Tuesday, May 08, 2007

US university halts move to UAE because of Israel policy

From Gulfnews: US university halts move to UAE because of Israel policy.

Dubai: Emirati academicians and intellectuals have said they would rather do without a US university in Dubai than allow entry to Israeli citizens after the university put on hold plans to set up a campus here.

The University of Connecticut confirmed to Gulf News that it has halted plans to open a campus in Dubai following concerns raised by pro-Israel politicians and interest groups who oppose the UAE's policy of not permitting entry to Israelis.

"We have put this project on the backburner. We are not actively working on it now," said Peter Nichols, provost of the university.

The article goes on to quote Mr. Nichols as saying that he remains "very interested' in the project and that the situation was "not impossible to resolve". Emirati intelligentsia are claiming anti-Arab racism. No Israelis were available for comment because Israeli citizens are not permitted to enter the UAE.