Monday, September 24, 2007

Persian Pipsqueak on Parade

These pictures disgust me and just go to show
that there are a lot of people in this country
who should NOT be here.


About the event: Ahmadinejad: Iranians Insistent on Attaining National Interests

Addressing a large group of Iranian expatriates residing in the US, the president said that Iran's train of progress is on the move, and added, "We have gained giant achievements in all the different fields of science and hi-tech, while we are having an economic revolution in the form of Article 44 of the Constitution."

He further pointed to the deep enthusiasm of capital holders for making investments in Iran, and said the number of applicants for investment in Iran is on the increase, "in such a way that the number of those who have applied during the last 6 months for investment in Iran equals the number of the applicants in the whole last year while a comparison between the last year and the year before that shows that the number has also grown four times more." Oh, and by the way he doesn't have nukes. Unh-huh. (hat tip Gateway Pundit)