Monday, October 08, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: An update...

From WaPo (h/t LGF) A Dutch Retreat on Free Speech.

Fortunately, Hirsi Ali is already back in the United States, under professional, full-time, well-resourced and for the moment privately organized protection. But this week, the Dutch parliament is due to debate her status once again. And once again, the Dutch will be confronted with the facts that Hirsi Ali remains a Dutch citizen; that the threat to her life comes at least in part from groups based in Holland; that she lives abroad because the Dutch political situation forced her to; and that when she speaks out, she does so in defense of what she believes to be Dutch values.

Whether or not the Dutch like it — and I’m sure most of them don’t — revoking her police protection will send a clear message to the world: that the Dutch are no longer willing to protect their own traditions of free speech. Resources will be found, and she will recover. But will Holland?

It's starting to look as though Holland is a goner...

Bonus: The wit and wisdom of Gagdad Bob:

I remember when "Dutch Masters" referred to painters and cigars, not Muslims.

Perhaps I will quote him in the email I am firing off to the Dutch embassy to implore the Dutch to remember Theo Van Gogh and to protect Ayaan Hirsi Ali.