Saturday, May 19, 2007

Iran invents ISLAMOCYCLE for the lady bikers...

Good news. Soon she'll have a bike of her very own!
Lucky girls. I imagine that riding the bike with its specially designed cabin (!) and wearing a sleeping bag should be tons of fun! Especially in the warmer climates!!!
Iran plans to make special bicycles designed for women that will be compatible with Islamic regulations and not expose their body movements while riding. The new bicycle would have a cabin to cover half of a rider's body, the newspaper Iran quoted project manager Elaheh Sofali as saying.

Women's sports in general, and cycling in particular, have been a constant controversial issue in Islamic Iran. Several efforts to promote athletics by reformist circles and women's activists have failed because of opposition by the conservative clergy... The clergy considers women's body movements made while riding a bicycle to be provoking to men and not compatible with social rules.