Tuesday, February 27, 2007

US, Italian Ambassadors to Sri Lanka attacked by Tamils

US, Italian ambassadors injured by Tamils.
THE US and Italian ambassadors to Sri Lanka were wounded today in an artillery attack by suspected Tamil Tiger rebels in eastern Sri Lanka.

US ambassador Robert Blake and Italian envoy Prio Mariani were hit by shrapnel from the attack at the Batticaloa airforce base as they got off a military helicopter, Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said.

Mr Samarasinghe had been with the pair when the attack happened.

Mr Mariani had a head injury and was taken to the main local hospital together with 11 others, hospital director Muruganathan Moorthy told AFP.

The US ambassador had minor injuries and was being flown to Colombo.

Hoo-boy. This is rich. Update from Adn Kronos: Tamil Tiger Rebels express regret for attack on ambassadors - blame Sri Lankan army for bringing them into the war zone without telling them!