Thursday, October 06, 2005

Remember Rania?

She's the Saudi jouno that was beat to within an inch of her life by her no-good husband that we talked about here. Her return to her television newscast was big news in the kingdom, a.) because she required massive plastic surgery to her face and b.) because she appeared on the news without a veil.

Evidently, the kingdom doesn't want that news to spread because recently Rania was forced to do a moonlight flit to Paris in the back of a truck in order to leave the country!

Rania al-Baz, 29, the Saudi TV presenter who was comatose in a hospital for days last year after being brutally beaten by her husband, was prevented by Saudi authorities from flying to Paris, where she planned to participate in a conference on women's rights and to promote her book, Defiguree.

Baz is concerned about her family in Saudi Arabia, said Ferro. "She doesn't speak to me about being worried about going back there," said Ferro. "Maybe she doesn't want to say such things. Her family is there, her three children, her mother, her grandmother." Baz divorced her husband after she was released from the hospital. He was sentenced to 300 lashes and six months in prison. Baz requested his release from prison after he agreed to give her custody of their children.

She has no plans to return to the Magic Kingdom.

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