Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bye-bye Imam

I haven't been following the case of Said Jaziri, the Montreal Imam awaiting deportation from Canada so thanks to Watcher over at Eye on the World for bringing me up to speed. Now it's your turn: Montreal Imam ordered detained until deportation.

A chaotic scene erupted Wednesday after an Immigration and Refugee Board commissioner denied a controversial Montreal imam's request to be released while awaiting deportation.

Said Jaziri appeared before an Immigration and Refugee Board Commissioner, who deemed him a flight risk after a nearly four-hour hearing.

And like the Dems, Jaziri is happy to use children as "human shields", vamping it up about his pregnant (Canadian born) wife and unborn child. Read it all, included the related stories here and here, possums.

I'm sure that Jaziri and his family will be very happy at their new home in the third world shithole from whence he came.