Friday, May 04, 2007

Here come the NINJABIS

While western women are getting their bikini wax and pedicures in anticipation of summer, muslim women are getting lessons to kick our waxed butts...

From Gulfnews:

Anyone tempted to pick on a headscarf-wearing Muslim woman better hope they don't run into a Ninjabi. Every week around 30 Muslim women, most wearing veils, gather in a community centre in east London to learn how to block, knee and punch would-be attackers or lecherous men targeting passive-looking victims.

The organisers, who named the classes after Japanese Ninja warriors and women who wear the hijab, say Muslim women are looking to fight back against unwanted advances and a rising number of anti-Muslim attacks.

"The ladies love the Ninjabi thing. It gives them a good giggle," said class instructor Dee Terry, who is not a Muslim herself. (That would make her a dhimmi)

Note to Mahmuda. Getting robbed doesn't make it ISLAMOPHOBIA.

One of the attendees, 31-year-old mother Mahmuda Mazid, said she took up the classes after a gang of youths tried to rob her teenage brother while she was with him in a local park. "There was this sheer feeling of helplessness that I couldn't help myself or my brother... and there was absolute rage," she said. "I knew I had to do something to equip myself. "In the classes I saw protection and self defence. That's what I needed."

The real reason? Fear of pervs with more twisted thinking about their sexuality. And about that Islamophobia? That's what happens when Muslims attack the kafir, princess. The kafir attack back.

Muslim women said their biggest worry was harassment from "pervy men" and the violent anti-social behaviour of teenagers from urban low-income communities, popularly called "hoodies" and "chavs". In other areas of London, Muslim women said growing hostility towards Muslims - commonly called Islamophobia - since London's July 7th bombings in 2005 was a big fear.

Here's the big lie....

Attacks on Muslims in London nearly quadrupled in the days after the July attacks. Figures collated by London's Metropolitan Police, and presented in a report by the Muslim Safety Forum, showed 303 attacks in July 2005, up from 82 in the previous month. Azad Ali, chairman of the forum, said the attacks ranged from verbal abuse and vandalism of mosques to physical attacks. But because of limitations in the way attacks are reported, the real number is likely to be far higher, he added. National figures are lacking because there are no universally agreed criteria among the country's police forces for what constitutes an Islamophobic attack, said Ali.

Here's the next big lie:

Muslims, who make up about 3 per cent of Britain's population, also do not readily report attacks. An initiative by London's police to engage with Muslim women found many did not report attacks because they felt the police would not act. Others had limited English and were unable to register complaints without help.

Read it - if you have the stomach for this nonsense.