Sunday, January 21, 2007

A perfect example of Islamofascist perfidy...

Any infidel worth his pork rinds knows that part of the Muslim strategery involves 'gaming the system' to finance their activities and achieve their goals. They do it through illegal activities like drug dealing, food stamp forgery, infant formula dealing, cigarette smuggling, counterfeit luxury goods. They use charitable organizations as a front and take advantage of the islamic banking system, Hawala, to launder their funds.

It has also been well documented that in many instances, a teenage brother is chosen to be the trigger man in honor killings. As minors they are not subjected to the harsh criminal penalties for adults and at 21 you find them back out on the streets, free as homicidal little birdies.

Is the killing of the Turkish journo by the Muslim teenager more of the same?

I had to dig to find it, but I finally did, down in paragraph 11 of this article over at the Irish Examiner.

Teenager 'confesses to killing of journalist'
Police also detained six other suspects in Trabzon, including Yasin Hayal, a man convicted in the bombing of a McDonald's restaurant in Trabzon in 2004, whom police believe may have incited the attack, Turkish news reports said. Hayal was alleged to be an Islamic militant and said he learned to make bombs from Chechen militants at a camp in Azerbaijan. The bomb injured six passers-by and was apparently an attack aimed at punishing the US.

The last para in the article yields this little nugget.
Intelligence expert Bulent Orakoglu and other analysts also questioned whether the attack against Dink could have links to the murder by a teenager of a Catholic priest in Trabzon last year.