Sunday, May 27, 2007

File this one under Bwa-ha-ha...

From the Middle East Times (and CBS) US tries to sabotage Iran

US intelligence agents are trying to sabotage Iran's nuclear program with faulty parts, a report by CBS News said. CBS News reported that a covert operation involving Iranian exiles and Russian scientists has been selling defective nuclear components or technical drawings to Iran.

Tehran is forced to buy its nuclear parts on the black market because of a ban on selling nuclear components to Iran on the open market, Kommersant reported. Diplomats in the Iranian Embassy in Frankfurt ship the acquired parts in diplomatic bags, according to the CBS report.

In 2006, black market parts exploded in a nuclear facility in Natanz and destroyed 50 centrifuges of uranium, Kommersant reported.

Despite the covert sabotage, the progress in Iran's nuclear program has continued.

(Not for long, binky.)

The CBS article is here. Read it if you've got a minute. They sound so pleased with themselves - spilling the details of a secret strategy to the Iranians. You'd almost think they were rooting for Iran, not the US. Oh wait, what am I thinking? It is CBS - they ARE probably rooting for Iran.