Monday, October 22, 2007

At least there's this.

Judge rules Muslim dowries unenforcable by Ohio law

A Franklin County judge ruled that a man does not have to pay his former wife $25,000, promised as part of a dowry before their traditional Muslim marriage.

The judge says the payment is part of a religious agreement, not a legal contract.
The decision is the first of its kind in Ohio, and a departure from rulings in other states, which have enforced dowries as part of Islamic marriage contracts.

Columbus imam Mouhamed Tarazi says the dowry is part of the marriage contract signed by both the bride and groom before a wedding.

Tarazi called the dowry a security for the brides, who often do not work outside the home and will be unlikely to marry again after a divorce. (ed. note: Now why is that do you suppose? Hmmm?)