Thursday, April 12, 2007

Surprise! The BBC goes trolling for racism...

this time among the African diaspora in France.
Have Your Say. Who will Africans in France back?

And in other race baiting news... Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to discuss diaper haired garden instruments at Rutgers. (Get it?)

Hey! What about this old chestnut from back in the day: Your soul can't be happy, if your Afro ain't nappy?

And speaking of mutton dressed like lamb, Joy Behar co-hostess of 'La View' claims the Duke Lacrosse players are part of the 'Little White Boys Club in effect' at Duke.

Sorry, it's hard for me to believe that the Rutgers girls were all that upset being called nappy headed hos after listening to my niece's hip hop for the last couple of days. Scarred for life. Please. Can you say hip-hop hypocrites? Okay girls, let's see those Ipods.

I just watched Malik Shabazz call Michelle Malkin "a political prostitute" on O'Reilly. She was magnificent in response. Go Michelle!