Monday, May 14, 2007

Saudi woman files first case ever against religious police

They are known in the Kingdom as the Muttawa and number 5000 strong. Their mission? Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. Oh and pulling women from cars and interrogating them for 'not wearing decent clothing.'

I predict this case will go nowhere.

A Saudi civil court is to hear the first ever case brought against the kingdom's religious police charged with enforcing a strict Islamic moral code, the woman plaintiff's lawyer told AFP on Saturday.

The unnamed woman is seeking compensation after she and her daughter were allegedly wrongfully arrested in a shopping centre car park in 2004 for "not wearing decent clothing," her lawyer Abderrahman al-Lahm said.Women in Saudi Arabia must be covered from head to toe when they go out in public.

The religious policeman in question arrested the pair, commandeered the car from their driver and drove them to his headquarters where the already sick mother suffered "health complications," said Lahm.

The woman's family is bringing the case before a civil court in Riyadh on Sunday after an Islamic court rejected the complaint, reportedly ruling that "a member of the religious police cannot be judged," Lahm said

That's Shar'ia justice for you, folks. Get a taste of it.