Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Remember the Iranian Bourse?

Longtime readers of Dinah Lord know that she has been breathlessly anticipating the inauguration of the Iranian Bourse...well, get the paper bag out because all this breathless anticipation has resulted in nothing but hyperventilating and I'm beginning to think that Mahmoody-Doody is full of hot air.

From 3/20/2006: Dude - where's my bourse?
Yesterday was the day that the Iranians were supposed to have launched their Petroleum Bourse. This was supposed to shift demand from US dollars to euros, bankrupting the Great Satan's treasury and bringing our evil economy to their knees. Except it hasn't happened yet and I haven't been able to find out why.

From 6/3/2006: Remember the Iranian Oil Bourse?
It's ba-a-a-ack! Well, maybe. Per Reuters it's back on:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced Friday that in July Iran will abandon dollar payments for its oil and natural gas exports in favor of euros.You will note that they don't exactly say WHEN in July. And it's not like we haven't heard this before. Just sayin'.

From 7/18/2006: Remember the big bad Iranian bourse?
You know, the one that the Iranians feel will bring the great Satan to it's knees. (See Dude, Where's My Bourse and Remember the Iranian Bourse) Supposedly one of the arrows in Almondjoy's quiver is the formation of an Iranian oil market to smash the dollar to smithereens and take care of our tacky asses once and for all. The only problem? Who the heck knows? But it's been postponed a bunch of times.Here's the latest I've been able to find from the Persian Journal. Iranian Bourse to Open in September

From September 2006: The sound of crickets and a computer programmer swaying gently in the wind as he hung by his neck from a crane in the town square on the isle of Kish.

Finally, this from 2/24/2007: Iran oil bourse to open soon.
Iran's petroleum exchange will begin operation in the near future, said the secretary of the country's High Council for Free Trade and Industrial Zones on Saturday. Mahmud Salahi said Iran decided to establish a euro-based oil bourse on the Persian Gulf island of Kish, because "there was no such oil trading body in the region." "Iran's oil bourse could help many countries transact petroleum under more favorable conditions," he said. He did not say when exactly the bourse would open.

Today: March 7, 2007: Still no Iranian Bourse in sight.

Great Satan not yet brought to its knees.