Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dinah's darkness...

Sorry to have gone MIA so suddenly, possums. A family emergency requiring a trip to the farm arose rather suddenly and as many of my long time readers know, blogging is difficult from there.

It was good to be away for a few days, nice to be in a place where people not only talk about the price of gas, they also dither over the price of corn. Where they worry about it raining on their hayfields, not their parade and life generally runs at a different pace. Whenever I return to the East Coast, I find I am driving too courteously and I am waaay too courteous at the checkout line.

It is a place where the concept of Islamic terror seems far away. No one there was talking about the JFK plot or the missing soldiers or the war. Must be nice to be able to put your blue state blinders on and just live your life, no? You can see where people of that mindset would be buying John Edwards disgraceful bumper sticker schtick.

Well, I'm not buying it.

Back at it.