Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Iran: Rationing sparks anger (and fires at the pump!)

Iran fuel rationing sparks anger, pump stations burnt

Angry Iranian motorists queued for gasoline on Wednesday hours after the world's fourth largest oil exporter imposed fuel rationing, sparking chaotic scenes and the torching of two pump stations in the capital.

Drivers raced to fill up their tanks late on Tuesday after the Oil Ministry announced the delayed scheme would finally go ahead at midnight after months of confusion and conflicting statements, forming lines that stretched hundreds of meters.

"Gas, tanks, fireworks, Ahmadinejad must be killed." was the chant.

Gateway Pundit has video here.

Update: Iranian Parliament convenes emergency session.

The Iranian parliament has convened an emergency session attended by the interior and oil ministers to discuss the riots sparked late on Tuesday by the introduction of petrol rationing and price hikes aimed at ending Iran's dependence on imported petrol. A group of MPs has tabled an urgent motion proposing an immediate halt to the limit on private drivers of 3.3 litres of petrol per day, terming the measure unpopular and provocative. The government fears the United Nations may cripple the Iranian economy by introducing fresh sanctions sharply curbing exports of Iranian crude oil and fuel imports.