Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Stormy Petrel flies again

stormy petrel\STOR-mee-PET-ruhl\, noun:

1. Any of various small sea birds of the family Hydrobatidae, having dark plumage with paler underparts; also called storm petrel. 2. One who brings discord or strife, or appears at the onset of trouble.

Greetings dear readers.

Well, it looks like I'm back but who knows for how long. It seems to always be the same old story with your friend, Dinah. You know, the ongoing drama of disease, familial dysfunction and its accompanying chaos and disorder that is my everyday life. I still have a moderate gimp going but I am delighted to be back fighting the Islamic Jihad (and I include all state sponsors of terror here)- one keystroke at a time.

But what's up with the bird?

Stormy Petrel was the word for a day over at and for some reason it made me think of Pres Ahmadinejad. Not that I can speak to his having dark plumage and paler underparts or anything, but the little fellow sure does seem to fit the description otherwise.

So here he is in his native habitat.