Sunday, July 31, 2005

Italy Bans the Burka. Now this is news!

Okay, I know I had signed off for the evening and the lord and master had finished the last "deal call" so he was off for the weekend, too (here on Sunday night) but I saw this headline and I just had to post.

This is awesome.

Italy bans Islamic burqas
Natasha Bita, Florence
August 01, 2005
ITALY has banned Islamic burqas under tough terrorism laws that provide two-year jail terms and E2000 ($3200) fines for anyone caught covering their face in a public place.

Although Dinah has to admit that the burka has no place in the 21st century, one of her best times in a bar(and dear old Dinah, she's had a few) was at the Ace of Diamonds in Diamond Ohio, Halloween 2003. She and sister-in-law Karen disguised themselves in full burka mode and had the time of their lives. Won the prize for best costume, too. And Dinah, being one of the biggest flirts in the universe loved being undercover - nobody, and I mean nobody, knew who we were. It was a blast. But that's just the point. It's a great Halloween costume. It's not meant for modern woman. It's time to get with the fashion program, ladies of the middle east. No need to hide your light under a bushel anymore. Read all about it here:

Al Qaeda Websites Under Attack

You know, Dinah's always been a patriot. She may be an elegant patriot, but she is a patriot just the same. She believes in democracy with her whole heart and she is always happy when the Desert Derelicts of the world take a hit.

Given recent events she's feeling extra special happy because the hits just keep happening. And they are happening all around the globe.

7 in London, 1 in Zambia and it sounds like more are on the way.

In the cybersphere, the London Times reports that a large number of radical islamic sites on the web are disappearing. MI5 appears to be the likely culprit.

Dinah Lord has travelled many times to London and she loves it. In fact, it's her very favorite place to go. The Lanesborough, New Bond Street, tea at the Dorchester, the V&A museum, Dinah feels a definite affinity for the Brits. If there was a bumper sticker that said "I swoon for Englishman." She would have one. You can imagine the warmth and closeness she feels for those who over there rounding up those wanna be desert dwelling, scumbags. The speed with which the Brits are moving is impressive. I hope that their US compatriots are comparing notes.

Read about those disappearing websites here.

But then there's this: I heard a blurb on FNC about CAIR taking to the streets in Ohio. Ohio! CAIR has taken to the streets in the Heartland to peddle their taquiyyah and kitman? That is so wrong. So wrong. If you don't know who CAIR is you better get off your duff and find out. Ditto for taquiyyah and kitman.

And on that note Dinah Lord says, "People get ready" and is off to cook dinner while enjoying a flute of Anderson Valley Roederer Estate champagne.

Here's to the end of Terror!

Cheers, darlings.

Update: Okay. Dinah has not had too much champagne, but she is unable to get the link to load. She is off to the help pages for assistance. After first stopping at the Sub-zero for a top-off, of course Ta-ta darlings.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Who Wants To Marry a Mass Murderer?

Well, my friends. Somewhere over in that isolated desert of Gaza, there are 226 less isolated desert derelicts and it gave me a brilliant idea for a reality show for Al Jiz TV. Who Wants To Mass Marry a Mass Murderer?

It seems that the Palestinian militant group Hamas sponsors a mass wedding ceremony every so often as a public relations gimmick and the other day they packed a West Bank stadium to gang marry 226 couples. This was done to "show a different side of Hamas, which has carried out numerous suicide bombings in Israel". Great PR, I guess. Although now that I think about, mass marriages don't do much for me. It doesn't the erase the nasty taste of those mass murdering thugs, Hamas, in my mouth, that's for sure. Yuck.

Please note: Things I don't do in groups: God, Sex, Marriage.

This mass marriage proves that there truly is nothing new under the sun. Remember that nutjob cultie, Sun Myung Moon from out of S Korea? Back in the 70's, mass marriage was a happening thing for his cult, The Unification Church. (Oops. Dinah's dating herself.) Same weird, religious cult thing going on as with the Hamasses although I don't believe any of the Moonies have strapped on the boom-boom belts as yet. Hmm. (note to self: follow that tidbit)

My head is spinning with ideas for this exciting program. It'll be kind of like those wedding shows on Discovery but Islamic!!!! Pick five lucky couples and follow them to the altar. Their trials, their tribulations, their struggle with whatever those homicidal lunatics struggle with. Man. It just reeks of pathos, doesn't it? And what about this? Since the Islamists put such a high price on chastity and purity what if the brides all wore chastity bomb belts? Yikes! And given their fetish for death cult love, what if one of the grooms gets cold feet and lured by his radical Imam's promise of oblivion and 72 virgins, decides to become a human splodeydope and blows himself to smithereens?


This is just a wild flight of fancy, folks.

But answer me this? Why do I find the above mentioned scenario about one hundred times more likely than what our blushing, blasting Pali bride had to say in the BBC online article

"This is a love letter to the whole world from Hamas," Sundas Kataloni, 20, one of the brides told AP. "We are getting married and are in love, and like all the rest of the world we want to live in peace."

Huh. Why do I have a hard time believing her? Perhaps it's because of another phrase buried deep in the BBC article: "Over the loudspeaker, a local sheik berated Israel and the US."

Religion of peace my ass. Read it all:

Update: Well, who knew? A Joorusalem Post article says that mass marriage is a Muslim trend. It would appear that the Middle Eastern culture is so hung up on appearances and everything is so expensive it all:

Kind of same as here, but you don't see us infidels running out to get married en masse. Dang. We get our hind ends to Vegas and tie the know in Sin City! Man. All they need over there in that middle east is Vegas! Reno! The Chicken Ranch! Think about it. Man, first the reality tv show, now I'm thinking possible economic development opportunities. I've got to stop here. This roll that I'm on is getting too big for me to stand...

Another dang update: Reality TV big hit in Baghdad. Read all about it here:

Thursday, July 28, 2005

By way of introduction

My name is Dinah Lord.

Welcome to my blog. I hope this finds you well.

Recently, I was inspired by the turn of phrase, "a fetish of isolated desert derelicts" to describe al Qaeda in Mark Steyn's excellent article, Wake up folks - It's war that I logged right onto Blogger and decided to give it a go.

Dinah Lord loves Mark Steyn and if you just crawled out from under a rock somewhere you should go check him out. The above referenced article is excellent and now I am going link to that very article:

Well, there. That was my first link.

Was it good for you too, Mark?

I don't know if that took or not but I am going to soldier on despite my numerous techno deficiencies. For example, the 'r' key on my laptop works only intermittently and this causes definite issues in 'witing about counteterroism and desert deelicts'. If you see what I mean. And for some reason I can't access the wireless network on the computer in my office so I'm stuck on my laptop for now.

Needless to say, Dinah Lord may be da bomb but she's not much on da 'puter.

But enough of the techno-geek bs.

Back to the fetish of isolated deset derelicts. (Dang. See what I mean about? That last r took three tries.)

In his article Steyn says: "If the jihad has its war aims, maybe we should start thinking about ours." He goes on to ask, "what would victory look like?" That got me thinking, because of course I can't think of victory without thinking about OUR fabulous troops.

So this is for our men and women fighting far from their families and their homes, enduring conditions that I can't imagine.

They're fighting an ignorant enemy with a psyche out of the 7th century and a game boy personality. Add some major sexual hangups and you've got a bloodthirsty enemy that hates blindly. He's got easy access to 21st century armaments, thanks to the tyrannical and corrupt Middle Eastern regimes awash with petro$ and oil for food graft. The list of these regimes is long, but thanks to our brave men and women it's getting shorter.

Thanks to the good old U-S-of-A there are fewer "fetishes of isolated desert derelicts" and its for them that I am picking up my cyberpen and I am starting this blog.

Wake up, folks! This is war...