Monday, April 30, 2007

I've been following the death of UK Cricket coach Woolmer

with a desultory eye. Something just smelled to me about it. Gambling, was my first thought. Have to admit I wasn' t suspecting this. The Telegraph has this to report. It's quite interesting.

Woolmer was poisoned and strangled (after he objected to Muslim prayers?)

Bob Woolmer
was poisoned before being strangled, according to the long-awaited toxicology reports on the death of the Pakistan cricket coach. Preliminary tests showed there was a drug in his system that would have incapacitated him, leaving him unable to fight back.

Mr Woolmer was caught up in disputes with some
members of the Pakistan side about their alleged preoccupation with their religion before his murder, it is claimed.

An investigation for the BBC Panorama programme, to be screened tonight, suggests that the Pakistan cricket coach objected to strict Muslim team mates who seemed "more interested in praying not playing" at the World Cup in Jamiaca. (sic)