Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Persian Pipsqueak heads for the US

I know there's a lipstick in here somewhere! He'll be here soon!

He's Here! He's Here!

Reading the Koran together, how sweet!

The pipsqueak departs with a reminder of just how much he is going to miss "Him"

I love it when an anti-semitic, holocaust-denying, terror-sponsoring, woman hater lectures me about hearing different views, don't you? Well, the Persian pipsqueak may be winging his way towards the US on a goodwill trip (barf) but back at home there's a whole different story being played out...a story that doesn't seem to be getting out. Funny how that works.

First there was that DEATH TO AMERICA/ISRAEL parade marking Iran's Sacred Defense Week. Then today Iran closed a key border crossing w/Iraq in retaliation for the US arrest of an Iranian Qods member on a trade mission. In a related move, the Iranians have also cut off electricity to the border.) This is followed by their continued shelling of the region. Be that as it may, the Iranians, the Kurds, the Iraqi President are all protesting the arrest by US forces and calling for his release.

Let the propaganda begin: From Gulf News: Students excited about Iran leader's university visit. From Alalam News: Columbia U to let Ahmadinejad speak. From Asia Times Online: Iranophobia hits Ground Zero. Let the traffic jams begin, too. From a moonbat who's fondly remembering the "Bust of 68" and looking forward to Ahmadinejad's arrival tomorrow: Broadway to close Monday 9am from 114th to 120th for Ahmadinejad. And I quote:

Let us hope that this event will be peaceful. Right wingers, including presidential candidates, have been screaming bloody murder today that Ahmadinejad should be allowed to visit an American campus. Hopefully out of the Iranian spotlight he may make more sense in response to student questions than the oft reported slams that he favors the destruction of Israel and denies the Holocaust. Needless to say anything that we can do to avert more violence in the Middle East will be to the good of all.
Haven't had enough moonbattery? Read this "Open Letter to Progressive Opponents of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad" from the Columbia Coalition Against the War. Here's a snippet for those too faint of heart to hold their nose and click the link .
A rally where each speaker denounces Ahmadinejad's reactionary policies and just a few call explicitly for military action will still be perceived, on campus and around the U.S., as pro-war. The right-wing media, from Fox News to the New York tabloids, has already jumped on the event, and will spin it to favor their cause. Conservative organizations with no affiliation to Columbia's campus, such as the David Project, have already signed on to the rally on Facebook, and are likely to distribute hundreds of warmongering flyers and picket signs. The rally will seem to be a sea of pro-war demonstrators -- and the more people who attend it and the more organizations that endorse it, the more powerful this disastrous message will be.
Speaking of Columbia, (you know the place that bans ROTC because of their treatment of gays while welcoming with open arms the Persian Pipsqueak. His treatment of gays involves a noose.) will Duncan Hunter follow up on his threat?
And have you been wondering who is really behind the Persian Pipsqueak's Columbia invite? So has Clarice Feldman over at American Thinker who wonders if someone named Dr. Gary Sick is the man behind it all. More about Gary can be found here, here, (interesting enough he was the principal White House aid during the Iranian revolution and hostage crisis. And we all know how well that turned out!) and here. Well, well, well, it appears that Dr. Sick is a big supporter of Muslims in New York City: The Muslim Communities in New York City Why am I not surprised?

But what has really got my antennae up is that whole oh-so-secret deal in Syria. First you had the mystery bombing, then the work accident at a chemical plant, followed by the Syrian fighter jet crashing while being followed by IDF jets, the rumored seizure of nuclear material from the mystery bombing and today the meeting between NK's number 2 man and Syria. Charles Krauthammer says we have a Middle East Volcano on our hands.
I say, let's just blow the lid off the joint!