Thursday, March 29, 2007

Muslim GP's: They kiss and tell

From The UK Sun: 'Muslim GPs blab sex secrets'

MUSLIM GPs reveal women’s sexual health problems to male relatives, it has been claimed.
Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt said female Muslims did not trust male family doctors in their close-knit communities. She said: “If they talk to him about a situation concerning domestic violence or sexual health, they fear he will share that with members of the community.
“I’ve had Muslim women give me chapter and verse on very distressing confidentiality breaches by Muslim GPs.”

Last night Muslim doctors in Ms Hewitt’s highly-Islamic Leicester constituency attacked the 58-year-old’s comments — made in GP magazine Pulse. Dr Vijoy Singh, chair of the local medical committee, said: “No GP would break confidentiality because they are liable to be sued. She’s out of touch.”

But the General Medical Council said: “Some groups of patients have added concerns about confidentiality.”