Wednesday, September 26, 2007

There's nothing like the smell of an illiterate Jihadi in the morning...

Is there?
From a post of yesterday. (Cimoc is COMIC spelled backwards)
xxxxxxmullah cimoc say: Woman of ameriki too many slut whore of take LBT (low back tattoo) sex every man even the gang member. (in waziristan these gang member get beating and father beated also, and if not repent-- kill both). usa woman not bear the child. just take the meth and the abortion for kill beautiful baby. so sad and not the justice-but have the new car and the cheese nacho of 711.

this mean whitie of ameriki him extinction coming.

but still to love the kill and torture.

My reply:
oooooomullah hanid (that's dinah spelled backasswards like the Islam) say: Men of arabi too many pussywimps of short pants and TWW (tiny wee-wee) take sex every animal even the camel. (in waziristan these camel get beating and pussywimps beated also, and if not enjoy --kill both.) Arabi men bear the baby camel and make it wear hijab. so happy and love the sharia. Just drink the poison moonshine and the poor diet and live in the hay with camel) but have the old toyota truck and the mutton kabob of dirty street vendor.

this mean sandypants of arabi him going to be turned into glass parking lot by the brave warriors of the US Marines. soon.

but still to love the golden showers and the taking it up the but.

Boo! Mullah needs to get some new material! The same spiel can be found in a 7/19/07 comment over at Riehl World View. I'm so disappointed that he's used an old recycled scrap here at Dinah Lord.