Thursday, October 04, 2007

Curses, foiled again! Hah. AQ terror plot gets pwned.

Flushing out Al Qaeda one roach at a time.

Algerian security forces have uncovered an al-Qaeda linked plot to detonate a car bomb outside a police station in Tizi Ouzou province, in Algeria's volatile Kabyle region.

On Wednesday they removed the vehicle and defused the bomb.

Several anti-terror operations have been carried out in recently in different areas of Algeria and a crack army force been trying to flush out around 20 militants hiding in a remote mountain region, some 50 km east of Algiers between al-Bouria and Boumerdes, the local al-Khabar daily reports.

A number of alleged al-Qaeda fighters were injured in clashes with the Algerian army over the past few weeks. Security forces managed to locate the militants after capturing several of their supporters who had been taking medicines to them at their hideout.

The fight against al-Qaeda is expected to top the agenda during meetings on Thursday in Paris between Algeria's interior minister, M. Noureddine Yadid Zerhouni and his French counterpart Michelle Alliot-Marie, according to Algeria's L'Expression daily.

Two French citizens were injured in a suicide bomb attack on 21 September in Lakhdaria, 75 km southeast of Algiers. Al-Qaeda claimed the attack which injured nine people in total, including an Italian.

I wonder what line the French will take. Note to self: Follow up on this one...