Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Axis of Evil Airways

First Caracas-Tehran flight takes off and...

"landed in Mehrabad International Airport late Sunday, managing director of Iran Air Public Relations said.According to Fars news agency, Shahrokh Noushabadi stated that Venezuela’s state airline Conviasa began flights to Iran, with a stopover in Syria, on Sunday with the aim of strengthening commercial relations among the three states.

“Conviasa will initially operate just one flight a week but it eventually hopes to increase this to twice weekly,“ he said.In March, Iran’s national flag carrier started operating flights to Venezuela, also via Damascus, in what a Syrian official said was a move to do away with all the ’harassment’ that Muslim travelers allegedly encounter in a post-September 11 world.

And in other Axis of Evil news:

In a related development, Iran will soon build ten dairy factories in the Latin American country.

(wink-wink. Su-u-ure they're dairy factories. Why do I read things like this, “The Islamic Republic would also transfer know-how to Venezuela experts in building the factories," and think the only know-how being transferred is nuclear?)