Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This is a test of the emergency jihadi system

Box Cutters found on United Airlines Flight.

9 May 2007: United Airlines Flight 490 traveling from Denver to Dallas was delayed for takeoff for about 2 hours Tuesday when a passenger found box cutters in the seatback pocket in front of her. Upon finding the box cutters, the passenger immediately notified the crew who notified the pilots. At that point, the pilots who were taxiing the plane on the runway, returned the aircraft to the gate.

TSA officials re-screened the 138 passengers and searched the plane for additional weapons or devices. When nothing else of concern was located, the plane departed at 2:25 local time, landing in Dallas without incident. Neither the TSA officials nor the airline could account for the presence of the box cutters or how they could have been brought into the aircraft.