Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Did the Persian Pipsqueak cut his vs to Armenia short

due to the "domestic political situation and talks in Rome"?

TEHRAN (Thomson Financial) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denied having cut short a visit to Armenia amid negotiations in Rome on Iran's nuclear programme, on his return home from Yerevan today.

'The trip to Armenia took longer than what was scheduled before,' Ahmadinejad said quoted by the state news agency IRNA, contradicting reports from Armenia.

'This trip was due to last 22 hours but because of some visits, it became one hour and half longer than the schedule,' he said at Tehran airport, adding that the two neighbouring states were determined to boost ties and cooperation.

A diplomatic source in Yerevan told Agence France-Presse earlier that Ahmadinejad had cut short a two-day visit to Armenia due to the domestic political situation and the key talks on the Iranian nuclear issue in Rome.