Monday, September 24, 2007

Christian Romeo and Muslim Juliet provoke clash in Egypt.

From Monsters and Critics:

Accounts of a love story between a young Christian man and a Muslim woman turned sour, prompting rumours, sectarian clashes and arrests in the once cosmopolitan port city of Alexandria.

On Monday, 25 Christians and Muslims answered to charges including disturbing the peace,
damaging public property and using sharp objects as weapons.

The angry young men had pelted each other with stones and shards of broken glass, damaging
nearby cars and private property in the process.

The brawl ensued late Friday in a poor part of the Sidi Bishr district during prayers that are held in observance of the holy month of Ramadan during which Muslims fast and make supplications to God.

'Throngs of people were attacking each other. A man wearing a face veil was throwing stones at Christians, and women were standing in balconies cheering on the Muslims, shouting 'God is Great',' said a Christian witness. 'They shouted 'Christians are sons of dogs'.'

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