Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Norwegian wood...it's not good.

I'm talking about poor Namand Mamandi, a Norwegian-Iranian who had the misfortune of getting caught having a nip in Tehran and rec'd 130 lashes in public as a result. Some chaser, huh. I worked for a number of years as an ICU nurse in some pretty bad hoods and let me tell you, I've never seen wounds like this. (original post is here.)

They didn't use Norwegian wood - they used electrical cables.

Read this rough translation of a piece by Bjorn Carlsen, editor of TV2 Nettavisen/iOslo.no. Video at the link as well. His injuries appear to be even more painful there. Watch it and be thankful you can freely imbibe and still sit in a chair afterwards. The most interesting part of the article?

UD ignorant ofAs iOslo.no called up Foreign Office Monday morning, owned they no matter hrtø any about issue. Norwegian authorities hasn't knowledge at this, say kommunikasjonsrdgiverå Christening Melsom in UD at iOslo.no. The accumulationså by far hasn't iOslo.no fttå a few annotation at it Iranian embassy.

It appears that the Norwegian government is taking a soft approach to this blatant attack on one of their citizens. Thanks for nothing, guys. And we know from the Dr. Haleh Esfandiari situation that Iran doesn't recognize the dual nationality distinction.

Here's another rough translation of a follow up article from TV2 Nettavisen/iOslo.no from today advising Norwegian Iranians to avoid going to visit in Iran because of the increase in human rights violations against holders of dual citizenship. I think. (My Norwegian is non-existent)

The Norwegian gov't still hasn't done anything despite the fact that Mr. Mamandi has been a citizen of that fair nation since 1999.