Sunday, September 30, 2007

Forget your book bag - bring your barf bag...

Iran gifts 100 books to Columbia University.

The books which contain hundreds of caricatures on the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan have been gifted by the director of the Foundation for Safeguarding and Promotion of the Values of the Sacred Defense (i.e. Iraqi imposed war on Iran 1980-1988).

"To honor the self-restraint and patience of the Columbia University students during the address of Dr. Ahmadinejad and to appreciate their freedom and justice-seeking spirit, one hundred books on occupation (of Iraq and Afghanistan) along with the English translation of the book

'There was God and nothing else' by the honorable martyr and scientist the late Dr. Mostafa Chamran will be gifted to this university," the Foundation's director Mir Feysal Bagherzadeh said on Sunday.

The Book 'Caricatures on Occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan' is a collection of the masterpieces of the world's famous caricaturists and has been released by the said foundation.