Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sir Salman: It's all a wicked conspiracy

UK Muslims urged to act with dignity to thwart Rushdie Conspiracy.

Paranoia will destroya.

British Muslims are being urged not to be provoked into any violent action in the face of the deliberate provocative political decision to confer a knighthood on apostate author Salman Rushdie.

"This ill advised decision approved by the Prime Minister should not divert you from your course of peaceful protest in the face of this deliberate provocation," said Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) Secretary General Abdul Bari.

"Indeed, it should be used as an opportunity to correct the maligning of the character of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in the book which earned its author his notoriety," Bari said in a letter to some 500 mosques and local organisations affiliated to the MCB.

The MCB urged Muslims to act with "dignity and wisdom and channel their hurt towards positive and peaceful actions" and resist efforts by fringe groups to inflame and exploit the situation.

The mainstream umbrella organisation also asked Britain two million British Muslim community to convey their feelings through letter to parliamentary representations and through the local and national media "at all times observing propriety and restraint." "Muslims can only see this action as an attempt to create deep offense to Muslims and divert their attention from contributing to community cohesion in this challenging time," said Bari.

Meanwhile, the weak sisters are starting to shake out. Listen to this Muslim apologist and his line of ds (dhim sh*$)...

On Wednesday, Conservative MP Stewart Jackson joined the outcry, saying the knighthood was 'gratuitously offensive' and should be reviewed. "If the senior officers of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office were not able to use their knowledge of the Islamic world to consider the likely ramifications of this decision, then I'm extremely concerned," Jackson said.

His remarks are amplified here. Clueless.

And he's scary. Especially when you discover that he is the chairman of the all-party group on Pakistan.

"I have tried to read one or two of his books myself, and I would have got more stimulation from the Yellow Pages," chairman of the all-party group on Pakistan, Tory MP, Stewart Jackson said.

He's concerned about "the Eastern Europeans" in his migrant hot spot. His district is a "migrant hot spot" and he's looking for more money to throw at them.