Sunday, April 15, 2007

They are so much worse than I thought they'd be.

They have no shame.

Several US Senators meet with Iranian Regime Envoy according to that handsome infidel, Jim over at Gateway Pundit. Read it all and then skip down to Iranian News Confirms US Democrats are wanting to talk.

An Iranian MP calls on US Democrats to show good will by annuling the D'Amato Law. What's that? Passed in a democrat controlled congress back in 1997, the D'Amato law levies sanctions on companies that do more than $20 million a year in Iran's energy sector. France is against the law. Worker's World calls it 'narrow-minded, petty, racist toward oppressed peoples and arrogant toward all foreigners.' Khatami condemned it. That makes me think it's probably a good idea. Let's see what the Dhims do with this political football.

Tigerhawk is reporting that the Dhims are working to establish a Department of Peace.

Dick Cheney throws down the gauntlet on the War spending bill. Dingy Harry and Carl Levin limply assert that Cheney 'has lost credibility' in reply.

And Brent Baker over at Newsbusters makes note of the first 100 days for Dem Rule and their going 0 for 6 on their "6 for 06" campaign promises by reporting on ABC's coverage. Alas they were the only major media outlet to mention it.

On Friday night's World News, Gibson explained: “When Democrats took control of the Congress in January, they promised it would be a new day. They'd get things done. They even had a checklist. Well, a hundred days after taking control, we've checked the checklist.” Jake Tapper made clear how they've come up very short, pointing out how the Democrats “have no major legislative accomplishments to mark this anniversary. None of their 'Six for '06' campaign promises last year have made it to the President's desk.”