Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On this day in the post 09/11/01 world

courtesy of the Religion of Peace

6/6/05 Thailand - Bangkok:
A 59-year-old Buddhist plantation worker is captured and beheaded by militant Muslims.
6/6/04 Kosovo - Gracanica:
17-year-old Christian teenager is shot to death in a restaurant by Muslim terrorists.
6/6/04 Pakistan - Dera Ghazi Khan:
Female Shia doctor is gunned down by Sunni radicals outside a hospital. Her driver is seriously wounded in the attack.
6/6/04 Saudi Arabia - Riyadh:
Islamist shoots a Briton to death on the sidewalk. One other is injured in the attack.
6/6/04 Iraq - Baghdad:
Two suicide bombers, belonging to a group calling itself the 'Unification and Jihad Group' kill nine Iraqis and injure forty-eight others.
6/6/02 Nigeria - Katsina:
A Muslim mob clubs a Christian police officer to death after a cleric makes false charges that he trampled a Qur'an.
6/6/02 Afghanistan - Kabul:
The country's Deputy President and his driver are assassinated by the Taliban.