Monday, June 18, 2007

"Salman Rushdie, one of the most disgusted persons

in the Islamic societies..."

This from Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed-Ali Hosseini at his weekly press conference.

"The move showed violating the sanctities of Islamic holy sites is not accidental but organized and is conducted with the support and under the guidance of certain Western states," Hosseini said.

"Honoring a hated apostate will definitely put the British statesmen against the Islamic societies because it has once again hurt their (Muslims') feelings," the spokesman added.

Wah. Waaaah. Waaaaah.

Funny. The statement issued by the Iranian Organization of Culture and Islamic Communication says the very same thing!

"Honoring a hated apostate and one of the most disgusted persons in the Islamic societies is a clear sign of Islamophobia among high-ranking British officials."

"In the current world, the necessity of understanding and peaceful co-existence between religions and different ethnic groups are being underlined, but Rushdie's being knighted by the government of Britain has hurt Muslims' emotions and is contradictory to the principle of respecting other nations' beliefs," the organization said in the statement."

The OCIC called on international community, Islamic centers, ulema, statesmen and all Muslims to condemn the action by British government and underline the necessity of respecting religious beliefs of divine religions.

Let us contemplate how the Iranians respect religious beliefs of divine religions, say like Christianity, shall we??

They restrict church membership and worship. They close churches. They confiscate Bibles. They kill 'apostates'. They assasinate Christian leaders.