Sunday, May 20, 2007

NJ: Mosque members sue to oust Imam.

Holy Salafi Wahhabi - and right in Dinah's backyard!

At a time of debate over how the Islamic religion is practiced, some founding members of a Trenton mosque are asking a judge to oust their leader because they say he is taking the congregation in a fundamentalist direction.

In recent years, Imam Sabur Abdul Hakim has adopted stricter views of Islam and his aides plan to link the mosque with others of a conservative sect in Saudi Arabia, beaming in lectures via satellite links, according to a lawsuit filed in Superior Court in Mercer County.

The Mosque is owned by the International Muslim Brotherhood Inc - but it's "not related to the overseas organization". (And I am Marilyn Monroe.) Read how Peter Golden a Rutgers University history professor falls all over himself to avoid making the Islam=terror connection. He'll tar the Branch Davidians with that brush - but oh no, not Islam.

While Salafism has been linked to terrorists and al Qaeda, everyone who practices it is not a terrorist. Golden noted that Islamic fundamentalists are not the only ones linked to terrorism. Other religious fundamentalists, like David Koresh's Branch Davidians, also have been linked to violence, he said.

Is this an example of the schism that is starting to ripple through the muslim world? Let us hope so. Read it all, there's more at the

Meanwhile, the change toward Salafism has driven away many of the more moderate members at Masjid As-Saffat and its religious school closed last year, the suit said.