Sunday, April 01, 2007

Meanwhile back in Somalia...

Unofficial Cease Fire reached in Mogadishu. Aw crap. That didn't last long. Published 42 minutes ago. Truce brokered by clan elders fails to stop fierce artillery barrage in Somali capital (sic and it's from Reuters no less)

Do you want to know where all those Islamists have fled to? Yemen: Political Asylum Granted to top Somali Muslim Leader.

File this under rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic: Somali reconciliation meeting opens amid attacks.

And then there's this: Unknown object falls in to Somalia

And this: Somali football federation chief denies financial mismanaging

There's more. It sounds pretty hellish there. Somalia Hospitals are overwhelmed by dead and dying. (I don't even want to be in a US hospital when I'm dying much less a Somali one. Lord, please take me in my bed. Or at least at my computer fighting the jihad.)

Somalia. Such a lovely place full of lovely people. Somalia: People trafficker arrested in Athens I can so understand Oriana Fallaci's anger at the problems the Somalis were causing in bella Italia before her death.

Human Rights Watch pipes up. No surprises there. Group Says People Fleeing Somalia Detained.