asked Saudi Television to be careful when positioning their cameras on women worshippers, after some viewers complained that women were being focused on too much. The complainants, who were quoted in local papers, added that the cameras concentrated on women’s faces and that this might “reveal their beauty”.

Television officials answered that the cameramen and producers move the cameras over the crowds, picking single shots that reflect deep emotions and spiritual engagement whether in men, women or children.

Despite what the TV producers say, we should soon expect a restriction on filming women in the Holy Mosque. One should ask here, if those women are in the middle of a mosque praying next to men, why then is it very unusual to transmit their images on TV? What should those women do? They are in the Holy Mosque, wearing their full hijab and praying, what is it in their appearance that critics think inappropriate?

...That same logic was behind what happened in Al-Balad in Jeddah few days ago when women shoppers were prevented from sitting down to eat their Iftar while men were sitting around them. Al-Watan newspaper carried the story: At Iftar time in Al-Balad and near food stalls, shoppers had to stop to break their fast and since these stalls had tables and chairs, some women sat down to eat their Iftar at which point, some Commission on the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue members approached them and told them to leave because it was a men only area. The women were then forced to eat their food standing up while men sat around them at the tables. The commission said that it was preventing mixing of the sexes, which seems to be a feeble excuse, since the women were standing nearby, so basically the only difference was their discomfort...

The last item this week that caught my attention was a story carried by both Al-Watan and Forbes Arabia magazine. A store-owner in Jeddah recently asked his loyal customers to write their names on the walls of his newly-decorated store, and as a result around 2,000 of his customers signed their names on the walls. So far it seemed to be a clever PR stunt from the owner, but there is a catch here. The customers were both male and female, and since some female names appeared on the wall, the Commission found it improper and called the owner to ask him about why he let women write their names in the store. The owner told Forbes Arabia that an agreement was reached whereby the women’s first names were replaced by a question mark leaving only their family names. A question mark! Should we even comment here?

Waiting for Christian riots in 5...4...3...2...


From Sweden's The Local:

Well-endowed Jesus dog unveiled 'to support free speech

A Swedish artist unveiled Tuesday a sculpture depicting Christ as a well-endowed dog, saying he wanted to stimulate debate about religion and freedom of expression in the wake of a row over cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, Swedish media reported.

The artwork showed Jesus as a dog with a bloodstained head under a crown of thorns and an "enormous sexual organ", according to Swedish press agency TT.

However, within hours of the sculpture being installed on a roundabout in Skånes Fagerhult, a town in the south of Sweden, it disappeared.

"I want religion to stop taking society and the vulnerable for idiots," the 59-year-old artist, Stig Ramsing, told the online version of Helsingborgs Dagblad newspaper.

In Nordic countries the display of outlandish sculptures of dogs on roundabouts is a familiar art form which has become common in the past decade.

"It is my turn to follow [artist] Lars Vilks and provoke a sensible discussion about religion," Ramsing added.

Jesus wept.

Hijabs and Hymen Repair

Muslim brides: Only their pharmacists know for sure...

That's right. I said HYMEN REPAIR...(h/t Weasel Zippers)

The University Medical Center of Utrecht (UMC) is going to offer a pill as an alternative for hymen repair operations.

The pill is a trick for Muslim women and girls to copy the bleeding of first sexual contact, the hospital reported Wednesday. The vaginal suppository causes after a half hour a "slimy red secretion", says gynecologist Ineke van Seumeren.

UMC Utrecht receives about 20 requests annually from girls of Turkish and Moroccan origin to undergo a hymen repair. About half of the requests are accepted, says Van Seumeren. Van Seumeren emphasizes during consultations that most women don't or rarely bleed during the first time. She says she offers them the pills as an alternative...

This must be how they come up with all those virgins for the homicide bombers - recycled virgins.

This is so sick on so many levels.
Update: Okay, it's not what you think but it did catch my eye:

We hate to say we told you so but...

Five Dead, five injured in Algeria attack. (Nearly 80 people have been killed by Islamists since the start of Ramadan on September 13. They're putting bombs by hospitals. Algeria out of Iraq now!)

ALGIERS (AFP) - Five people have been killed and five injured in a series of violent attacks involving armed Islamists in Algeria on Monday and Tuesday, according to a security source Wednesday.

Three civil guards were killed Monday evening when their patrol was ambushed by an armed group in Tassedane in the eastern region of Mila.

A serviceman was killed and five others injured when several homemade bombs exploded in scrubland at Ma-Labiod, which borders Tunisia on the eastern border of Algeria.

In addition, a prison guard was murdered Tuesday by an armed group at the exit of a mosque in the Boumerdes region, 50 kilometres (30 miles) east of the capital.

Separately, on Sunday security forces defused a bomb placed near the hospital in Constantine.

We tried to tell them, but would they listen?

Algeria: No cooperation in the War on Terror

Algeria: 'Alms' could be funding al-Qaeda claims US

Algeria tells them to go sh*& in their hat and what do the US Diplowads do in return? They pay the jizya in the form of "interest free loans" to Algeria's poorest citizens "to start small scale businesses"

No doubt something like BOMBS 'R US.


US diplomats fears alms for the poor given by the Muslim faithful during the holy month of Ramadan, could be being used to finance the activities of al-Qaeda in North Africa, pan-Arab daily al-Quds al-Arabi reports.

A US government delegation in recent days has conveyed these concerns during a meeting with Algeria's religious affairs minister, Bouabdullah Ghulamallah, the paper says. But Ghalamallah reportedly gave the delegation a frosty reception, saying that it is down to Muslims to decide who they give their 'Zakat' (Arabic for alms) to - not his ministry. 'Zakat' is one of the pillars of Islam, i.e. a religious obligation for Muslims.

Ghalamallah also turned down a request by the US delegation for a 'technical' task-force to audit 'Zakat' funds handled by the religious affairs ministry, al-Quds al-Arabi quoted a ministry official as saying.

The only agreement reportedly reached between Ghalamallah and the US delegation was to create a fund to provide interest-free loans to Algeria's poorest families. The loans will help the families set up small-scale business activities aimed at economic self-sufficiency.

It is estimated that several million dollars worth of 'Zakat' are collected in Algeria each year during Ramadan (which runs from mid-September to mid-October). Much of this money ends up in a religious affairs ministry current account, which channels it to projects aimed at helping the poor.

My Dinner with Adolf Mahmoud

It's his last night in the Big Apple and what does Mahmoud do? He has dinner with all the biggies of the US media and academia. He buys the dinner and the American press corps swoon. The academics wet themselves. It's beyond sickening and disgusting. Read this if you have the stomach for it...

From Time Mag: My dinner with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (h/t Hot Air)

The invitation was on creamy stationery with fancy calligraphy: The Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran "requests the pleasure" of my company to dine with H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The dinner is at the Intercontinental Hotel — with names carefully written out at all the place settings around a rectangular table. There are about 50 of us, academics and journalists mostly. There's Brian Williams across the room, and Christiane Amanpour a few seats down. And at a little after 8pm, on a day when he has already addressed the U.N., the evening after his confrontation at Columbia, a bowing and smiling Mahmoud Admadinejad glides into the room.

Malaysia: First, you go to the Slauson Cutoff

then you cut off your husband's slauson. And you only get 6 months???

Wife severs husbands penis after sex slurs.

(he compared her to one of his other wives.)

A woman who almost entirely severed her husband's penis with a knife because he criticised her sexual skills has been sentenced to six months in prison.

Umidah Setu, an Indonesian living in Malaysia, pleaded guilty in court on Tuesday in the southern city of Johor Bahru to voluntarily causing hurt, local newspapers reported. Neighbours alerted by screams rushed the man, named in local reports as Qumarodin Bajuri, an Indonesian contract worker, to hospital on Saturday

Fortunately, doctors managed to reattach the organ. The man filed a police report the next day.

Umidah, who is in her late 40s and has two children from her 17-year marriage, said she had taken action after her husband criticised her lack of sexual skills compared to his second wife.

Muslim men in Malaysia are allowed to take up to four wives. It is not known if she will appeal the sentence.

The status of his Mr. Setu's slauson is unknown.

There's nothing like the smell of an illiterate Jihadi in the morning...

Is there?
From a post of yesterday. (Cimoc is COMIC spelled backwards)
xxxxxxmullah cimoc say: Woman of ameriki too many slut whore of take LBT (low back tattoo) sex every man even the gang member. (in waziristan these gang member get beating and father beated also, and if not repent-- kill both). usa woman not bear the child. just take the meth and the abortion for kill beautiful baby. so sad and not the justice-but have the new car and the cheese nacho of 711.

this mean whitie of ameriki him extinction coming.

but still to love the kill and torture.

My reply:
oooooomullah hanid (that's dinah spelled backasswards like the Islam) say: Men of arabi too many pussywimps of short pants and TWW (tiny wee-wee) take sex every animal even the camel. (in waziristan these camel get beating and pussywimps beated also, and if not enjoy --kill both.) Arabi men bear the baby camel and make it wear hijab. so happy and love the sharia. Just drink the poison moonshine and the poor diet and live in the hay with camel) but have the old toyota truck and the mutton kabob of dirty street vendor.

this mean sandypants of arabi him going to be turned into glass parking lot by the brave warriors of the US Marines. soon.

but still to love the golden showers and the taking it up the but.

Boo! Mullah needs to get some new material! The same spiel can be found in a 7/19/07 comment over at Riehl World View. I'm so disappointed that he's used an old recycled scrap here at Dinah Lord.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

They're fighting each other like rats in a cage...

Iraq: Leader of 'Hamas of Iraq' and 1920 Brigades dead in mosque attack

A suicide bomber on Tuesday blew himself up in a Shiite mosque in the Iraq city of Baaquba, killing 28 people - including apparently the leaders of two militant groups Hamas of Iraq and 1920 Brigades.

The attack in which at least 34 people were also injured, took place during a meeting at the mosque between tribal, police and guerilla leaders.

Also among the dead was the local police chief, as well as some Shiite leaders, Sheikh Ibrahim al-Hassan from the prominent Zubeid tribe, and the brother of the Governor of Diyala, Saad al-Tamimi, according to local press agency "Iraq's Voices".

Local reports said the attack was planned and executed by the "Islamic State of Iraq" a moniker often used by Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

The group issued a statement two days ago in which it accused the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Hamas of Iraq and the 1920 Brigades to have been responsible for the killings of numerous Arab fighters in Iraq recruited by Al-Qaeda.


Girl on Girl Action. Shia v. Sunni style

Such charming people.

Iraq: Shiite female militias 'kill Sunni Muslim women

A gang of women who are part of the Mahdi army militia, loyal to radical Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, have killed a group of Sunni Muslim women in the al-Washshash district of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

This is according to a statement released on Tuesday by the Congress of the People of Iraq, the party led by Adnan al-Dulaimi, who is also the leader of the Iraqi Accord Front, a key Sunni political bloc.

"The vast campaign of forced migration by the militias of the Mahdi Army against the Sunnis in that district of Baghdad, has led to entire Sunni families being forced to flee the area, except for some women who have remained to protect their homes," said the statement.

The gang, led by the sister of one of the commanders in the Mahdi Army, murdered three Sunni women, killing them after they broke into their homes with the help of some elements of the militia and before the eyes of the government forces, who have been massively deployed in the district of al-Washshash".

Although the statement did name of the woman leading the female gang within the Mahdi Army, sources told Adnkronos International (AKI) that this person is known as "Layla and is the sister of Jabbar Hammudi, one of the principal leaders of the Mahdi Army, who was killed a few days ago.

"The Congress of the People of Iraq has already slammed the Mahdi Army for its campaign to force Sunni families to emigrate, after their the militiamen's headquarters was bombed by US forces last Thursday.

Moqtada al-Sadr, the leader of the Sadrists who make up the Mahdi Army, in late August ordered the suspension of militia's activities for six months to reorganise and regain control of the increasingly divided militia.

The move followed gunfights in the holy Shiite city of Karbala that were apparently sparked by Mahdi army resentment at the role of the rival militia the Badr Organisation in policing the event.

The Badr Organsiation is the militia of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC), created in Iran in 1982. The Badr Organsiation was trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Muslims in Norway: Stop watching us.

Muslims feel they are being watched.

If only that were true.

Spokespersons for the Muslim Student Association and the Muslim Council Norway say they fear that phones are being monitored and that their e-mails are being screened by the police.

Several Muslims say they experience that they are regarded as a security risk.

The Police Security Branch (PST) say they do not keep Muslims in general under surveillance, but confirm that there are groups in Norway that support terrorism abroad.

We have prepared plans to counter the damage our enemies wish to inflict on us...

Iran warns foreign banks over US pressure

Iran's new central bank chief Monday warned foreign banks that have cut business with Tehran amid the ongoing dispute over its nuclear program that they would lose out if they returned to the country.

"A certain number of foreign banks have decided to cease all relations with the banks here and even companies in which Iran has a stake," Tahmasb Mazaheri, who took over at the central bank last month, told a news conference.

"We summoned their representatives and we said that their decision was not professional and had no justification. Such a decision is unacceptable. It is a political decision and we told them that we will not forget and we will give an adequate response when the moment comes - when these banks want to come back to Iran."

The United States, seeking to crank up the pressure on Iran outside the framework of UN sanctions, has lent on European banks in a bid to get them to sever their ties with Iran. European giants HSBC, Deutsche Bank, and Credit Suisse have pulled out of Iran while BNP Paribas, Commerzbank, and Dresdner Bank has severely curtailed their business with the Islamic republic.

The United States is pushing for a third UN resolution imposing wider economic sanctions against Tehran over its nuclear program, which Washington alleges is aimed at making an atomic weapon but which Iran insists is peaceful.

Washington already has a unilateral trade embargo in place against Tehran, and US officials have said that they are prepared to step up sanctions outside the UN framework. Asked about Iran's response to further economic sanctions, Mazaheri replied: "We are prepared to face all situations."

"If the situation becomes more difficult, we have prepared plans to counter the damage that the enemies wish to inflict on us," he said.

Now, what do you think he could mean by that????

Iran-Iraq border closures causing economic chaos

Iraq-Iran border chaos over detainee dispute

The sudden closure by Iran of its border with northern Iraq caused trucking chaos at the frontier Tuesday, as experts warned of severe economic fallout and traders scrambled for goods.

"There are a huge number of trucks waiting to cross the border into Kurdistan but the Iranians are not allowing them through," said the mayor of Joman town near the Haj Umran border post in northern Iraq. "The trucks are carrying frozen goods such as chicken, meat, and eggs, which are going to spoil. We spoke to the Iranian officials but they refused to allow the border post to open," Abdel Wahid Koani said.

Tehran said Monday that it was closing its frontier with Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region in protest against the detention last week of an Iranian by US troops.

Angry Kurdish merchants in the northern city of Arbil said that they were being forced to search for other sources of foodstuffs and electronic goods, the main items imported from Iran.

"This closure will raise the prices in our markets and will cause big problems to our business all over the province, especially for those dealing in foodstuffs and household equipment," said merchant Najat Ahmed.

Syria: The Natives are getting restless?

Holy Jimmy Carter. Syrian gas lines?
I don't know. Things don't sound so peachy-keen over there in the kingdom of the Supreme Royal Chinless Optometrist.

Oil prices rise, could provoke unrest.

DAMASCUS, 25 September 2007 (IRIN) - Over 40 years of subsidising fuel and other vital commodities have benefited the rich more than the poor, encouraged smuggling and cost the state more than it can afford, say Syrian government officials.

Syria’s socialist Baath Party government, with its centrally planned economy, has subsidised commodities such as bread, rice and sugar, as well as electricity and fuel by up to 40 percent since it came to power in 1963.

However, increasing domestic consumption by a rapidly growing population, further swelled by the influx of around 1.5 million refugees from Iraq, is now putting unbearable pressure on state coffers.

Paging John Edwards - there are two Syrias!

Subsidies permit low income families to afford basic necessities, but they are indiscriminate, benefiting the rich, who consume more, more than the poor. “The best-off Syrian households benefited 59 times more from government subsidies than the poorest families,” said Abdullah Dardari, deputy prime minister for economic affairs.

Oh, it's sweet. Read it and weep.

Great Satan is Coming! Great Satan is Coming!

Silence in Syria, Panic in Iran per Dr. Jack Wheeler

(hat tip Gunner's Blog)

(and big props to Eye on the World who tweaked to this back on September 7!)

One of India's top ranking generals assigned to liaise with the Iranian military recently returned to New Delhi from several days in Tehran - in a state of complete amazement."Everyone in the government and military can only talk of one thing," he reports.

"No matter who I talked to, all they could do was ask me, over and over again, 'Do you think the Americans will attack us?' 'When will the Americans attack us?' 'Will the Americans attack us in a joint operation with the Israelis?' How massive will the attack be?' on and on, endlessly. The Iranians are in a state of total panic."And that was before September 6. Since then, it's panic-squared in Tehran. The mullahs are freaking out in fear. Why? Because of the silence in Syria...

I particularly liked this part:
Now you see why the Syrians have been scared speechless. They thought they were protected - at enormous expense - only to discover they are defenseless. As in naked.

Thus the Great Iranian Freak-Out - for this means Iran is just as nakedly defenseless as Syria.

I can tell you that there are a lot of folks in the Kirya (IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv) and the Pentagon right now who are really enjoying the mullahs' predicament.

Let's face it: scaring the terror masters in Tehran out of their wits is fun.

It's so much fun, in fact, that an attack destroying Iran's nuclear facilities and the Revolutionary Guard command/control centers has been delayed, so that France (under new management) can get in on the fun too.

Read it all at Gunner's Blog here.

Doing the Neutron Dance

I know, I know. The Persian Pipsqueak has spoken and the Iranian nuclear issue is
case closed.
And I know the Nuclear Dwarf said there are no gays in Iran.
SO if all that's true, could someone please 'splain this to me?

Iranian artistes perform under a picture of the Bushehr nuclear power plant during the "Sing this Season Together With Me" music show to commemorate of the anniversary of Iran-Iraq war (1980-88) at Vahdat hall in Tehran September25, 2007.

What the Iranians did to our Embassy post 1979

From AP Photos:

An Iranian woman walks past an anti-U.S. mural on the wall of the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2007. Iran and the U.S. have not had diplomatic ties since militants took over the U.S. Embassy following the 1979
A veiled Iranian woman walks past graffiti art characterizing the U.S. Statue of Liberty,
painted on the wall of the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran, Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2007.

Norway: Funding controversial Paki Madrassas

They not only sing their national anthem in Urdu...

they have a No Jihadi left behind program.

As much as NOK 6 million (more than USD 1 million) has gone to 118 so-called "Koran schools" in northwest Pakistan. Some local experts, however, fear Norway risks supporting fundamentalist groups because it makes no demands on the schools' curriculum. Karin Ask, a researcher at the Christian Michelsen Institute, told newspaper Dagsavisen that Norway could wind up even supporting jihadists, those encouraging holy war...

Norway's government minister in charge of foreign aid, Erik Solheim, claims the goal of the aid project was to "promote dhimmitude dialogue."

'Nuff said.

I missed this first time around...The Persian Pipsqueak gives a shout out to the Twelfth Imam.

The pipsqueak throws down the gauntlet. (updates at the bottom)

From the WaPo transcript.


AHMADINEJAD (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful...

TRANSLATOR: The president is reciting verses from the holy Koran in Arabic. (Ed. note: what verses I wonder?)

AHMADINEJAD (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): Oh, God, hasten the arrival of Imam al-Mahdi and grant him good health and victory and make us his followers and those to attest to his rightfulness.

Update: And why weren't they translated????

INTERPRETER: The president is reciting verses from the Holy Koran in Arabic. (Not translated.)

Update: About those Koran verses? They weren't translated over at IRNA either.

Update: About those Koran verses? The verses weren't translated over at the National Press Club, as well. Not only that they abbreviated Ahmadinejad's call to the Mahdi???

Queer Eye for the Iranian Guy

Queer Eye for the Iranian Guy woos Ahmadinejad. (hat tip to Scott Ott)

(2007-09-25) — Producers of the new BravoTV series “Queer Eye for the Iranian Guy” said they’re close to inking a deal with Islamic Republic President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to appear in the season opener.

Read it all.