Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Around the Horn - Somalia 06.19.07

The Somali Islamists are granted amnesty, unless they have international connections. Whatever that means. Then the Islamists turn around and dis the reconciliation process. Islamists Oppose Reconciliation Conference, Discredit Ethiopia's Role And there's an assasination attempt on the Somali President. His spokesman is shot twice.

I was going to post something really snarky about Jonathan Edelstein and his bio but had second thoughts and have decided I will leave you to your own devices in: Somaliland? The Kurds of Somalia.

MSNBC shills for Ted Turner and the UN here: Shortfall will hit UN missions

The Religion of Peace up to their old tricks. Hiding bombs in garbage to kill innocents. What pillar of Islam is that again? Bomb kills 2 children in Somalia.

From Somalipress a blog on the Islamic Coarts (sic):

Sadly, by a mere donning of the ghutrah (head-covering) we witnessed former anarchists, murderers, and thugs ushered in as Mujahidiin! It was at this point that people began to wonder about the Courts' credibility. And it was at this point that I was jolted out of my pleasant anticipations. A rude awakening! And to have thought the Courts were Allah's gift to the long suffering people of our nation! Cheated and heartbroken, the country once again plunged deep into yet another round of hopelessness. Somalia's sorrow can not be summed up in a few lines, however, the following lines should give a glimpse of the heartache I personally felt at the realization that ‘the men of God' were anything but mindful, being as keen for the world as their ignorant counterparts.