Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hizb ut Tahrir: Destroy the new crusaders.

"Over my dead body, you freaks."

"Your forefathers destroyed the first crusader campaigns. Should you not proceed like them and destroy the new crusaders?"
Well, that's what H-u-T is saying over there in the UK. I'm saying, people what's it going to take to get serious about these Islamolunatics?
Islamists 'urge young Muslims to use violence.

A program to be broadcast in the UK tomorrow night threatens to blow the lid off cover of these UK Islamothugs. And will also reveal the govt's lack of action as well...
Leave it to Labour.

Tony Blair promised to ban the organisation after the July 7 London bombings but Labour has since claimed there is not enough evidence to demonstrate Hizb ut Tahrir is violent.

Let's review: The first UK Homicide Bomber sploded himself in a bar in Tel Aviv lending new meaning to the phrase 'getting bombed'. His name Omar Shariff, not to be confused with Dr. Zhivago. Next up, not to be confused with the Rubaiyat, Omar Khayam. He dressed up as a suicide bomber during Motoons. What a joker! But there's no evidence of radical islam here.

Who leads this band of future marauders? None other than Ata Abu-Rishta, who has called for the "destruction of Hindus in Kashmir, Russians in Chechnya and Jews in Israel. He recently brought down the house in Indonesia and "whipped the 100,000 strong crowd into a frenzy by calling for a war on Jews. And I quote:

"The Caliphate (global Islamic government) will liberate the countries and the people from the influence of the Kafer (non-believer) and its allies and the tyranny of its men and followers,"

There's more at the link, Infidel.