Saturday, May 05, 2007

Over 3000 cops sent to Gay Paree!

Inky dinky parlay voo! Over 3000 cops for Paris.

More than 3 000 police officers will be deployed in Paris and its suburbs to head off the threat of violence after Sunday's presidential election in France, police officials said on Saturday.

Railway stations will be under high surveillance in case gangs of youths travel to the capital to disrupt victory festivities.

"There are no advance signs and we have no special information, but we are keeping a close watch on the suburbs, and we've also got our eye on the radical movements of the far-left," an official said on condition of anonymity.

There are fears that a victory for right-winger Nicolas Sarkozy could spark unrest in the poor
high-immigration neighbourhoods that were the scene of riots in 2005.

Sarkozy, who was Interior Minister at the time, is a hate figure for many young people of black and Arab origin. He has also been vilified as a hard-right authoritarian by many on the left.

(I don't know. He kind of sounds like my kind of guy.)

P.S. These dhimmis wouldn't say Muslim if they had a mouthful, would they? Many young people of black and Arab origin.