Saturday, July 07, 2007

Iran: Electricity Rationing up next?

According to Rooz, the bearded, short one in the Members Only jacket is calling for it.

A week after launching his gasoline rationing scheme, which led to violence across the country, president Ahmadinejad announced his desire to replicate to replicate the idea for electricity as well. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Shahid Reyis Ali Delvari dam in Bushehr province, he referred to gasoline rationing and announced, “This type of conservation could also be applied to electricity consumption.”

They're producing record amounts - but...

The president of the Islamic Republic spoke of the need to conserve electricity at a time when just last week the minister of power boasted a record amount of electricity produced in the country last year. “If no unexpected problem occurs and power consumption does not radically change during peak hours, we shall not have the expected power breaks,” he said.

Who you gonna believe? The minister? Or the black outs?

These words of the minister of the ninth Islamic government were made at a time when during the past recent weeks the country experienced extensive black outs, which experts have attributed to the run-down and limited capacity of the power grid, “parts of which are over 50 years old, requiring renovation.”

Especially when the minister appears to be talking out of both sides of his mouth...

The president’s comments gain weight when one notes that just last week the ministry of power called on the public to conserve on power consumption warning that if they did not, they would face power cuts.

Faster please, on the sanctions.