Saturday, March 31, 2007

I don't like the sound of this...

Iranian parliamentary delegation arrives in Beijing
An Iranian delegation including members of Majlis Cultural Commission arrived in the Chinese capital of Beijing on Saturday. Upon their arrival in Beijing, the Iranian lawmakers including MP from Isfahan Mohammad-Taqi Rahbar, MP from Tehran Abbasali Akhtari and MP from Delijan Seyed Hassan Abbasi were welcomed by Iranian Ambassador to China Mohammad-Javad Aghajari.

If he's showing the true face of Islam I hope they checked his luggage for explosives.
For his part, the MP from Isfahan told IRNA that introduction to China's cultural capacities and attempts towards strengthening Iran-China cultural ties are among the goals of the visit. Expressing satisfaction with the grounds for cultural exchanges between the two sides, he urged the need to show the true face of the Islamic Revolution to the world and inform the world public opinion of Iran's rational policies.

Sounds like Ummah Week to me...
In response to a question about the upcoming Unity Week and the need for solidarity among Muslims, in particular those from Iran and China, he said that the Supreme Leader has named the New Iranian Year as the year of national unity and Islamic solidarity. "Therefore, we should make optimum use of such an opportunity to strengthen our relations with all world Muslims," he added. Turning to the need for unity and solidarity among Muslims, Rahbar said that such unity can elevate the status of Islam and Muslims in today's world.

Remind me to do a little voodoo dance on Wednesday. (Panties be upon me)
Members of Majlis Cultural Commission currently visiting China are scheduled to attend the ceremony marking the auspicious birthday of the holy Muslim Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) on the coming Wednesday, which will be attended by the Iranians residing in this country.