Friday, February 29, 2008

On FNC now: Anarchist literature found at Ricin scene.

It was a manual and the page was tabbed to the subject of ricin. Firearms found as well. Individual involved in discovery stayed at Excalibur Wednesday night - team dispatched there tonight to check it out - no Ricin found. Authorities confident that all ricin has been find and again stress, no threat to terrorism and that just possessing literature on anarchism, ricin and firearms do not mean the individual is an anarchist. (I swear to God that's what he said.)

Man in coma is 57 years of age.



Recent DEM and GOP Clusterphuks

Add-on armor too heavy to use.

And those troop-supporting Democrats want to know what took it so long to get there.

The add-on armor known as Frag Kit 6 could overwhelm all MRAPs unless they undergo "major redesigns," Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., says in a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Rep. Gene Taylor, D-Miss, said he will raise questions about the delays in fielding MRAPs when Army and Marine officials appear Thursday before the House Armed Services subcommittee he chairs.

"I will be raising all of this … the lack of a sense of urgency, the lack of accountability, and most of all the lack of their willingness to articulate a desire to do better — the attitude that this is the cost of war," Taylor said.

Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., said he asked Gates two months ago to explain delays in deploying MRAPs but has not received a response.

Richardson’s Universal Health Disaster: The governor’s big-government experiment failed on the launch pad.

Maybe HRC will make him VP and put him in charge of health care.

Richardson’s efforts to achieve government-mandated health-care coverage in New Mexico have foundered, at least to this point, on fiscal and economic reality. In fact, were health care not a life-and-death issue for so many, the entire episode might make for a great comedy.

It became apparent right from the start that Richardson’s people had not done their homework. The consulting firm Mathematica Policy Research was hired to study the state’s health-care proposal. (It had previously done such work for Maine’s Dirigo program, drastically underestimating the costs.) The problem was, Mathematica’s numbers proved to be phony.

But hold on there friends, we at Dinah Lord are nothing but gimlet eyed when it comes to bureaucratic clusterphuk and the Republicans are not immune...

Virtual fence pretty much a miserable failure.


Words fail me.

GAO investigators said that Boeing's software could not process large amounts of sensor data. The resulting delays made it hard for operators in a Tucson command center 65 miles to the north to lock cameras on targets. Radar systems were also triggered inadvertently by rain and other environmental factors. Cameras had trouble resolving images at five kilometers when they were expected to work at twice that distance, Stana said.

He added that the system was developed with "minimal input" from Border Patrol agents, resulting in an unworkable "demonstration project" instead of a operating pilot system. He blamed the DHS for acting too hastily in trying to deliver a working pilot by last June.

The effort produced "a product that did not fully meet user needs, and the project's design will not be used as the basis for future . . . development,"

A Buckley-ism

from President Reagan. (from the Corner)

"And once when Bill was asked what job he wanted in the Administration of his friend the President, he replied in his typically retiring and deferential way: "Ventriloquist."

Obama: We are building a religion

courtesy of cakesecret

Thanks for the vid - vrwc54.

Sickest Obama vid ever.

Watch the video mosaic grow!

Aren't they just soooo full of themselves?

And so very precious. Each and every one.

Pakistan: The lefties get in bed with the Islamists

to get rid of Musharraf.

PPP vows to fight terrorism then meets with their sympathizers - kind of like what's going to happen in the US when Obama becomes President...

The party of slain former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is trying to convince Islamist politicians to build a stronger coalition against Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.

Asif Ali Zardari The leader of the Pakistan People's Party, Asif Ali Zardari, met with Islamist leader Fazlur Rehman Thursday to discuss the possibility of forming a government of national consensus. The two sides planned to meet again Friday.

Islamist parties fared badly in Pakistan's February 18 parliamentary election, only holding onto about 10 general seats in the National Assembly.


Islamist politicians said Friday they would vote to strip the president of the power to dissolve parliament and abolish the National Security Council, which was formed by Mr. Musharraf to oversee Pakistan's government.

Zardari, the widower of Ms. Bhutto, is working to form a coalition with all political parties, except the president's supporters. The coalition needs a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly to impeach the president or limit his powers.

Friday's planned negotiations brought together groups with contrasting philosophies - the PPP, which has vowed to fight Islamic extremism, and Islamist parties, many of which sympathize with the Taliban.

Taliban vow revenge for "Royal Aggression"

I hate to say I told you so...but didn't I say that Harry's being there and then making a BIG splash about it in the media was going to tick these guys off royal? (Bad pun, I know.)
Now, there are concerns about Harry's return to London and he has been warned off going to his favorite night spots as clubs and discos have long been favored targets of the Religion of Peace.

Per The Daily Mail

According to a Taliban spokesman, the prince's presence in Helmand province is a direct sign of the British Royal Family's stance against Muslims and warned it would merely encourage further insurgent attacks against British soldiers.

Zabihullah Mujahid said: "Prince Harry's presence in Afghanistan encourages our fighters to launch more attacks on British forces.

"The Royal Family is now directly participating in the aggression against Muslims."

And British Muslim Inayat Bungaholla pretty much agreed with them:

"If he is still there I am sure many Afghans opposed to the British presence in Afghanistan will see him as a high-value target," he said.

More at the link.

Anchors Away! US Cole giving Hezbollah hissy fits

Will the US Cole have the chance to get the last laugh?

I sure hope so.

A Hezbollah MP has condemned the deployment of the USS Cole warship off the coast of Lebanon as a threat to Lebanese sovereignty and independence.

The US is sending one warship and a support ship to the eastern Mediterranean as a show of support for "regional stability".

The deployment is seen as a warning to Syria, which backs the opposition, of which Hezbollah is part.

But MP Hassan Fadlallah said the movement would not give in to threats.

He told reporters: "It is clear this threat and intimidation will not affect us."

We don't succumb to threats and military intimidation practised by the United States to implement its hegemony over Lebanon

"The American move threatens the stability of Lebanon and the region and it is an attempt to spark tension," he told Reuters news agency.

"The American administration has used the policy of sending warships to support its allies in Lebanon before, and that experiment failed and backfired.

"We don't succumb to threats and military intimidation practised by the United States to implement its hegemony over Lebanon."

The USS Cole is expected to take up position, out of visible range of Lebanon.

Lebanon is deep in political crisis, precipitating a series of political assassinations.

The country has not had a president since 24 November, when pro-Syrian Emile Lahoud left office. Parliament has repeatedly failed to elect a successor amid an ongoing row over candidates. The election was postponed once again this week, and is now due to take place on 11 March. There are fears that the political deadlock could lead to escalating sectarian violence.
Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Michael Mullen, said the presence of the USS Cole was important.

He said the signal was "not specifically sent to any one country as much as it is to the region itself".

"That's a very important part of the world and stability there is an important outcome for us," he said.

Is Zawahiri toast?

Be still my beating heart.

The 48 hour rule sure applies to something like this...and lord knows we've been disappointed before, so I'm just putting this out there so we can all keep our fingers crossed.

From Bill Roggio (by way of LGF) Egyptian al-Qaeda leader rumored to be killed in S Waziristan airstrike.

Pakistani and US intelligence are attempting to sort out the names of the al Qaeda and Taliban operatives killed in yesterday's airstrike in Azam Warzak, South Waziristan. Initial reports indicated Arabs and fighters from Central Asia were killed in the operation. One report indicates an "al Qaeda fugitive from Egypt" was among those killed, sparking rumors that Ayman al Zawahiri was the target of the strike.

Read the rest here.

Sunni Action Committee: Effigy burning can be hazardous to your health

Up in smoke.

Activists from the Sunni Action Committee run for safety after they caught fire while burning an effigy during a protest in Karachi February 29, 2008.
Here they burn the Danish flag.


Pakistan: Bombs kill 30 at a funeral

The funeral was for a police officer killed by a roadside bomb earlier in the day. Death toll is expected to rise.

The suicide bomber blew himself up among mourners attending the funeral for one of three policemen killed earlier when their van struck a roadside bomb in a region known as a haven for al Qaeda and Taliban fighters.

And remember last Friday's bombing? It was at a wedding.

A roadside bomb ripped through cars carrying wedding guests in northwestern Pakistan Friday, killing at least 14 people including the bride and wounding a dozen others, police said.

Poisonous Package Discovery at Las Vegas Motel May Be Part of Murder Plot

That ricin is nasty stuff.

Authorities again stress that there are no links to terror with this incident.

The toxin known as ricin turned up on a parcel found at the Extended Stay America Motel, leaving seven people sick and in the hospital.

Law enforcement officials told FOX that the Las Vegas Police Department is leading the probe and the investigation appears to be focusing on a possible murder plot of some kind.

One of those exposed to the ricin is clinging to life and may be in a coma, the sources told FOX.

Federal and local officials also said that there doesn't appear to be a terrorism connection in the case, but identifying the sender and receiver of the package had taken top priority.

"This is not a terror incident at this point," said police Captain Joseph Lombardo.

Catholic Archbishop kidnapped in Iraq

Just breaking.

And who said this wasn't a war of religions? I mean really, when was the last time you heard of Catholics kidnapping a Moslem Imam?

Gunmen on Friday kidnapped Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Faraj Rahho in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, a provincial police officer said.

The gunmen also killed three people who were with Rahho at the time of the kidnapping after a Mass at a nearby church, said Iraqi Brigadier Gen. Khalid Abdul Sattar, a spokesman for the Ninevah province police. And here is the rest of it.

Other Religion of Peace sponsored kidnappings against church officials in Iraq:

Last June gunmen murdered Catholic priest Ragheed Aziz Kani and three assistants in Mosul, 240 miles north of Baghdad, after stopping his car near a church in the eastern part of the city.

The assailants dragged out the priest and his assistants and shot them dead in an attack that was condemned by Pope Benedict.

A former Archbishop of Mosul, Basile Georges Casmoussa, was kidnapped at gunpoint in 2005, but was released after one day of captivity and said no ransom was paid.

And those Catholics, aren't they just ALWAYS bombing other churches?

In January, bombs exploded outside two Chaldean churches, an Assyrian church and a monastery in Mosul, wounding four people.


Nothing from the Pope yet but I did find this statement from:

Last June, Pope Benedict XVI expressed deep concern about the plight of Christians caught in the deadly sectarian crossfire in Iraq and pressed U.S. President George W. Bush in a meeting to keep their safety in mind.

As opposed to "pressing President George W. Bush' perhaps his eminence or whatever they call him should be speaking to his Moslem buddies about this - their fingerprints are all over it. Islamic scholars to hold talks with Vatican.

Islamic scholars are to meet Vatican officials for the first time since warning the Pope that world survival was at stake if Muslims and Christians could not make peace with each other.

The delegation, comprising four academics and theologians, will arrive in Rome on March 3 to discuss A Common Word Between Us and You, an open letter sent to the Pope last October urging him and other Christian leaders to unite on the shared essentials of the two faiths. It used quotations from the Bible and the Qur'an to illustrate the similarities between the religions, and drew 138 signatures, many from grand muftis each representing tens of millions of Muslims.

Geert Wilders Interview on Al Qaeda fatwa

It goes without saying that the lack of support from the Dutch government when a member of Parliament is threatened with death by the RELIGION OF PEACE is appalling. Did they learn nothing from Theo Van Gogh?

From over at Klein Verzet.

“I had expected [Dutch prime minister] Balkenende would condemn the announcement of Al-Qaeda, but he does totally nothing. Although the dead threat is acknowledged by the [Dutch] governments national coordinator against terrorism. Where is our prime minister?” asks Geert Wilders in an interview with Dutch biggest internet news site.

I don't know about you, but I have been watching the situation in the Netherlands like I watch 24. English translations of Dutch news sources are thin on the ground so I thank Klein Verzet for providing us with a window into what's happening. Thanks KV.

French Supermodel who spoke out against FGM

Body showed no signs of foul play, may have "accidentally fallen".

Police said Friday that a body found in the River Seine was that of Katoucha Niane, a former top model for Yves Saint Laurent and other top designers who spoke out against female genital mutilation after quitting the catwalks.

The body of former top model Katoucha Niane has been found in the river Seine.

Paris judicial police said her body was found Thursday near the Garigliano bridge in Paris. Police said an autopsy showed no signs of foul play, pointing to the possibility that she may have accidentally fallen into the river.

A few weeks ago, Katoucha was promoting her book “In My Flesh”, in which she was telling about how her own female circumcision happened. She has been an anti female genital mutilation activist, fighting against this ancestral practice and has even founded her own association “ Katoucha against FGM” to help achive her goal.

It's a shame but when I read about this, I couldn't shake the feeling that she had been PUSHED by the he-man woman hater's club. Just saying.

Ricin found in Vegas hotel room.

But of course there's no link to terrorists.

(I always take my ricin when I go on vacation, don't you?)

FBI spokesman Richard Kolko said Friday there does not appear to be a link to terrorists.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

'Moslem' flap stirs al Qaeda message boards

Obama, in his whatever you do, 'don't call it Moslem' garb is damned if he does, and damned if doesn't. (h/t The Religion of Peace.)

Al Hesbah is one of al Qaeda’s main cyber mouthpieces. It has been cited numerous times by name in official communiqués issued by bin Laden’s terror network, been featured in propaganda films produced on behalf of mujahideen organizations, including al Qaeda.
Its message boards offer key insights into the mindset of al Qaeda supporters and its collective knowledge base.

So those who follow al Qaeda took notice this week when members of the mujahideen took notice of the image of Barack Obama dressed as a Somali elder on the Drudge Report. Evan Kohlmann of Global Terror Alert, and an NBC News terrorism analyst, was among those who watched as the Al Hesbah message board lit up. Al Qaeda sympathizers cited the image as evidence that American political leaders, particularly Hillary Clinton, want to portray Islam as a political negative.

“In this case,” Kohlmann said, “it would appear that the publication of the Obama photo, along with the insinuation of an intended negative political impact from being classified as ‘Muslim,’ has only served to antagonize the ranks of those who admire and support al Qaeda.”

Almost immediately, users, such as "Abu Omar" and "Abdullah," reply in unison, "May Allah kill them." Another echoes the author's sentiments that "Allah's curse" should be "on all of them."
“Not only are they enraged by the implication that being Muslim is something to be ashamed of,” Kohlmann added, “but moreover, they are nearly equally indignant about the much-rumored notion that Obama (who has repeatedly declared his faith in Christianity and his support for Israel) is somehow in league with them.”

In fact, Kohlmann added, al-Qaeda supporters are so insistent about their hatred for Obama that they have gone as far as to portray him as an "Iranian agent" secretly sent to take over the United States and fight a war against Sunni Muslims.

One user, with a login that suggests Saudi nationality, claimed in his response, "Obama is actually of Persian-Iranian origin. Many of the Persians emigrated to Kenya after the fall of the Persian empire... . We ask Allah to destroy Obama, Kerry, Clinton, America, its allies, and its slaves."

“As far as they are concerned,” Kohlmann said, “there is basically no difference between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or even George Bush.”

Call me a school marm, den mother, nurse ratchet...

kitten with a whip, whatever, but I do love sanctions, especially when it's financial sanctions. There's nothing like putting the financial hurt on the bagmen. And these guys were acting as front men, fueling the ratlines into Iraq, providing aid and comfort to al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Kudos to Treasury for putting the hammer down on these guys.

More. Faster, please.

US Sanctions Four Syrians for Helping Iraq Terrorists

The United States Thursday imposed sanctions against four Syrians accused of helping facilitate the flow of money, weapons and foreign fighters to the "al-Qaida in Iraq" group. (ed. note: I'd bet cash money that Obama doesn't know about this.) The State Department said Syria remains the primary transfer point for aid to Iraqi extremists. VOA's David Gollust reports from the State Department.

The action by the Treasury Department, the second of its kind in a week (ed. note: and these involved a relative of Bashir! Paging Madame Speaker...), freezes any assets the four Syrians may have in U.S. banks and outlaws all U.S. business dealings with them.

The targets of the action are an Iraqi-born Syrian - Badran Turki Hishan al-Mazidih, also known as Abu Ghadiyah, and his brother and two cousins.

The Treasury Department said Abu Ghadiyah is the principal figure in a network that has provided money, fake passports, safe houses and other services for foreign fighters transiting Syria to join al-Qaida in Iraq.

It said the other three men helped coordinate the group's activity inside Iraq including attacks on members of the U.S.-led coalition and Iraqi security forces, suicide bombings, and the killing of al-Qaida in Iraq opponents.

Treasury Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Stuart Levey said in a written statement that Syria has been a "transit station" for foreign terrorists going to Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

At a news briefing here, State Department Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey credited the Syrian government with some improved efforts in curbing the cross-border traffic, but said there is a lot more the Damascus authorities could do:

"The fact that we are sanctioning individuals who currently reside in Syria, because of their participation in, and support for al-Qaida in Iraq, is a clear indication that there is a long way to do on the part of the Syrian government to take the necessary actions to really be a valid partner in fighting terrorism, rather than being a facilitator and an enabler," he said.

Last week, the Treasury Department sanctioned a prominent Syrian businessman and relative of President Bashar al-Assad, Rami Makhluf, for alleged efforts to undermine the governments of Iraq and Lebanon.

Spokesman Casey called Syria's overall record on terrorism "pretty abysmal," and said the Bush administration is constantly considering what more can be done to convince the Syrian government to change its behavior.

A 2003 Act of Congress called on the President to invoke a long list of sanctions against Syria, unless he deemed it in the U.S. national security interests not do to so.

President Bush has enacted some of the measures under the Syria Accountability Act, notably a partial trade ban, but has withheld others including severing diplomatic contact with Syria.

Casey said closing the U.S. embassy in Damascus is an option the administration has chosen not to exercise, in order to keep an open channel of communication with Syria, even though a full ambassador has not been posted there since 2005.

Does anybody know the Danish translation for...

Payback is a Bitch? (courtesy of the fine folks over at Eye On The World.)

Surprise surprise, faster than a speeding bullet, the Danish authorities have summoned the Sudanese ambassador in Denmark and told him that of the $405 million owed to Denmark by Sudan, the Danes will not be granting the Sudanese any debt relief. Something the rest of the Western donors to Sudan are considering. Isn't payback a bitch?

Poor Prince Harry. Or not.

Is Prince Harry actually beating the press like a mule?

He's getting yanked because of the leak of his tour of duty.

There was doubt Friday over how much longer Prince Harry would stay in Afghanistan, after the defence ministry in London confirmed he has been there for more than two months fighting the Taliban.

And the actual amount of time left in his deployment is not yet known.

There's a lots of scuttlebutt that people are peeved about the so-called media leak - but have you seen the news coverage of this since it was "leaked"? There are articles galore, fantastic photos and I haven't had time to look today, but I bet there's video out there, too. This was a well thought out public relations extravaganza and propaganda set piece. Bravo! Well done!

Not only does Prince Harry look like a hero and with his service boost the spirits of freedom loving people everywhere, it also allows him to stand up tall and extend his middle finger to the Taliban and al Qaeda(hah-missed me!) then turn around and beat the press like a mule for leaking his location - and questioning his honor.

"Of British public reaction, Harry said he hoped it would be positive and rounded on some commentators who branded him a coward for not going to Iraq, saying, "hopefully, they'll eat their words"

That's my spin and I'm sticking to it.

Speaking of spin and this is soooo ironic (if true): The Australian publication NewIdea had "no idea" the embargo on the Prince's tour was in place.

The skinny on the leak is here.

But details of his time in combat were published in Australian magazine New Idea and picked up by the US-based website the Drudge Report after 10 weeks on the front line. New Idea first published its story on its website on January 7 and then in its subsequent magazine edition German women's magazine "Frau Im Speigel" also ran a story earlier this week entitled "Prince Harry in Iraq?"

Alas, it wasn't until Drudge broke the story that it really took off.

And if by chance you DID miss Harry's media-lanche, Gateway Pundit has a good sampling.
(Hey, I know you guys are busy. That's why I'm here!)

Update: And yes, there is video.


There will be more demands once we signal our submission

Per Klein Verzet the political pressure on Geert Wilders is growing very intense.

And in the hopes of offending a few Moslems out there, let me just say it looks like Dutch politicians of every stripe are pig-piling on. They are laying the guilt on Geert like nobody's business and it all must be getting pretty intense. I'm wondering if he has found anyone with the balls to actually air the movie. Will he just air it on the website (which is still under construction, BTW.)

God bless Geert, though. It sounds like there's still a lot of fight left in the old boy. He's going to need it.

Today the Dutch Christian Democratic Party (CDA), part of the coalition government with the Socialist party, has urged Geert Wilders not to release his Islam critical film named Fitna. Their parliamentary leader Pieter van Geel, thinks the expected consequences are too severe and does a [moral] appeal to Geert Wilders:

“this has nothing to do with the freedom of speech, it has to do with taking responsibility for the possible consequences about the safety of [the] Dutch people and our economy”

Wilders response was short: “they can go to hell”...

Only well known Dutch Arabist Hans Jansen had some decent comments on this whole issue:

The threats out of the Islamic world, that is the Jihad. The government is in fact capitulating. It's a surrender to the forces of tyranny. And if we do, it'll not be the end. There will be more demands once we signal our submission.

In other Motoon/Fitna news (also per Klein Verzet) Egypt has rejected Denmark and the Netherlands' participation in the Cairo Film Festival. You know that's got to tick off the Dhimmi film crowd.

Gee, I guess that means they won't be showing FITNA then!!!!

Obama's Mama

We're not in Kansas anymore, Stanley Ann.

"She was not a standard-issue girl of her times...

"She touted herself as an atheist, and it was something she'd read about and could argue,"

"the only child was a ... daughter of a father who wanted a boy so badly that he named her Stanley -- after himself."

"Stanley Ann Dunham's formative years, spent not on the Great Plains but more than 1,800 miles away on a small island in the Pacific Northwest, Mercer Island. "

"In 1955, the chairman of the Mercer Island school board, John Stenhouse, testified before the House Un-American Activities Subcommittee that he had been a member of the Communist Party. "

Verrry interesting insight into BHO's personal family drama. Was mommie a Commie? Read it all at the link.


Blackford Oakes R.I.P.

The Original "Architect"
William F. Buckley, Jr.

The tributes to William F. Buckley Jr have been numerous and well deserved. With his smarts, wit and style, he personified the type of man I have always been attracted to. He had a libertarian streak that showed he was a thinking man and his love for the English language was truly a sight to behold. When I lived in NY during the 80's I followed the exploits of he and his glamourous wife, Pat, on the pages of W and the NY papers. In addition, Mr. Buckley had made my "10 people I would most like to sit next to on a cross country flight" short list. (in first class, of course)

Most people knew him as the Architect of Modern Conservatism, but being young, stupid and liberal, I had no clue about all that at the time. No, I met WFB through his Blackford Oakes novels.

Blackford Oakes is the suave protagonist of a series of spy novels set during the Cold War. I remember them as being cracking good reads with a pro Western bent. It was refreshing to read a pro-western spy novel where the good guys REALLY are the good guys. If you're interested in spy thrillers with excellent dialogue and a clever political and historical backstory you might just want to give him a read.

So here we are. In my mind's eye, I am seeing him standing with his arm around Pat at a fabulous cocktail party in the sky, cigarettes and cocktails at the ready, his head is thrown back and he is laughing his marvelous laugh. So long, Blackie. May the Lord bless and keep you William F. Buckley, Jr.

(More on his life, an archive of his articles posted at the National Review, and a list of the Blackford Oakes novels can be found beneath the fold.)

The announcement of his death by the editors of the The National Review ,"William F. Buckley, Jr. RIP", can be foundhere and an interesting obit from the SF Chronicle can be found here.

Salon takes a look at his public life, career as an author, editor and his year spent as a CIA spy here. Find the archive of his National Review articleshere.

The Blackford Oakes Novels from Wikipedia:

Saving the Queen - Set in 1952. Oakes' first mission. He goes to England looking for a British double agent.

Stained Glass - Oakes is sent to keep tabs on a German politician who is trying to unify East and West Berlin against the wishes of both American and Soviet intelligence agencies.

Whos On First - Set in 1956 during the space race and uprising in Hungary.

Marco Polo, if You Can - Set in 1958. Oakes is captured while flying a U2 aircraft over Soviet airspace.

The Story of Henri Tod - Set in 1961. Oakes is in Germany during the Berlin Wall crisis.

See You Later, Alligator - Set in Cuba in the early 1960s, Oakes meets Che Guevara and tries to ease tensions between Cuba and America after the Bay of Pigs incident.

High Jinx - Set in 1954. Oakes works behind the scenes to avoid an internal Soviet power struggle that could lead to a Stalin protégé gaining in power in Moscow.

Mongoose R.I.P. - Set in 1963. Oakes is in Cuba working to overthrow Castro after the Cuban missile crisis. Tucker's Last Stand – Set in 1964. Oakes is in Vietnam to cut off Viet Cong supply lines.

A Very Private Plot – Oakes in 1995 is called to testify about operations he conducted in the 1980s, especially one in particular involving a domestic Soviet plot to assassinate Mikhail Gorbachev.

Last Call for Blackford Oakes – Set in 1987, Oakes confronts the infamous Soviet defector, Kim Philby.

UK: Bobbies to study Koran and learn Sharia law


It's something called the APCO (as in Appeasement Cooties?) Prevent program and is expected to receive final approval shortly. All I can say is what a colossal waste of time, money and effort. Get ready for more of the same multi-culti mumbo jumbo that's gotten us where we are in the first place.

Police will be trained on the importance of sharia law and the Koran to Muslim communities, under new plans to fight extremism. The lessons in Islamic faith and culture will become part of the formal training of constables working in towns and cities across the country.

Chief constables say that, by understanding the community they are policing, officers will build better relationships.

These could prove crucial in rooting out extremism and preventing a terrorist attack, according to the Association of Chief Police Officers.

But critics have described the plan as "politically correct thinking".

Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley, said: "Police officers are not there to implement sharia law. They are there to implement British law.

"This idea is misguided. We will only get community cohesion when everybody signs up to being British and following British law."

Shadow Home Secretary, David Davis, said: "Of course it is sensible for the police to have an understanding of the Koran and sharia law as long as we do not allow the situation to slip so that sharia law is regarded on an equal basis with British law. British law is and always must be pre-eminent."

Under the Acpo plans, police will not have to learn the "depth and complexity" of sharia law, but would be expected to understand Islamic culture - which includes sharia law and the Koran.

It is part of a wide-ranging strategy to prevent extremist ideas gaining hold in primary schools, colleges, the internet and prisons. Other initiatives in the 40-page strategy include guidance to parents on how to stop children searching for extremist websites, and intervening where convicted terrorists are suspected of spreading hate in prison. It includes a stark assessment about how far police have to go in building trust with Muslim communities.

The so-called Prevent strategy says: "Research last year revealed that the police service would be very low on the list of agencies that the Muslim community would turn to if they had concerns about a member of their community who embraced violent extremism.

"The police service has a long way to go in building a relationship of trust around these issues."

The Chief Constable in charge of the strategy, West Yorkshire's Norman Bettison, said: "We work closely with communities and the majority of police training at the moment in this area is done in partnership with Muslim organisations.

"We are building on this basis of training and emphasising that a basic principle of policing is that officers work with and should understand the communities they are policing.

"The Acpo Prevent strategy recognises this in the context of non-Muslim officers working with Muslim communities.

"These issues can be complex and include nationality, community and religious issues, all of which are interwoven.

"That is what we are trying to get across to officers in our training. The depth and complexity of sharia law is not part of this training.

"The strategy remains in draft form at present and I expect it to be formally adopted by chief officer colleagues after further feedback from partners and communities."

Last month, the Archbishop of Canterbury sparked a ferocious row by saying the adoption of certain aspects of sharia law in the UK "seems unavoidable".
Dr Rowan Williams said the UK has to "face up to the fact" that some of its citizens

do not relate to the British legal system. He said Muslims should not have to choose between "the stark alternatives of cultural loyalty or state loyalty".

Prince Harry in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban

Prince Harry, third in line to the throne, has been on a secret tour of Afghanistan, it emerged today.

The Prince has been on active duty in the country since mid-December but his three-month deployment has not been reported because of a Ministry of Defence agreement with news organisations, including The Times.

The prince has been a "magnificent soldier" and an "inspiration to all of Britain".

Breaking the embargo on the news:

"...the Drudge Report in the US, an Australian magazine New Idea and the German daily Bild have broken world embargoes on the development. CNN had also "debated internally on the merits of reporting Harry at war".


Pimp my ride, Il Duce style.

It is a car that oozes power and history.

And despite it's history, you have to admit it is a sweet looking ride.

Specially made in 1935 for Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, this Alfa Romeo 6C 2300Pescara Spyder is set to fetch up to £800,000 at auction.

The rare two-seater sports car was built as a gift for Il Duce after he intervened to stop the car manufacturer going into liquidation during the Great Depression.

Alfa Romeo made just 60 of the 6C 2300 Pescara cars. Chassis number 700635, made for Mussolini, is thought to be the sole surviving Spyder. Mussolini had the engine tuned from 68bhp to 95bhp and had a fold-out "dickey" seat fitted to provide an optional rear passenger seat.

And I found this little factoid regarding fascism and "alternative fuels" fascinating:

The car retains traces of the partial alcohol fuelling system used during the race, when the fascist regime was promoting alternative fuels in the face of stringent petrol sanctions.

Il Duce and his Spyder in happier days.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kidnapped CBS mystery journalist reported in good health

But really, how good can THAT be when you are kidnapped by terrorists?

A British CBS journalist kidnapped in the southern Iraqi city of Basra more than two weeks ago is in good health but remains in captivity, according to an Iraqi source.

News agency Associated Press has reported that the Briton, who works for the American television network CBS but who has not been officially named, was still in Basra and negotiations were continuing for his release.

Our prayers continue for his safe release.


Sudan: Pro Al Qaeda graffiti appear overnight around the country

But there's no al Qaeda there. Nope. No siree.

The walls in the Sudanese capital as well as another major city have been smothered with Graffiti supporting the Al-Qaeda terrorist Islamic militant group, multiple sources told Sudan Tribune.

Residents of Khartoum and Omdurman woke up to paintings showing Islamic symbols such as the crescent with the words “Al-Qaeda Organization in Sudan” on them.

The pro-government Al-Rayaam said that the drawings appeared in Al-Thawra, Al-Harah Al-Sadisah and Ali Abd Al-Latif Street close to the US embassy.

But Sudanese security officials talking to Al-Rayaam downplayed the importance of these drawings saying it is the “work of children”.

How about this, this and this? Is this the work of children as well?

And what about these remarks from President Bashir at a rally where a "small group carried a banner urging al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to attack Denmark" and the president vowed:

"We tell you that no Dane will foul the land of Sudan again."

Obama campaign engaged in illegal electioneering?

Wee doggies!

Central Ohioans Against Terrorism has the lowdown on possible illegal electioneering in Ohio Mosques by Barack Hussein Obama.

An email is circulating from an Obama campaign official calling for volunteers to spread out to all of the area mosques in Central Ohio this coming Friday for afternoon prayers to bring in the vote for Barack Hussein Obama (thanks to my friend ***** who forwarded me the email):

Thanks so much for volunteering to help Senator Barack Obama turn out the Muslim vote inshalla. On Friday March 29th we want to have Muslim volunteers pray at the Mosques during Juma at around 12:45. After prayer when people are socializing outside we want to have the volunteer pass out Obama civil rights literature, faith based literature, general literature, stickers and bumper stickers. In addition we want the volunteers to emphasize that the election is the following Tuesday and encourage them to vote. That way we can reach every Muslim that went to Mosque the Friday before the election inshalla. Attached is a list of every Mosque in Columbus, if we have missed one please let me know ASAP. In addition if there is a particular Mosque you would prefer to attend Juma at and volunteer let me know. To accomplish this we need to have a training/meeting and have volunteers pick up the necessary materials before volunteers go to the Mosques. We will be having a training/meeting at 9:30 A.M on March 29th at the Obama campus office 2240 N. High Street Columbus Ohio 43201. I will be providing everyone with more information as we get closer to Friday. Please feel free to contact me through email, or call me at 352-874-1195. If my phone is not on please leave me a voice mail with you number and I will get back to you right away. Also please feel free to pass this on to any brothers or sisters who support Senator Obama and would not mind volunteering for just half a day. Thanks again for everything. SincerelyAhmad S. Khan.

Now, there's no way for the Obama campaign to distance themselves from this potentially illegal effort as the scheduled meeting will be taking place in the Obama OSU campus headquarters. While the mosques themselves might have plausible deniability (we didn't know they were going to show up), it appears that the Obama campaign may be involved in illegal electioneering by deliberately targeting tax exempt institutions.


Speaking of Geert Wilders

Klein Verzet has a depressing take about the reaction of Dutch authorities to today's threats against Geert Wilders.

It's like it's 1935 all over again.

While Dutch news papers opened today with headlines like “Jihad against Wilders” and “Al-Qaeda gives dead penalty” (see Kleinverzet story here), the Dutch still don’t pull together to protect their own freedoms. It's like if it's 1935 all over again. The Dutch just don't want any fuss.

Thus Dutch ministers Hirsh Ballin (Justice) and Verhagen (Foreign affairs), as real dhimmis should, told parliamentary member Geert Wilders this week, they are expecting much damage because of his film. They fear for the reputation of the Netherlands, trade and the Dutch abroad.

In the same conversation justice minister Hirsh Ballin warned Wilders that they can prosecute him. His justices are already investigating if they can prosecute him for voiced opinions about Islam in the past. Wilders has complained about the intimidation of the Dutch government.

The only bright spot in the article is that a few days ago KRO, the Dutch Catholic version of PBS announced a 45 minute film to counter Wilders' film, Fitna saying:

“The film will couple violent and intolerant bible text to current events, just like the film of Party For Freedom leader Wilders does with the Koran” a newspaper reported.

Now, a few days later they are changing their tune because:

After “extensive research about the coupling of bible citation to actual political events and violence resulted in a lack of facts for a journalistically approvable production”.

(ed.note: unh-huh. Gee, is it because unlike the KORAN, there are no acts of modern day violence able to be traced back to the Bible?)

How Pakistan got their YouTube groove back...

Youtube acted like good dhimmis and caved, removing the Wilders clip. (Which clip was it I wonder? Anyone know?)

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that Pakistan's telecoms regulator lifted restrictions on YouTube after a video criticizing Islam was taken down.The video clip in question features a Dutch lawmaker who claims Islam is fascist and prone to inciting violence, according to the AP. On Friday, Pakistan lawmakers, who consider the clip "blasphemous", ordered access to YouTube shut down.

UK: Undercover Mosque makers to sue police for libel

Police allege fakery in program that ripped the veil off the Moslem extremism in their midst.

Channel 4 said yesterday it would pursue a libel claim against West Midlands Police and the Crown Prosecution Service for statements made following the broadcast of an investigative documentary on British Muslims.

The Dispatches programme, "Undercover Mosque", which was shown in January last year, used hidden cameras to expose supposed Islamic extremism in British mosques. It featured preachers speaking on the condemnation of non-Muslims, the intellectual inferiority of women, and calling for the murder of Jews and homosexuals.

After the programme was broadcast West Midlands Police launched an investigation which concluded that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute any of the speakers.

Channel 4 claimed yesterday that comments by West Midlands Police and the CPS about the programme were libellous. In a statement on behalf of the Dispatches editor, Kevin Sutcliffe, and Hardcash Productions it said libel proceedings had been started. "The statements made by both West Midlands Police and the CPS were completely unfounded and seriously damaging to the reputation of the programme makers," it said. "We fully support this action as we feel that it is the only way to vindicate their reputations and to prove this was a responsible piece of public interest journalism."


NYT: McCain not eligible to run for President

Because of where he was born?

McCain’s Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out

It sure seems kind of early for the NY Times to be acting this desperate, doesn't it?

For the record: John Sydney McCain was born on August 29, 1936, at the Coco Solo Air Base in the then-American-controlled Panama Canal Zone to Navy officer John S. "Jack" McCain, Jr. (1911–1981) and Roberta (Wright) McCain (b. 1912).

Bonus NYT coverage: The last sentence in this article, Obama Fights False Links to Islam?

This version CORRECTS to show that elementary school in Jakarta was not Catholic.


It's a miracle I tell you! Obama's face a potato!

Do you feel faint?

Read all about it here.


Dhutch Dhimmitude on Dhisplay

The actual burkini in dhispute.

How it all went dhown.

The young woman was ordered out of an indoor pool in the northeastern city of Zwolle last Thursday after only five minutes in the water with her two-year-old son. The pool manager said users found burkinis objectionable so the woman — a convert named Liselotte Buitelaar — should swim only in special hours set aside for separate groups. Like the obese, who have their own special hours, he told the daily Dagblad van het Noorden (English here). The manager said he was afraid other swimmers would stop coming if they saw a burkini there. “It costs me clients. Money is money,” he told the daily Trouw.

What the Reuters article above dhidn't dhiscuss.

Hanzebad pool director Hans Meijer told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that the facility has for several years been offering separate hours for female swimmers, to accommodate particularly the needs of religious Muslim women.

Dhisgusting. reports that a swimming pool in the eastern city of Zwolle has relented and will now allow women wearing a burkini to use the pool during normal opening hours.

The burkini is a combination of a burqa and a bikini and allows devout Moslem women to go swimming without revealing their hair or their bodies.

It actually resembles a scuba diver’s wetsuit far more than it does an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini.

Last week, the Zwolle swimming baths made the headlines in the Dutch papers after it refused to allow a woman wearing a burkini to use the pool on the grounds that it did not conform to the regulations regarding swimsuits. However, after talks with the city council, the organisation has reversed its decision and Moslem women will be allowed to use the pool while wearing the burkini.

A lone voice crying out in the burkini wilderness
Netwerk sent a reporter wearing the Islamic-style swimsuit to swimming pools to gauge the reactions. The fiercest reaction shown was by a Muslim man, who said the burkini was an example of oppression of women and tolerating it an example of the influence that orthodox Islam is gaining in the Netherlands.


UK: Hizb ut Tahrir vote to reject democracy.

"We need to return to our roots. Our vision is to change the world, not join silly little parties.

That sure sounds like ka-boom to me!

In a heated debate held last night at the London Muslim Center in Whitechapel, approximately 150 Muslims sided with the Dr. Abdul Wahid, leader of Hizb-ut-Tahrir as he said things like, "Taking part in the political process is "a waste of time" and then advocating "working outside the political system" while "concentrating on grass roots" initiatives such as building madrassas and mosques. (ed. note: Grass roots like
this I wonder?)

And about that freedom of speech thing? They'd rather have adherence to religion, thank you very much. (ed. note 2: Then what are they doing in the secular West?)

The question is, will their Council funding be cut off as a result? I'm happy to report that is currently being discussed.

I would dearly love to see that happen.

Patched up US Embassy reopens in Belgrade.

Serb officials blames last week's attacks on "isolated vandals".

The embassy will not be issuing visas to Serb citizens until security improves, she added, because the visa section at the front of the building was effectively destroyed.

Since then...

Hoax bomb threats have been made against foreign stores and round-robin e-mails urge Serbs to boycott foreign products and close their accounts in foreign banks because "any dinar going through may be used to finance donor conferences".

Washington has issued a travel warning asking U.S. citizens to "strongly consider the risks of traveling to or remaining in Serbia".

Busy day for al Qaeda

Not only are they issuing a fatwa on Geert Wilders and the Netherlands, we've now got Zawahiri on tape vowing revenge for the death of al-Libi.

Al Qaeda's second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri vowed revenge for the killing of a top group commander in a suspected U.S. attack in Pakistan, speaking in a video posted on the Internet on Wednesday.

"No chief of ours had died of a natural death, nor has our blood been spilled without a response," Zawahri said in the video posted on an Islamist Web site, referring to the killing of Abu Laith al-Libi. "If one of our chiefs passes, another arises in his place," Zawahri said, without making a specific threat. "So seek help O Americans and agents of Americans ... from those seeking a way out ... They will be of no help to you," he said, referring to Muslim clerics who have criticized jihadist militants.

Al Qaeda condemns as sell-outs Muslim clerics, including renowned scholars, who have said its jihadist ideology is un-Islamic.

The video was produced by al Qaeda's media arm As-Sahab and carried English subtitles.

Awww! Poor Berkeley takes a hit after dissing Marines.

Too bad their city government could give a rip! (Although I bet cash money they all agree with the protestors, just disagree with their tactics. Kind of like moderate Moslems.)

Berkeley businesses take hit from Marine protests

Hotels, theater, restaurants have seen cancellations, with hostility from opponents of military branch cited.

Nearly a month after the Berkeley City Council refused to apologize to the U.S. Marine Corps for calling them "uninvited and unwelcome intruders," Berkeley businesses are feeling the backlash from people who do not want to spend their money in the city.
Code Pink's cavalier response? Let them eat sandwiches!

CodePink leaders, who went door-to-door Tuesday passing out sandwiches and pink window signs reading "Another Berkeley Business for Peace," deny that the protests are affecting downtown business.

"If they want to blame the downturn in the economy on a protest against the Marines, it's a pretty bad excuse," CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin said.

And get a load of what this elected official is saying!

City Councilwoman Dona Spring also does not view the protests as a problem. She said only the businesses on the same block are being affected.

Que sera, sera!

Update: Latest Berkeley Marine Recruiting station protest photos can be found here at Protest Shooter. Heh-heh. The patriots outnumbered the pinkos.

Also, according to Flopping Aces the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce will be honoring the Berkeley Marine recruiter at their annual Crab Feed on February 28. I guess we know which side of this debate that they are coming down on.

Chopping watermelons in simulated beheadings

More from the trial of Osama Bin London and his Paintball Bombers:

Terror trial exposes network of terror camps in bucolic England. And reveals the extent of people's cluelessness. It really is shocking to realize that people would see this kind of activity in this day and age and not become alarmed and drop a dime about it ...

Security officials believe hundreds of men — including a gang that made a failed attempt to bomb London's transit network — passed through camps across the English countryside.

Clad in mud-smeared combat fatigues, the young Muslim men trained in picturesque British farmland, hurling imaginary grenades, wielding sticks as mock rifles and chopping watermelons in simulated beheadings.

Here's where the idiots come in:

Ahmed told his trial that scores of tourists saw a training camp in Cumbria, northern England, in 2004. "They were kind of shocked at the big beards, but we spoke to them just to break the ice," he said.

Farmer Bruce Rowland, who rented a field to the men, told police he originally jokingly called the group "my Taliban" — before becoming concerned. At a paintballing center north of London, a female member of staff told officers how customers had laughed at the men.

Look who's wearing a No Snitch t-shirt at the BBC

BBC knew of link to failed 7/21 bombers, but felt under "NO OBLIGATION" to notify police.

(Is this the same BBC as the home of paid sources and "disappeared" content, BBC?)

A BBC producer failed to give police information that would have helped track down the July 21 bombers, the trial was told.

Don't Panic, I'm Islamic (ed. note: Still trying to find a copy of this video which is now "no longer available"), which featured the group paintballing and an interview with Mohammed Hamid, was shown on BBC2 on June 12, 2005.

Nasreen Suleaman, the producer, told the court that Hamid said he would use his £300 fee to settle the fine he had been given by magistrates for racially abusing two policemen at his Oxford.

Called as a defence witness, Miss Suleaman admitted that she had spoken to Hamid in the days following the July 21 attacks and found out he knew the wanted men.

She said she thought he was scared the fugitives might try to call him but did not contact the police because she felt under "no obligation" to do so.

Miss Suleaman claimed she told BBC managers of the situation but no one passed on the information to the authorities.

Who was the "authority" in question is a good question and Harry's Place is asking it.

I don't know about the BBC management structure. Did she report what she had been told to the producer of the programme, Phil Rees?

Phil Rees, who produced the show, told the court that he was impressed by Mr Hamid’s sense of humour while looking for someone to appear in the documentary. He said: “I think he had a comic touch and he represented a strand within British Muslims. I took it as more like a rather Steptoe and Son figure rather than seriously persuasive. I saw him as a kind of Cockney comic.” Mr Rees, who now works for the Arabic TV station al-Jazeera, gave Mr Hamid a signed copy of his book Dining With Terrorists.

More about al Qaeda sympathizer Phil Rees can be found here. Oh and Phil? You can take your"media have a responsibility to show both sides of the debate" and stick it in your ear. There's no debating a man with a bomb, you fool.

What SHOULD have happened. BBC: Editorial Guidelines in Full: War, Terror and Emergencies.

We have a legal obligation under the Terrorism Act 2000 to disclose to the police, as soon as reasonably practicable, any information which we know or believe might be of material assistance in:

preventing the commission of an act of terrorism anywhere in the world.
securing the apprehension, prosecution or conviction of a person in the UK, for an offence involving the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism.

It is a criminal offence not to disclose such information, punishable by up to 5 years in prison. Any situation where BBC staff may be in potential breach of the Terrorism Act must be referred to Controller Editorial Policy and Programme Legal Advice.
To refer this breach of the Terrorism Act click here.

"Bring us the throat of this unbeliever"

Al Qaeda issues Fatwa against Geert Wilders.

The populist de Telegraaf opens with news that al-Qaeda has handed down a death sentence against Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders for his not yet released film about the Koran. "Jihad against Wilders" is splashed in huge letters across its front page. The paper writes that the al-Qaeda terrorist network has called on its followers to "bring us the throat of this unbeliever" and has also called for the Netherlands to be terrorised to prevent the film being shown.

Kenyan town to protest Obama pic

After FRIDAY PRAYERS (wink-wink)

They're "offended" that anyone would think Obama did something "wrong" on his visit.

Residents of a remote Kenyan town plan to demonstrate on Friday after a photo of U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama in Somali dress took centre stage in an increasingly acrimonious race for the White House.

The picture, which appeared on a U.S. Web site, showed the Illinois senator donning a traditional white headdress and robes during a 2006 trip to Wajir in northeastern Kenya.

What could be wrong with going around looking like Haji on "Johnny Quest"?


Can't find Islamophobia in the US?

Hell, just hire some actors and make the whole thing up!

CAIR is behind it, of course.

Michelle Malkin has more. As does LGF.

Want to let ABC know what you think of their stupid stunt? Contact them here.

Speaking of the liberal narrative, actors and making stuff up. A casting director has been fired for issuing a casting call looking for extras with that "West Virginia inbred look". She has since been fired.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Osama bin London: top UK terror recruiter found guilty

Mohammed Hamid: Paintball and camping trips

A man said to be one of the most important recruiters for Islamist extremism in the UK has been convicted at the end of a major trial.

Mohammed Hamid, 50, of east London, was found guilty of training men in secret camps in the Lake District and New Forest to prepare them to fight abroad.

Among those to have passed through Hamid's camps were the four failed suicide bombers of 21 July 2005.

All four of the men responsible for the failed bombings were friends of Hamid.

The conviction marks a major success for counter-terrorism policing with Hamid regarded as a key figure in extremist networks.

More at the link.

Pakistan: YouTube is back up

and we didn't cut service to 2/3 of the world.

We mean it!

A grim milestone approaches

And why do I feel like the Boston Globe just can't wait to remind us of this sad fact?

US Military deaths in Iraq at 3,973.

As of Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2008, at least 3,973 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. The figure includes eight military civilians. At least 3,234 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers. The AP count is three higher than the Defense Department's tally, last updated Tuesday at 10 a.m. EST.

I found these numbers revealing - not to denigrate their contributions or anything, thank God they are with us in this fight, but you sure can tell who's doing the heavy lifting here.

The British military has reported 174 deaths; Italy, 33; Ukraine, 18; Poland, 21; Bulgaria, 13; Spain, 11; Denmark, seven; El Salvador, five; Slovakia, four; Latvia, three; Estonia, Netherlands, Thailand, Romania, two each; and Australia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, South Korea, one death each.

Since the start of U.S. military operations in Iraq, 29,275 U.S. service members have been wounded in hostile action, according to the Defense Department's weekly tally.

God bless our troops. And may God also bless the troops of our allies.
Don't weep for me
O' land of the free,
When it was my time to fall
'Twas for my country's call
'Twas for the land that I loved
That I gave my all,
And for the land that I loved
I did freely give,
And in her freedom
and her courage
I'll continue to live.
Written by Patricia Krull.
Originally dedicated to the men who lost their lives
in another conflict with the Mohammedans,


Moonbat explosions in 5-4-3-2-.....

IRS investigates Obama's church.

The IRS is investigating the United Church of Christ over a speech Barack Obama gave to its national meeting last year after he became a candidate for president.

Obama is a member of the church.

A spokesman for the denomination says it received notice of the inquiry on Monday.

The IRS says there is reason to believe the speech violated restrictions on political activity for nonprofit groups. The denomination denies any wrongdoing.

Church officials say they had consulted with lawyers before the Democrat's June 2007 speech and made clear before Obama's address that he was speaking as a church member, not a political candidate.

Fifteen years ago today...

I was out of the stock and bond business by then but had a friend who was at a meeting at the restaurant, Windows of the World. She was 8 months pregnant and heavily so. She had to walk all the way down from the 107th floor in the cold and dark, breathing thick black smoke. She made it, but was hospitalized for a few days with respiratory problems. The baby was fine.

I still curse you bin Laden.