Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Afghan woman radio boss shot dead.

Where's the outrage? From the Beeb.

Zakia Zaki was shot seven times, including in the chest and head, as she slept with her 20-month-old son at her home north of Kabul, officials say. The governor of Parvan province, where the attack took place, told the BBC he did not know who killed her. No one has admitted carrying out the attack.

Her murder came just days after a woman newsreader was killed for reasons which were described as "family-related". (see below for details of her HONOR KILLING)

The Parvan governor, Abdul Jabbar Taqwa, visited the scene of the killing in the town of Jabal as Siraj, about 70km (40 miles) north of the capital. He said the attackers were three men armed with pistols and rifles, who broke into Ms Zaki's house and got into the bedroom.

The killing comes six days after the shooting dead of another Afghan woman working in journalism, a 22-year-old newsreader from a private television station, Shokiba Sanga Amaaj. According to senior police sources in Kabul, her father has blamed two male relatives and one person has been arrested.

There's more about this brave woman's career at the link.