Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another Al Qaeda biggie nabbed in Iraq?

Looks like Hot Air got a hot tip - more good news out of Iraq the MSM can't be bothered with evidently. That surge sure isn't working is it, Senator Surrender and Madame Fraidy Cat?

John from
Verum Serum sends along a nice catch, so to speak: He’s been reading carefully over General Petraeus’ public comments about conditions in Iraq and noticed he dropped a name no one has yet seized upon: Abu Mustafa Al-Sheibani. Petraeus said:

As you know, there are seven Quds Force members in detention as well. This involvement, again, we learned more about with the detention of an individual named Sheibani, who is one of the heads of the Sheibani network, which brings explosively formed projectiles into Iraq from Iran. His brother is the Iranian connection. He is — was in Iraq. And that has been the conduit that then distributes these among the extremist elements again of these secret cells and so forth.

Sheibani is on the Iraqi Government’s41 most wantedlist. Not only does this guy work for and with Iran, John notes, but he’s also thought to be the first guy to bring in the Explosively Formed Projectiles. From Time, August 2005 (and that’s a good article.):

What a scumbag:

The U.S. Military’s new nemesis in Iraq is named Abu Mustafa al-Sheibani, and he is not a Baathist or a member of al-Qaeda. He is working for Iran. According to a U.S. military-intelligence document obtained by TIME, al-Sheibani heads a network of insurgents created by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps with the express purpose of committing violence against U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq. Over the past eight months, his group has introduced a new breed of roadside bomb more lethal than any seen before; based on a design from the Iranian-backed Lebanese militia Hizballah, the weapon employs “shaped” explosive charges that can punch through a battle tank’s armor like a fist through the wall.

The MSM hasn’t picked up on his capture yet. One wonders when and if they will…the capture of two major Iran-linked terror leaders in Iraq may just be too much good news for them to handle. Besides, a Republican got caught with a call girl! Exit question: Do you think anyone will be claiming the $200,000 reward for Sheibani’s capture? (BTW, you can send me tips this week (or any week) to seedub, at hotmail.)