Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dems want 15 day waiting period for US troop action

Well, this just tears it.

A clause inserted on page 72 of the Pelosi Surrender Bill mandates a 15 day waiting period before any American military units can be moved into the Iraqi theatre.

That's right - a 15 day waiting period.

Why not just send them into action wearing panty hose and carrying purses?

From an excellent piece by Duncan Hunter over at Read it all.

For example, should US hostages be taken and a Delta Force team moved from outside the theater to attempt a rescue, Pelosi’s provision would require a fifteen-day waiting period and a report to Congress before the rescue could be attempted. Should a Zarqawi level target be located and U.S. fighter aircraft be deployed from outside Iraq, the same fifteen days would elapse before a strike could be executed. The very nature of the “notice and wait” requirement illustrates how unfamiliar Democrats are with the war against terrorists. This is a new era involving rapid movement of specialized personnel and equipment across theater boundaries. “Notice and wait for two weeks” reflects an ultimate misunderstanding of U.S. military operations.