Sunday, May 20, 2007

Just when you thought you heard it all v.2...Game show edition

I'd like old fools for 200, Alex!

Meet Democrat Dennis Kucinich's wife: She's a New Age, Tongue-Pierced Brit.

A British girl from Essex, in southern England, may be the first lady with a tongue stud to have set her sights on the White House.

The wife of Dennis Kucinich, a left-wing Democratic congressman and 2008 presidential candidate, is a 29-year-old hippie chick from Upminster at the end of the London Underground’s District line.

Elizabeth Kucinich, née Harper, has been on the stump with her husband, a 60-year-old anti-war campaigner from Cleveland, mingling with the likes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama backstage at the Democratic presidential debates.

A 6-foot-tall willowy redhead who has been compared to Arwen Evenstar, the "Lord of the Rings" character played in the films by Liv Tyler, she towers over her diminutive husband.

“Who cares?” she said in an interview. “I like wearing high heels so I’m used to being taller than most men I stand next to.”

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