Friday, May 04, 2007

Those wild and crazy Russians...

At the Moscow Motion party in London on April 21, 2007.
The event preceeded the controversial Russian Economic Forum,
which opened in London on Sunday.
(watch out for the polonium, though.)

This weekend London hosted the Global Luxury Forum (GLF) and the party Moscow Motion, which were essentially the pre-party for the two-day Russian Economic Forum, which opened on Sunday. However, instead of discussing global luxury, many participants in the GLF found themselves nervously exchanging opinions on the recommendation from the Kremlin to state officials warning them not to participate in the economic forum in London.

Those who turned up in the British capital anyway, according to Kommersant correspondent Evgenia Milova, spent most of their time vying with each other for information about who else would be coming. Some noted with satisfaction, "Our president is right – there's nothing for us to do there."